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Cryptocurrency Investment PowerPoint Presentation
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Cryptocurrency Investment

Cryptocurrency Investment

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Cryptocurrency Investment

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  1. Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Investment Investment Millionaire Mafia 1 visit our website

  2. Cryptocurrency Investment Page No How Cryptocurrency Works 03 Cryptocurrency Types 04 PHOTO GALLERY 05 Cryptocurrency Investment 06 Understanding Cryptocurrency 07 PHOTO GALLERY 08 Cryptocurrency Types 09 Instagram Marketing Training 10 Affiliate Marketing Free Video Training 11 How Cryptocurrency Works 12 Cryptocurrency Investment 13 PHOTO GALLERY 14 Affiliate Marketing Free Video Training 15 Cryptocurrency Types 16 Cryptocurrency Mining Profitability 17 How Cryptocurrency Works 18 Cryptocurrency Investment 19 Instagram Marketing Training 20

  3. How Cryptocurrency Works The introduction of the blockchain technology came with something revolutionary, and that is the cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency was created to function as an alternative to fiat currencies while making online transactions, among other uses. 3 visit our website

  4. Cryptocurrency Types A designed and created as a means of exchange, and the digital currency’s security structure uses cryptography, to check the verification of digital assets, and also to guide the production of additional units of the digital currency. cryptocurrency is any digital currency 4 visit our website


  6. Cryptocurrency Investment When you hear the word mining, you probably envisage digging the earth which is far from it. Cryptocurrency mining is a process that involves the verification of transactions that take place in cryptocurrency networks and added to the blockchain’s public ledger. So basically cryptocurrencies are mined from the blockchain network using special equipment called miners. 6 visit our website

  7. Understanding Cryptocurrency Depending on the cryptocurrency, but most Bitcoin and altcoin mining consume lots translates to more bills, so it is imperative that before you go into mining, you look requirement, and that way you have an idea about the extra cost that will be added to your electricity bills. of electricity, and that at the hardware’s power Our constantly solves complex mathematical calculations per second, hence, hash rate simply refers to the number of calculations done per second, and this is measured using megahash per second (MH/sec), (GH/sec), terahash per second (TH/sec). cryptocurrency mining hardware (or mining rig) gigahash per second You need to know how long before you get ROI on the investment in mining hardware. There are online platforms that assist with the profitability calculations of any mining hardware. It will require you inputting the hash rate, power consumption, and current bitcoin/cryptocurrency price. This is not as powerful as the other mining rigs, and there is nothing special about it, other than the fact that it is your regular computer with an upgradable graphics card. While you can mine cryptocurrency with your computer’s central processing unit, the process, however, takes a lot of time. 7 visit our website


  9. Cryptocurrency Types This is a custom built integrated circuit specifically designed for the operation of cryptocurrency mining. After building the integrated circuit rig, the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) assists the mining hardware manufacturer to use many of the chips, and have them configured for cryptocurrency mining. This custom setup enhances the performance, which in turn makes the FPGA a lot better than the CPUs and GPUs. 9 visit our website

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  11. Affiliate Marketing Free Video Training Now you have an idea what cryptocurrency mining is, depending on how powerful your mining rig is, mining can be profitable. Cryptocurrencies are blockchain based digital currencies that are used for verifying and validating transfers and purchases on the blockchain ledger. 11 visit our website

  12. How Cryptocurrency Works Cryptocurrencies are created such that they have a form of strong security and also have features of anonymity, and decentralization. Since cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins became available, there has been an unprecedented increase in its value and has made bitcoin trading very very easy and profitable. 12 visit our website

  13. Cryptocurrency Investment Now, people are looking to earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and a lot of businesses are beginning to take the initiative and are investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is able to function because it is packed with features that make it flexible enough to want to use and integrate into business models. 13 visit our website


  15. Affiliate Marketing Free Video Training Affiliate marketing is a kind of internet marketing whereby the “affiliate” (online marketer) is paid for every click and/or purchase made through the affiliate link. 15 visit our website

  16. Cryptocurrency Types Functionality cryptocurrency, currency has contributed to its popularity and high demand, which in turn keeps resulting in the increase in the cryptocurrency. is one being important a functional part of a digital value of the 16 visit our website

  17. Cryptocurrency Mining Profitability A cryptocurrency system works as a guide to oversee the overview of digital currency owners and units. It does not have a central authority to interfere, implement, or control the operations taking place on the blockchain. There are no 3rd parties to impose policies and regulations on users, rather, every cryptocurrency user/owner are in total control of their digital assets. Cryptocurrencies work to ensure that there is proof of ownership. It functions using the anonymity and privacy features, which makes it difficult to identify the real people behind transactions. Transactions in traditional banks usually attract high fees, but with the cryptocurrency, it is a different story because cryptocurrencies have a zero transactions. Developers have access to an open source API, to create more cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-based applications. or near-zero fees on Cryptocurrencies are not limited to a particular geographic location, rather they are used globally. Because it is decentralized, transactions involving cryptocurrencies are seamless and fast. 17 visit our website

  18. How Cryptocurrency Works This invariably means that when cryptocurrency transactions take place, the sender sends the cryptocurrencies to a receiver’s public key (wallet address) and the receiver is able to access the cryptocurrencies in the wallet using the private key. 18 visit our website

  19. Cryptocurrency Investment Bitcoin – BTC This was the very first decentralized cryptocurrency to be created, it came alive in 2009, and it was created using the SHA-256 algorithm. The digital currency has experienced a high rate of increase in value since inception. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is decentralized, secure, private, fungible, globally acceptable, quick, irreversible transfers, among other qualities. The high volatility cost has been responsible for attracting a lot of investors. 19 visit our website

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