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Fresh, Quality & Healthy – Fresh Nil Perch

Lake Perch is a leading processor of Nile perch fish that deliver quality fish products globally from lake to our consumers. Call us at 256 706 443 985 today about your requirements.

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Fresh, Quality & Healthy – Fresh Nil Perch

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  1. Fresh, Quality & Healthy – Fresh Nil Perch Many of us loves to eat seafood, and some of us daily want fish with our daily launch or dinner without it they cannot even have their meal. Many of them get fish exported from another country to their country, but many of the suppliers are not than genuine to export you fresh fish easily. How we like to fresh vegetable, fruits, and much more same like that we love to eat fresh fish. Nile perch is a popular fish food usually low priced and consumed in many countries & worldwide, and most importantly it is exported from Lake Victoria and all across the globe. Nile perch is a species of freshwater fish that can as long as and its weight is over 200kg. due to its size and shallow water, it is easy to catch and almost boneless with flesh is particularly good for eating. This fish has a delicate taste and mild flavor you can use strong seasoning and sauce when cooking or serving it. If it is cooked with lots of oil with good fish to smoke and one of the fishes pretty much cooked. Lake Preach is a leading processor of Nile preach fish, a pleasant, sweet-tasting mild caught, natural white fish. We export fresh fish, highest quality product, and to add value to make difference to our team experience in the fish business, strong teamwork within our organization, uncompromised quality control. We as teamwork together with our professionals, as well as our customers to efficiently and effectively deliver quality products to Lake to our consumers. This fish is caught from freshwater, which is not only flavorful and pleasant and but also rich in Omega oils which is good for skin, hair, and all over your health and more importantly, lowering your cholesterol level. For more details visit us - http://www.lake-perch.com/

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