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Perfume & Fragrance Manufacturer | Agilex Fragrance PowerPoint Presentation
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Perfume & Fragrance Manufacturer | Agilex Fragrance

Perfume & Fragrance Manufacturer | Agilex Fragrance

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Perfume & Fragrance Manufacturer | Agilex Fragrance

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  1. About Agilex At Agilex Fragrance, we take pride in offering our customers the best of both worlds. We have the big company development experience and resources you need along with the small company values you desire. Our incomparable ability to meet our customers’ needs time after time is deeply rooted in our comprehensive, versatile approach to fragrance design. Our multifaceted style emphasizes what we feel are the four key ingredients of successful fragrance development: • Creativity • Chemistry • Quality • Cooperation

  2. Our Vision & Mission Our Vision is Clear Agilex is the preferred creative fragrance partner that our customers trust to maximize the value of their brands. Our Mission is Powerful • We design creative fragrances and innovative technical solutions for a broad range of market categories that include air care, home care, personal care, fine fragrance and institutional products. • We combine winning scents with visionary marketing concepts and unique technologies that differentiate our customers’ brands. • We provide the highest quality fragrances, superior customer service and comprehensive regulatory support. • We constantly focus our activities to maximize value for our stakeholders.

  3. Our Values are Absolute • Recognizing that our customers’ success is our inspiration. • Motivating employees through empowerment, recognition and reward. • Fostering a collaborative culture of open communication, honesty and mutual respect. • Training and educating our employees for the benefit of the individual and the company.

  4. Our Services • Air Care • Candles • Scented Wax Melts/Wickless • Passive & Active Air Fresheners • Room Sprays • Home Care • Detergents & Fabric Softeners • All-Purpose Cleaners & Dishwashing Liquids • Personal Care • Body Care • Hair Care • Fine Fragrance • Industrial & Institutional

  5. Air Care Candles With the ambience of a flickering flame and the comforting scent they provide, candles are one of life’s small luxuries, so we create scents that appeal to your target market from the first smell in-store to when it fills their home with a beautiful scent. Scented Wax Melts/Wickless Successfully scenting wax melts not only requires a strong fragrance that lasts, but a careful consideration of the type of wax used to avoid seepage, discoloration and lack of cold or hot throw. Passive & Active Air Fresheners Passive air fresheners scent the air without heat or movement while active air fresheners incorporate heat, electricity or a fan to actively disperse compelling scents throughout a space. Room Sprays Customizable to meet your specific requirements, our AquaFuse® proprietary technology provides fragrance levels that are simply unattainable with other formulas to provide your customers an exceptional product that’s backed by technical expertise.

  6. Home Care Detergents & Fabric Softeners To compete in an industry known for its scents, your product needs to have staying power that keeps clothes smelling fresh all day long, and our experience allows us to deliver long-lasting home care fragrances. All-Purpose Cleaners & Dishwashing Liquids These products can often have difficult bases. We develop outstanding scents., but provide added benefits of moisturizing qualities and appealing color palettes that consumers love.

  7. Personal Care Body Care Your brand is in a unique position to give your customers a spa-like treatment right in their home. Our perfumers, evaluators and application specialists work together to incorporate the ideal scent into all of your personal care products to create a total fragrance experience. Hair Care Studies have shown a direct correlation between fragrance preference and perceived product performance. Even though your product may be great at detangling, conditioning or controlling frizz, if the scent isn’t right, customers won’t like the performance either. Together, we’ll develop a scent that enhances the hair care experience and appeals to your target market. Fine Fragrance Fine fragrances define your customer’s personal identity. We stay on top of industry trends to help your product rise to the top in a highly-competitive market.

  8. Industrial & Institutional For non-residential and professional-strength applications, we’ve found that two things are of utmost importance: high-performing and cost-effective products. Let’s also keep in mind that industrial & institutional cleaning products and air freshening systems are more chemically reactive than those used at home. Successfully scenting them can be challenging. But our customer-centered, multi-disciplinary team approach allows us to quickly and efficiently solve these issues and guarantee the integrity of your product and brand remains intact.