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Surety Bonds

Surety Bonds. Performance Bond Payment Bond. Benefits Of Bonding Subs. Prequalified subs Risk Transfer Improves contractor’s credit standing. Prequalification Process. Business Operations. Financial Strength. Experience. Sub Documents. Exposure & Progress. Size & Location.

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Surety Bonds

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  1. Surety Bonds • Performance Bond • Payment Bond

  2. Benefits Of Bonding Subs • Prequalified subs • Risk Transfer • Improves contractor’s credit standing

  3. Prequalification Process Business Operations Financial Strength Experience Sub Documents Exposure & Progress Size & Location Ability To Perform

  4. Indemnification • Corporate & personal assets on the line • Incentive for sub to complete bonded work

  5. Availability of Surety • Traditional sureties • Specialized sureties • SBA program

  6. Confirm Ability To Provide Bonds

  7. Limited Surety Capacity • Labor-only contract • Phased contract

  8. Qualify The Subcontractor’s Surety A.M. Best Companywww.ambest.com Dun & Bradstreetwww.dnb.com/us Standard & Poor’swww.standardandpoors.com Moody’swww.moodys.com Treasury Dept.www.fms.treas.gov/c570/c570.html State Insurance Dept.www.naic.org/state_web_map.htm

  9. Surety Rates $

  10. Surety Communications • Job status reports • Provide early warnings of serious problems

  11. Dispute vs. Default • Performance obligations defined in subcontract • Notify surety of problems • Formal written declaration of default

  12. Why Subcontractors Fail Accounting Issues Management Issues Personnel Issues Performance Issues Failure Unrealistic Growth

  13. If Default Occurs • Acknowledge claim • Investigate claim • Determine obligations • Fulfill obligations Surety

  14. Surety’s Options • Assist subcontractor to completion • Bring in replacement • Negotiate financial settlement Surety

  15. Establishing A Bonding Policy • Establish thresholds • Articulate exceptions • Notify subcontractors & surety Contractor

  16. For More Information Surety Information Office 1828 L St. NW, Suite 720 Washington, DC 20036 202-686-7463 | Fax 202-686-3656 www.sio.org | sio@sio.org

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