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  2. The SouthSide Map

  3. What is a Neighborhood Revitalization? Economic Development Attract Business to the areaby showcasing area amenities Everyday businesses for local amenities and job creation Safer & Healthier Neighborhood Completed sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes Treescapes that add beauty to the neighborhood, safe lighting Connected streets / open grids Community Activities Parks, playgrounds Community Resource Center New & Improved housing Homes instead of vacant lots Mixed-Income instead of concentrations of poverty An affordable housing community Nourishing Areas of Ability South Front Apartment Homes 5th Avenue & Greenfield Castle Street Art District Green Building District New Use / Industrial Triangle Residents Lift them Up, not Out Placemaking

  4. Choice Neighborhood Vision:An Integrated Approach w/ 3 Core Goals: Housing: Transform distressed public housing / Mixed Income People: Support positive outcomes for children and adults through education and services Neighborhood: Revitalize neighborhoods of poverty into Communities of Investment and Opportunity ** Safety & Education & Employment & Healthy Foods **

  5. OUR WHA Choice Neighborhoods Our Choice Neighborhood will encompass the Rebuilding of the HillcrestPublic Housing Community & the revitalization of the SouthSideby building on the City’s SouthSide Small-Area Plan. Our main Revitalization goals for the SouthSide involve: Building a CORE Center for after school activities & youth engagement (Community, Opportunity, Recreation, Resource, Employment, Education) Focusing on infill development Focusing on infrastructure, including sidewalks and crosswalks Maximizing economic development, job creation, income opportunity Deconcentrating poverty / Ending our Urban Distress Zones Envisioning a safer, healthier, more vibrant community

  6. Areas of Ability Castle Street as development catalyst Green Business Node Concentration of vacant lots between Hillcrest and Jervay Bridge / ILM gateway as development target SouthSide Business Zone / Light Industrial for 20th Century Additional neighborhood node potential / Creative Class

  7. Pro: SouthSide Advantages Proximity to Downtown / walk, bike, car, public transportation Proximity to MLK Park / Greenfield Lake Proximity to Hospital Corridor / Health & Jobs Good infrastructure (streets, MPO plans) Strong housing rehab & infill potential / Affordable Housing Well served by Public Transportation / stops within ¼ mile Gateway to Wilmington from the East Exitway from Wilmington from the West Gateway to Greenfield Lake / 5th Avenue Area of Ability / Castle Street Art & Antique District Area of Ability / Green Business Corridor @ 16th & Queen Area of Ability / 3rd & Greenfield Cape Fear Historic Byway / East Coast Greenway Area of Opportunity, Reuse / Industrial Triangle 2 Local Theater Companies Attractive Tree Canopy

  8. Pro: Recent Economic Development in the SouthSide South Front Apartments Satellite Bar HARP Restaurant & Lounge Century Mills Building sale New Businesses on Castle Street Art & Antique District Gravity Records RX Restaurant Coffee House / Brew Pub Freakers USA Expansion of Queensboro Shirt Company … $3M / yr. business Music Medic … $1.5M business Developer & Banking attention Biltmark / Plantation Builders Transforming areas Seaview Crab Company on 16th Peacock Alley Hot Dogs on 17th Family Dollar to be built on Wooster SouthSide Business Zone Cape Fear Community Land Trust New Business 13th & Marstellar Kids Making It on Castle Street

  9. Pro: Anchor Institutions • Permanent Anchors • UNCW • CFCC • Port of Wilmington • Greenfield Lake • Medical Corridor • Schools • Historic Downtown • Developing Anchors • Industrial Triangle • Gateway into ILM • 5thAvenue • Castle Street Art & Antique District • Creative Class / 3rd& 5th & Greenfield • Green Biz District • CORE Center

  10. CORE CenterInvestment in our Community • CORE Center • Community, Opportunity, Recreation, Resource, Employment & Education • Partners: • UNCW • CFCC • YMCA • Med North • United Way • City Parks & Rec • WHA, HEO, Choice • Support Positive Outcomes for children & adults with High Quality Educational, Health & Learning Opportunities

  11. Small Investment Successes Attention on the SouthSide / started a conversation (Everyone) Coming Soon … 40 Dawson Street Lofts @ Jervay / $5.6M (WHA, HUD) Coming Soon … 8 Supportive Housing units @ Jervay / $1M (WHA, Elderhaus) To be designated a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area (City of Wilmington) Partnership with Habitat for Humanity for infill homes (Habitat) $510,000 in improvements for crosswalks / sidewalks / Safe way to Schools (City / MPO) YouthBuild Grant Application / $1.1M (WHA & partners) Kaboom Park @ Jervay (BC/BS, WRAR) Railroad beautification (Port/CSX) Art Display at Jervay (Castle St.) / (Art Council) Byrne Safety Grant application / $790,000 (WHA & WPD, LINC, UNCW) CDBG funding for Dawson Street Lofts $200,000, Future Guarantee (City) Gang Task Force @ Shaw Speak; Crime Down 53% (WPD / NHC) Catalyst Project – 5th Avenue & entrance to Greenfield Lake (FOCUS / COG) MED North – Satellite office @ Hillcrest HRSA $$ funds (Med North) Brownfield Grant $400,000 (City of Wilmington) U.S. Congressional Representative Meetings Assistant Secretary of HUD Meeting Infrastructure utility improvements $1.5M (CFPUA) Press (WHQR, Star News, WECT, GWBJ) Continued Non-Profit Partnerships CFLC expansion on 17th / $200,000+

