20 super awesome gadgets you ll definitely want to have n.
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20 Super Awesome Gadgets You'll Definitely Want To Have PowerPoint Presentation
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20 Super Awesome Gadgets You'll Definitely Want To Have

20 Super Awesome Gadgets You'll Definitely Want To Have

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20 Super Awesome Gadgets You'll Definitely Want To Have

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  1. 20 Super Awesome Gadgets You'll Definitely Want To Have

  2. Today gadgets became an integral part of the modern world: they facilitate life, open new opportunities, they look cool and cheer up your mood. Having smartphone without a selfie stick or a usual, boring flash drive became kind of ill mannered. For those who didn’t manage to get awesome gadgets yet, and surely for those who want to learn more about novelties in this sphere we’ve made this list of fancy and unusual gadgets!

  3. 1) PhoneSoap

  4. Surprise! Your phone is disgusting. This really shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. Phones are constantly being manhandled by germ-riddled hands and then stored in warm, damp spaces like pockets. This means that your favorite gadget, the thing you couldn’t live without, is a breeding ground for potentially threatening bacteria. Enter PhoneSoap. It’s not an actual bar of soap but instead a charging box that looks like a tanning bed for your phone. The device simultaneously charges your gadget while using UV-C light to rid it of any unwanted bacteria. It’s made to work with nearly any smartphone, large or small, Apple or Android, and because it doesn’t use any liquid, only UV light, it’s 100% safe for electronics.

  5. 2) ZUTA – The First Mini Robotic Printer

  6. Watch the printer at work! The printer is outfitted for our day to day life. It has a rechargeable battery and an on/off switch. It connects directly to smartphones and to PCs, and allows the user to print on any size piece of paper. Equipped with a unique mechanical drive system, WiFi connectivity for connecting to mobile devices and a battery that provides a full hour of printing, this little printer is not limited to standard paper sizes. The printer connects to any device via WiFi. You can now print directly from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs. With its unique mechanical design, the printer is not limited by the paper size! At only 10.2 cm in diameter, 7.5 cm in height and weighing only 350 gr, this printer can be taken anywhere!

  7. 3) Flapit

  8. Flapit is the first available physical counter connected to all the major social media platforms. Flapitcan be placed anywhere: in your store window, on display at your agency or on the wall of your restaurant or hotel, you name it. Easy to use and fun to watch, Flapit is a powerful, interactive marketing tool for corporations and small businesses. Every Flapit weighs in at 3kg (6.6 lbs) and requires a Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n network to operate. Flapits are shipped with AC adapters that can be powered by 110V and 220V. The AC adapter provided comes with interchangeable plugs that can be used in a majority of global territories.

  9. 4)Water Dancing Speakers

  10. Look at your speakers, now back at these, now look at your speakers, now back at these! They aren’t these, and they never will be. Why? Because these are gobsmackingly brilliant and like no other speakers we’ve ever seen before. When the music plays the speakers explode (not literally) with jets of water illuminated by bright multi-coloured LED’s, creating a truly unique water show. Powered by USB or mains supply, they make the perfect laptop accessories, and before you scream “water next to a laptop?!” don’t worry;  the two 3 watt speakers are completely sealed so there is no risk of water spillage.

  11. 5) Belfie

  12. The Belfie Stick is either one of the coolest or one of the most annoying things at the halls of CES. For purposes of this list, we’re embracing the former, just due to the sheer absurdity of this modified selfie stick. Designed for easing the process of taking “belfies” (butt selfies), it’s a bendable stick that lets you comfortably aim a phone at your behind to satisfy every Kim KardashianInstagram fantasy you’ve ever entertained.

  13. 6)Change It! Wall

  14. This wall has been passed around on the internet for some time and has become a neat attraction. It’s not LED or anything digital, it’s actually made of turning triangles with different colors on them, white, black and a rainbow color. It is limited at these three options for now, but I’m sure we’ll see in the future various patterns and images.

  15. 7) Icon Watch by IDEA

  16. Meet an analogwatch that’s directly inspired from the digital world in the form of this Icon Watch by IDEA. The simplistic border lines together with the color that’s more like the one found on the digital screen, this watch is an absolute must-have for geeks and digital nerds who love to live with the digital side beside them. The watch is available in grey color and is a smart fit on the wrist which might take you back to your days of playing with the Lego bricks again. It looks extremely simple in design and that’s probably what makes this wristwatch special in the world of fresh watch designs.

  17. 8)Sesame Smart Lock

  18. Sesame has an idiot-proof installation process. Just tape it over a deadbolt with the supplied adhesive and you’re done. You can then activate it with its app, by a secret knock on your door or phone, or simply by having your phone nearby.

  19. 9) ePureDect Cordless Phone Handset by Swissvoice

  20. Live in the modern world of telephones with an updated version of the old handsets in the form of the ePureDect Cordless PhoneHandset by Swissvoice. This is ideally a classic image of the old telephone which has been modified with the style trends of the current generation. The key features include a low emission Fulleco mode with high quality sound, large digital display and a navigation key for easy user comfort. The other convenient functions this handset provides consists of a 100 number directory, redial, predial, call duration, caller identification & hands free mode. Get set to welcome the telephones in a whole new way.

