door closers the pivot of door functionality n.
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Door Closers: The Pivot of Door Functionality PowerPoint Presentation
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Door Closers: The Pivot of Door Functionality

Door Closers: The Pivot of Door Functionality

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Door Closers: The Pivot of Door Functionality

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  1. Door Closers: The Pivot of Door Functionality A door without a door closer is like a well-dressed man without proper shoes. Because, as the use of proper shoes adds an elegance to the personality of a man similarly the use of door closers helps in the smooth functioning of a door and also enhances its look. In simple words Door closers may be defined as one of the commonly used accessories for doors that facilitates automatic opening and closing of the door. 1

  2. Relevance of Door Closers: As a general practice they are integrated on the doors for two reasons: 1.They ensure that doors within the premises close automatically whether the person exiting closes the door himself or not. In other words they make assure that the door closes automatically even if someone forgets to close it. In this way a door closer can provide security to valuable assets placed inside the building. 2.In case of any fire accident they ensure that fire from one room does not spread into the next room. They help in retaining the air inside the room itself and does not allow the entrance of air prevailing outside. Types of Door Closers: The common types of door closers found on the market are concealed door closers, overhead door closers and floor springs. Their brief description is referred below: 1.Concealed Door Closers: These types of door closers are hidden either in the door jamb or the top of the leading edge. They are aesthetically pleasing especially to designers and architects as they are invisible when the door is closed. 2

  3. They are a variety of types available with varying degrees of functionality such as delayed back check and closing speed action. They are available in numerous finishes such as chrome, brass, bronze and nickel. 2.Overhead Door Closers: As the name suggests overhead door closers are mounted usually on the door itself or on the door frame. They offer a huge range of functionality ranging from hold-open to delayed action to back check. Overhead door closers are ideal for heavy doors. They are available in a variety of finishes such as copper, antique brass and brushed brass. 3.Floor Springs: Floor springs are installed on the bottom edge of the door and on the floor itself as the name suggests. A single action floor spring enables movement one way. A double action floor spring enables door movement clockwise and anti-clockwise. 3

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