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Real Estate Photo Editing Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Real Estate Photo Editing Services

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Real Estate Photo Editing Services

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  1. Welcome To

  2. Real Estate Photo Editing Services

  3. OUR STEP IMPROVEMENT PROCESS WHITE BALANCING White Balancing permits questions that are white in individual to be rendered white in the photograph so the property can be appeared in its best light. White Balancing will evacuate yellowed or grayish staining and make a splendid, fresh picture.

  4. IMAGE SHARPENING Image Sharpening is a vital procedure in guaranteeing your photos are top value with an expert completion. Sharpening the picture will emphasis surface and enhance the general nature of your photograph.

  5. FLASH SHADOW REMOVAL Without the best possible flashes and reflectors,annoyingblaze shadows can truly affect the nature of a picture. This can be adjusted by removing the flash shadows to make a radically more expert looking photograph.

  6. BRIGHTNESS & CONTRAST ADJUSTMENT A bright photo with the correct contrast is incredible to look and more inclined to draw a potential purchaser's consideration.Changingthese components will make insightfulness, making the photograph additionally captivating and welcoming the viewer into the picture

  7. 2D & 3D FLOOR PLAN A house is not a home without the right accessories in it. Wouldn’t you agree? After all it is the furniture and other small elements that give the home the identity it deserves. So when you take a photograph to the client it is very important that you give it a 3 dimensional look to give the feel of a home. This needs furniture, wall pictures etc to complete the scenario. Our designers can actually give that element of completeness to your property picture and thereby raising its standard in the sale market. Isn’t that a great way to make your home more saleable?

  8. DAY TO NIGHT What is the kind of look that you want in your picture? When you are trying to sell real estate you need to present a certain look to the client at first glance. After all it is a picture that he sees first and that needs to make the best impression. Very often a badly taken and edited image can turn off a customer even though the property was actually much better than presented in the picture. So this is something that you need to avoid while trying to sell property. The image has to have the right colors as well as the right day or night look. We at Image Services India have a team of experts who can change the look of the photograph and give it the right colors of the day or night as may be.


  10. ABOUT US Prologics is a young & dynamic Off-shore technology and Image editing Services Company located in the silicon valley of India, Bangalore, We are passionate about what we do, and about our customers. Prologics is the brain child of like minded, independent thinking entrepreneurs with a creative and technical blend of mind.A company having experience handling customers with highly skilled and experienced professionals and provides businesses worldwide by offering their unmatched expertise in the areas of:Image editing and enhancement services for Real estate Agents, photographers and brokers.Image Clipping ServicesPortrait Retouch Services2D and 3D Floor Plans Services

  11. Thank You For More Information Please Visit Our Site