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Matt Tiles VS Gloss Tiles PowerPoint Presentation
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Matt Tiles VS Gloss Tiles

Matt Tiles VS Gloss Tiles

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Matt Tiles VS Gloss Tiles

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  1. Matt Tiles VS Gloss Tiles • There are many tiles available in the market in different shapes, colors, styles, finishes, etc. • While people focus more on all the other factors, they often overlook the main characteristic of tiles, which is the finish, be it Matt tiles or Glossy tiles. • It may seem like an easy decision, but it plays an important role in the overall look and maintenance of your room. • Matt tiles and Gloss tiles can create a completely different look in your room, and so you must be aware of the aesthetics of both the finishes of the tiles 

  2. Matt Tiles

  3. Pros Cons • STAINS ARE MORE STUBBORN: If they are any spills on the matt finish tiles, they will not be very easy to clean. • NOT A GREAT OPTION FOR DARKER ROOMS: Non-glossy tiles are not reflective and so it will close up space rather than opening it • CONCEALS BUT DOES NOT PREVENT: Matt tiles may conceal the scratches, but it definitely does not prevent it • LOW MAINTENANCE: Matt tiles are good at hiding scratches & stains, and so they do not require regular cleaning. • NATURAL RUSTIC FINISH: With all its unfinished and natural finish, matt tiles are best for the rustic theme of the house. • NON-SLIPPERY: Matt tiles are non-slippery as they do have better friction than gloss tiles

  4. Gloss Tiles

  5. Pros Cons • HIGHLIGHTS IMPERFECTIONS: Glossy finish tiles can highlight even the tiniest smudge, scratch, stain, or fingerprint. • SLIPPERY: Glossy floor tiles are not the best for the bathrooms as they end to become even more slippery when they are wet.   • SEAN CAN BE BLINDING: The bright and reflective characteristic of the glossy tiles is not fitting if you are looking for a serene and soothing atmosphere • EASY TO CLEAN: The slippery nature of the gloss tiles makes it easy to clean the stains. • BEST OPTION FOR WALLS: As the gloss tiles are slippery, they are the best option for the bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes. • MAKES THE ROOM SEEM BIGGER & BRIGHTER: The reflective nature of the glossy tiles makes the room seem bigger and brighter.

  6. Which is Better?? • Both tile finishes have their pros and cons, and so it totally depends on your personal preferences. • It depends on the theme you are going for, the size, texture, color, and the lighting of the space. • Or you can mix both the tiles and create a fusion effect. • It ultimately all depends on your personal preferences.

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