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Agnishwar Jayaprakash's Letter to PM Narendra Modi Ji

and share to reach this letter I have written to our Honorable PM Narendra Modi requesting his visit to Tamil Nadu & help the affected victims who are struggling to survive!!! Jai Hind!

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Agnishwar Jayaprakash's Letter to PM Narendra Modi Ji

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  1. To, The Honorable Prime Minister of India Sub: Requesting your personal visit to flood affected Chennai Respected Sir, Trust this letter finds you in good health! May I respectfully request a few minutes of your time amidst your hectic schedule to read a heart-felt cry for help from the people of TamilNadu!! Modi Ji, it is a generally accepted fact that you are one of the most influential public figures of our era, if not the most!! Your hard work, dedication and service to the Indian society is legendary. The motivational story of one man's meteoric rise from humble beginnings in Gujarat to become the Prime Minister of our Great Nation will be a common folklore for the generations to come!! You have been a great inspiration to crores of Indians across our country and beyond. Over the past year and a half since you assumed the post of our nation's leader, we have been witness to your diligence, temperament and maturity in various issues concerning Governance. Novel initiatives you introduced such as Make in India, E-governance, Digital India, Smart cities and Swachh Bharat reverberates passion within each one of us. Your ability to rally and unite the entire nation into the path of growth, development and progress has changed the way the world views India today!! You have never missed an opportunity to voice out your opinions and have stood firm on issues that concern the interests of Indian citizens. During moments of national crisis, calamities and natural disasters, you have always taken time out from your national duties to visit and comfort the affected parties. During the Kashmir and Kedarnath floods, every Indian witnessed with pride how our Prime Minister bore the cold to visit the areas in Ground Zero. We saw how he comforted the victims with his personal touch and provided courage, motivation and solace to the brave Jawans who were conducting the rescue operations in Kashmir. We looked on in astonishment at our Prime Minister’s benevolence for the relief and comfort provided for the victims in Orissa and Bihar!! The entire nation watched in adoration when our Prime Minister announced huge relief packages to the people in Andhra Pradesh, who were ravaged in the aftermath of Cyclone HudHud.

  2. The whole world, not just India watched with amazement and admiration when our Prime Minister generously released 1 billion dollar emergency aid to the hapless victims of Nepal which was decimated by a cataclysmic earthquake!! You have never failed to be a hero to our people. If you were unable to visit Ground Zero personally, you have always connected with the affected through your thoughts, tweets and emotions via social media and our Government mediums. Ji, as you are aware by now, Tamilnadu (Chennai and Cuddalore in particular) has been battered and devastated by cyclones coupled with heavy rainfall over the past week!! Although we have not had an official name for the cyclone which usually echoes the colossal damage it inflicts, this event is without a doubt, the worst natural disaster to hit our city since the Tragic Tsunami in 2004. So far the death toll stands at an appalling 169!! There are still thousands missing and unaccounted for in our city. This catastrophic calamity has resulted in more than 60,000 people being stranded and homeless!! Though it has not been estimated yet, initial assessment indicates the damage to homes and property to be more than 8000 Crores!! Our beloved Chief Minister Madam Jayalalitha has already addressed and comforted the victims personally. She has issued a relief of 500 crores for the affected families. Our state ministers, members of the assembly, parliament, leaders of the opposition parties, our relentless police rescue team, the fire service department, corporation officials, social activists, college students, the general public, even our children have responded in a manner befitting a humanitarian and responsible society. Though divided by various aspects like race, gender, politics, ideologies, religions, castes and languages we the proud residents of Tamilnadu have staged a United front to serve our brothers and sisters who are in need. On that proud note, I would also take this opportunity to mention that it has been thus far, the greatest honor of my life addressing this letter to You, Modi Ji!! Although hopeful, I do not expect a response!! However, it is not only the wish of this 25 year old, but the wishes of over 75 million people of Tamil Nadu who expect your presence to comfort us all. We the people do not need the Center's money or relief funds Modi Ji. We need you!! You are the symbol of hope that the people of Tamil Nadu need at this moment of misery and mourning!!

  3. The phenomenal enigma of your presence at this time will reinstate the resilience in the hearts and minds of the people of TamilNadu!! On behalf of 60,000 flood affected victims, please consider my humble request to visit our beleaguered home. Please help us stand up and smile again Modi Ji. We will be eternally grateful!! JAI HIND!! Resident of Chennai And a Citizen of India!! Agnishwar Jayaprakash. www.agnifoundation.org

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