  21. 10) SnapJet

  22. The SnapJet portable printer allows you to instantly print mini-photos of your smartphone pics, without any cords, ink, print drivers, Wifi, Bluetooth or apps. Rather, it scans photos in high resolution directly from your phone's screen.

  23. 11) Fluttua Floating Bed by Daniele Lago

  24. The FluttuaFloating Bed by Daniele Lago is a one-legged suspension bed that gives a dramatic appearance to your bedrooms. The single foot under the bed that attaches it to the wall for support remains hidden thus creating an illusion of the bed floating on air. The lighting from underneath is what adds to the charm and makes the whole concept a surreal beauty. The Fluttua is not just another piece of home decor for your bedrooms, it’s got an artistic air of its own that speaks of modern style from all angles. Undoubtedly, having one such masterpiece can literally make you be on cloud nine every night, the floating look being so majestic.

  25. 12) EnergousWattUp

  26. We’ve heard of several things brewing in the over-the-air charging space, but Energous used CES to show off their working WattUp Power Router, which can charge up to 12 gadgets wirelessly (smartphones, tablets, wearables, and any other battery-powered device that requires less than 10W of input) over the air within a 15-feet radius at the exact same time. It’s still early days for the technology, but they’re moving fast, with a reference design for both the router and the receiver due in six months, and several licensing partnerships that could bring the product to market as early as next year.

  27. 13)Wenge Wood for Macbook Pro Retina 15”

  28. Think yourMacBook deserves a personalized makeover? What you need in that case is this Wenge Wood for Macbook Pro Retina 15”. It has been crafted out of high quality wenge wood and has been specially designed to add a unique touch to your MacBook. The skin is compatible with your MacBook Pro Retina and is a great way you can highlight a wooden appearance on your MacBook anyday. In this age of customization that is lead by decals and stickers, this one surely comes as an accessory you would definitely want to try on your MacBook at least once.

  29. 14) Artiphon Instrument 1

  30. TheInstrument 1 is a USB MIDI controller that can be played like a guitar, violin, piano and more. Its pressure-sensitive pad and companion app lets you play multiple notes per string, trigger a different instrument per string and more.

  31. 15)Dash Headphones

  32. A pair of in-ear headphones sounds awfully small to cram some serious hardware into. That, however, is exactly what Bragi did with the Dash, supplementing its ability to stream music and calls over Bluetooth with a whole host of unprecedented features. You know, like its own standalone media player with accompanying 4GB of storage; basic fitness tracking tech (counts steps and all that); heart-rate monitor; and even an oxygen saturation sensor. Oh yeah, the software will also include a personal trainer module that will bark commands in your ear like a virtual coach. To top it all off, it comes with integrated touch controls that you perform by simply making gestures on the surface of the buds. Seriously, all that in a tiny pair of in-ear gadgets.

  33. 16) HinokiMemo Cube

  34. This faux wood grain cube is designed by Kenjiro Sano of Mr_Design, Inc., Japan. Each note is printed with an identical wood grain pattern that makes an entire stack look like a finely hewn block of wood.

  35. 17) Connector Pen

  36. At RED5 we have never really been a big fan of charging cables, they are forever tangled whether in your pocket or at the deepest depths of a handbag. What we really need is a compact solution. What we really need is the Connector Pen. This unbelievably useful gadget contains a micro USB and 8 pin charging adaptor all concealed within a black metallic pen. When extended, the Connector Pen will provide just over 21cm of cable allowing you to charge your smartphone from any standard USB port. When not in use, it is all neatly stored away inside the body of the pen and can even be used as a stylus when the pen nib is retracted. So if you want a multifunctional gadget comprising of charging cables, stylus and a functioning pen we highly recommend the stylish Connector Pen.

  37. 18) Designer Handbag iPhone Case

  38. This DesignerHandbag iPhone Case combines two of life’s necessities for women – the iPhone and a purse. This is a very snazzy looking purse that may very well have been plucked right out of a high-end designer fashion boutique in Paris or Milan. It’s an elegant case made to look like a purse. You can get it in three different colors, and it comes with a golden chain handle that may be used as a wrist strap too. You could just as well hang it around your ear and talk on the speakerphone, which would make it a 3-in-1 – iPhone case, purse and a rather outsize earring. However you choose to use it, the fact remains that it will protect your iPhone from dings and damage, and it will be a stylish fashion accessory.

  39. 19) Hextie Honeycomb Space

  40. Culture a new daring fashion in your everyday necktie with this beautiful Hextie Honeycomb Space Black designed for the modern man. It’s an artistic masterpiece of two rigid polymers joined together by a flexible fabric that is bound to catch attention from the fashion forward gentlemen. The piece has been designed in New York City and represents what the future dress ties would look like. It is the magic of a space black lightweight acrylic that merges old fashion beauty with modern elegance. Wait till compliments start pouring in once you flaunt this new-age necktie in the next parties you attend.

  41. 20) Glass Keyboard by Bastron

  42. Get them with a pink or blue backlight and enjoy a totally new world of of keyboard experience with the Glass Keyboardby Bastron. The best feature of this keyboard is the fact that it can work as amouse with touch sensitive key controls and gesture controls too. You need to plug and play the micro USB in order to connect it to your computer or other devices. The keyboard can support Windows/Android/iOS and is made of aluminium and tempered glass. Apart from the great typing experience, you’ll get to add a fresh design to your workspace as well. Who said all keyboards look the same?