  12. Smaller Investment Successes Events on the SouthSide Jane Jacobs Walk through the SouthSide A Case for Place @ MLK Center Soaring Eagle Annual Cultural Event Annual Castle Street Block Party Castle Street Flea Market SouthSideCDC Cultural Arts & Training Center @ the old WAVE building on Castle St. / The Castle Transportation Bond / $55M Crosswalk @ major intersections along Wooster & Dawson Streets / SouthSide 5th Avenue / Entrance to Greenfield Lake Resurfacing of several roads New Hanover County Schools Education Bond / $160M Improvement to SouthSide Schools Free Summer Lunch Program Code Enforcement Focus on the SouthSide Outreach of City Programs HOP program, Rehab program Summer Camp Flyer City of Wilmington Solid Waste Many large trash dumps in the area Fire Department Install free smoke alarms to homeowners Mary Howe Pre-K A nature trail / public private partnership Infill Incentive District Incentivize infill lots on the SouthSide Incentives for Investment City, County, CFPUA Feast Down East Fresh fruit & vegetables to Hillcrest & the SouthSide After School / Summer Initiatives Brigade Boys & Girls / YMCA We Care Tutoring (UNCW/Ministry)

  13. SouthSide Business Zone

  14. Implementation Entities / Future Success Implementation Entities (Principal Partners) Housing – WHA / HEO People – United Way Neighborhood – City of Wilmington Education – Communities in Schools Safety – Police Task Force Healthy Foods – Feast Down East Employment – Workforce Consortium Work in Progress Cape Fear Soccer League Cape Fear Community Land Trust SouthSide Focus, Placemaking Neighborhood Revitalization Grants / Promise Zones Faith-based groups / Ministerial Alliance Time Warner @ Dawson St. Lofts YouthBuild Center PTA meetings County land on 16th Street Designate UMX / Redevelopment Transit Amenities / WAVE Transit Transformation Plan Update Business Leader Outreach / Hometown Hires New Hanover County Health Department Cape Fear Housing Coalition Affordable Housing & vacant lot incentives Historical Wilmington Architectural Salvage Community Enrichment Initiative Cape Fear Green Building Alliance Neighborhood Meetings / Grassroots Facebook Outreach Interns / Grants Funding Committee Program Coordinator @ CORE WAVE Free Trolley Duke Energy … Street Lighting, Rebates CDC Grants / up to $1.6M Film Museum location … SouthSide? Young Women Leading Charter School location … SouthSide? NCDOT … Sidewalks on Wooster Street Grocery Store conversation Gateway discussions HUDZone Community Garden Leaders / ILM Green Project What can YOU do for the SOUTHSIDE? This MUST be a COMMUNITY EFFORT!

  15. Other Plans in our Region City of Wilmington Comprehensive Plan Wilmington’s comprehensive plan will describe a vision for how we experience our community – how we get around, where we live, the way buildings and streets look, and where we play. New Hanover County Comprehensive Plan Six individual themes have been established and include; the Livable Built Environment, Harmony with Nature, Resilient Economy, Interwoven Equity, Healthy Community, and Responsible Regionalism. Citizen-led committees will review issues surrounding these themes, best management practices, and present policy recommendations. FOCUS SENC Regional Plan (New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick) As growth continues in our region, let’s be ready for it. We need a regional vision, direction, and plan. Join us in determining how we can preserve the assets that we all value, while making Southeastern North Carolina a great place to live and do business. ----- Other Plans & Reports … Cape Fear Commutes 2035 Transportation Plan, Future Land Use Plan, NC Tomorrow, Walk Wilmington, Cape Fear Scenic ByWay, NorthSide Revitalization Plan, Dawson Wooster Corridor Plan, Comprehensive Greenway Plan, FOCUS’s Health & Wellness Gap Analysis, FOCUS’s RAI to Fair Housing, FOCUS’s Regional Equity Profile, Garner Economic Report, CFPUA

  16. Where do these efforts lead? Up to $30M towards Revitalization! Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant Recent Winners … Boston MA Chicago IL Cincinnati OH New Orleans LA San Antonio TX San Francisco CA Seattle WA Tampa FL Philadelphia PA Pittsburgh PA Norwalk CT Columbus OH • These cities are using their award to leverage the funds for up to 4 times this amount ($120M) to: • Construct 350 new units • Rehab 150 units • Create 600 construction jobs • Create 300 permanent jobs • Ease access to services & resources • Promote educational opportunities • Enhance healthy living & recreation • Offer job training & employment • Encourage economic development • Increase connectivity & mobility • Boost Investment & $$ Opportunity • Improve Safety • Truly revitalize a community!

  17. Partners

  18. Thank You for your Partnership! Save the Date Tuesday, August 19th, 6.30pm Choice Neighborhoods City Council Presentation Please LIKE us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with our Choice Neighborhoods SouthSide Revitalization!