take your start up towards high trajectory growth n.
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Take Your Start Up Towards High Trajectory Growth! PowerPoint Presentation
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Take Your Start Up Towards High Trajectory Growth!

Take Your Start Up Towards High Trajectory Growth!

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Take Your Start Up Towards High Trajectory Growth!

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  1. Take your start up towards high trajectory growth!

  2. INTRODUCTION • You own a start up, you’ve hired the required enthusiastic and skilled people, you have fantastic growth potential, but one year down the line you’re still struck up at the same growth trajectory. Sounds familiar? Sounds like you? Well in case it does, understand that you’re not the only one. If we go by statistics, there is a bad news, i.e. one-tenth of 1 percent of companies will ever reach $250 million in annual revenue. The good news is you can fall into the other category if you know the key.

  3. Strategy Is The Key Here! • Market Penetration: The idea behind market penetration is to increase the sale of the specific product or service to the existing group of customers. • Market Development: Now, once you know that the product or service is well sold in one particular market, you should look for new growth avenues in the adjacent market. • Product / Service Development : It is the next big thing you should consider whereby you develop the product or service to cater the needs of both the existing and new customers. Innovation is the key here.

  4. Do I Need To Hire Business Strategy Consultants To Meet These Challenges? • Well most of the successful start ups do make the best use ofBusiness Development Consulting Servicesavailable to them. The idea behind hiring a Business Strategy Consultant isn’t that you can’t do it on your own. There is a limitation of time and energy which a start up can devote towards strategising business enterprise, and hiring professional Business Strategy Consultants gives you ample time for that. Hire the best Business Development Consulting Services and reach highest growth potential!

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