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Save money on fleet tracking

Get GPS tracking services from FNDIT, LLC that provides an easy to use industry-leading application providing simplicity, visibility, and control at an affordable rate!<br>Contact Us<br>Website- https://fnditgps.com/

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Save money on fleet tracking

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  1. Save money on fleet tracking Fleet tracking helps to manage system that uses GPS tracking to monitor the activity of a vehicle and its assets. Through fleet tracking, you can know the vehicle's or equipment's location at all times. Fleet tracking helps track vehicle usage and driver behavior, and the collected data can provide insight to help identify safety concerns, maximize operational efficiencies, and improve vehicle usage. Fleet tracking also includes an advanced ignition kill with anti-hijack features, which immobilizes the ignition system to prevent hot wiring. Even it allows the user to remotely cut off the engine in case of a hijack attempt. Ignition Disable has advanced features that will immobilize the ignition system to prevent the vehicle from being hot-wired. It even allows the user to remotely cut off the engine case for a hijack attempt, and it comes with a compatible Scorpio alarm system only. Ignitions' vehicle tracking also helps to reduce harsh driving, speeding, incidents, and insurance costs. It is also beneficial to increase productivity, improve customer service, reduce operating costs, reduce overtime, promote driver safety, and reduce labor costs. A vehicle camera placed around the vehicle in conjunction with software that renders the surrounding area in real-time gives users a better understanding of the area around their vehicle. The vehicle camera system helps to protect vehicles while on the road, when the vehicles are busy going to work or when vehicles are inactive, e.g., parked up. This technology provides increased security and safety. FNDIT provides the custom solutions and reporting to meet and exceed your GPS needs, provide peace of mind, and provide the data we need when we need it. Our focus is to provide tracking services with an emphasis on delivering a world-class customer experience by always putting the customer first. We have over 20 years of industry experience delivering innovative tracking solutions for small and large businesses. Visit us at https://fnditgps.com/solutions.

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