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Deposit Checkout

Deposit Checkout

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Deposit Checkout

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  1. Deposit Checkout

  2. Deposit Checkout • Deposit checkout practices vary from tax office to tax office. • ACT offers a standardized way to tie money on hand for a specific deposit to deposit control totals: • Deposit Checkout screen • Optional authorization pop ups exist for seeing the Checkout screen and changing the beginning cash drawer amount

  3. Deposit Checkout - Entitlements The following Entitlements must be granted: ACT8001 – Check to use the Deposit Control screen. AUTHORIZE_CHECKOUT – Check to access the Deposit Checkout screen and authorize other users to do the same. NEEDS_BEG_CASH_AUTH – Needs authorization to change starting drawer amount in Deposit Checkout. Note: By default, this entitlement is checkedfor ALL users; uncheck it for users who do not need authorization to change the beginning cash drawer amount.

  4. Deposit Checkout – Preferences AUTHORIZE_CHECKOUT - Set to Y to require supervisor approval to use the Deposit Checkout screen; set to Nto allow users to use the screen without requiring approval each time. Note: If thispreference is set to Y, the entitlementAUTHORIZE_CHECKOUT must be checked for the userswho can provide this authorize to other users. CASH_DRAWER_BEG_AMT - Set this to the starting amount available for all cashiers.

  5. Deposit Checkout – V2 Security A user must have at least one of the following V2 security tasks to access the DepositControlscreen: Manage Own Deposits, Manage LimitedDeposits, Manage All Deposits and Perform Authorizations. Users with the following Job can authorize users to use the Deposit Checkout screen: Head Cashier

  6. Deposit Checkout • Deposits must be closed before checking out. • Here, the AUTHORIZE_CHECKOUT preference is set to Y, causing the Authorization popup to appear. • The user having the Authorize_Checkoutentitlement checked enters his/her User Name and Password.

  7. Deposit Checkout • Choose the deposits to balance for this operator and deposit date. The operator and date can be changed as needed.

  8. Deposit Checkout • In this example, the check total on hand is $100.00 less than in ACT’s Deposit Control records

  9. Deposit Checkout • Click Checkout; the message below appears. • Tax office policy determines whether to continue or not. Ideally, click No. • Find the check that was entered incorrectly, void the transaction and repost it. Then click Checkout again.

  10. Deposit Checkout Report • Batch menu no. 28 – Deposit Date Range is required • Checkout Statuses: • CI – checkout initiated, not completed • CF – checkout completed • NU – checkout not used

  11. Deposit Checkout This concludes the discussion on Deposit Checkout.