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  2. TODAY’S AGENDA • Post Camp • -Post Camp Travel • -Treks and Tours After Camp • -Returning in 2015 • Things To Remember • Question Time! • During Camp • -US Arrival & Transfers • -Social Security • -Money • -Payoneer Card • -Taxes • -Insurance • -Daily Life at Camp • -Check-in & Validate • -Emergencies • -Dismissal • -Camp Visits • -Mobile Phones/Sim Cards • Prior to Camp • -Placements • -DS2019 & J-1 Visa • -Police Check • -Health Form • -Additional forms • -Flights/Tickets • -NY Arrival Package • -Packing

  3. PLACEMENTS Placements come through daily – and they will continue to do so till June 30th. • Who is placed? Who has heard from their camp? For more information on your camp, contact them directly – contact info is available on your Placement Letter. • If you are not placed, don’t worry. A large number of placements happen between March and late June. • The CCUSA placement system - how we find you a camp. • If you are not placed, DON'T WORRY. Most placements are done between March and late-June. • We generally place 100% of all participants accepted on the program. • The closer you get to June 1st without being placed means you will not have a lot of notice, so make sure you’re ready to go. CCUSA will assist you! • Once you are placed, you access all of your information through “Footprints”, including a list of everyone placed at your camp from around the world. • What to do if you have to withdraw from the program.

  4. DS2019 FORM & J-1 VISA • Your start and end dates are based on your camp contract. These dates will be reflected on Footprints and SEVIS. • 30 day grace period to travel after camp • Support Staff must return home for the beginning of their fall semester. • Dates CANNOT be extended, unless your camp contract has been extended. If your camp asks you to extend, please alert CCUSA and we will amend your dates in Footprints and SEVIS

  5. DS2019 FORM & J-1 VISA • DS2019 form is your work authorization. • DO NOT LOSE IT! • Once you arrive at camp have your Director photocopy it, then staple the original back into your passport

  6. POLICE CHECK • YOU MUST OBTAIN A POLICE CHECK – IT IS MANDATORY! • If you haven’t already arranged this please see us immediately following this meeting for further instructions. • Send a copy of your Police Check to your Local CCUSA head office. • Take your original Police Check with you to camp and give it to your Camp Director when you arrive at camp. • FAILURE TO ARRIVE AT CAMP WITH A CURRENT POLICE CHECK WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL!

  7. HEALTH HISTORY FORM • Everyone has this available to them on their Footprints account. Print it out! • Get this completed by a doctor and take it with you to camp. • If camp sends you a form of their own it is ok to have that one completed. • Don’t forget to give this form to your Camp Director when you arrive. • If you are currently on medications, get enough orders filled to take with you to camp for your entire stay. • Don’t forget to accommodate for time zone changes when scheduling and administering prescribed medications. • If you are taking prescribed drugs, you should take copies of your prescriptions to give to the camp nurse. • ALL prescribed drugs and over-the-counter drugs such as aspirin, etc. will need to be turned into the camp nurse when you arrive.

  8. FLIGHTS & TICKETS (F) • International Flight • Booking procedures, terms, conditions • US Domestic Travel – Travel to Camp • Print out your travel to camp instructions and make sure you understand how you will get camp. • Check-in for your flight at least 3 to 4 hours prior to your departure time. Check with your airline for specific details for carry-on luggage requirements and allowances. • PLAN AHEAD – save your money! Remember you will need enough to get yourself back to the airport at the end of the summer for your flight home. • Make sure to have your Placement Letter and camp contact information with you when traveling in case of delays.

  9. FLIGHTS & TICKETS (N) • Download your travel to camp instructions from Footprints and confirm details with your camp before purchasing your flights. • Enter your flight details into Footprints as soon as your flights are booked. • Please make sure that you have the phone numbers for CCUSA and your camp. Contact your camp prior to your departure to confirm your arrival details. • Make sure to keep your Placement Letter and camp contact information with you when traveling in case of any delays during your journey. • PLAN AHEAD – save your money! Remember you will need enough to get yourself back to the airport at the end of the summer for your flight home.

  10. PACKING Pack sensibly – remembering whatever you pack you have to carry! • Check with your airlines regarding bag and weight allowances. There may be a difference between your international and domestic airlines. • Ask your camp what you will need for the summer. • Pack light and just what you need - you will most likely purchase items. • Many camps offer an International Day/Night, so don’t forget fun stuff to share from your country and that will teach people about your culture (recipes, shirts, flag, toy animals, pictures). • Camp is not a place for expensive electrical equipment.

  11. PACKING Pack the following things in your Carry On Luggage: • Your passport with a processed J1 Visa and DS2019 form. • Flight ticket and other travel passes • Camp information and placement letter • Camp Travel instructions, or NY Arrival Package site directions if applicable • Insurance information • Contact information for CCUSA in the U.S. – 1800 999 2267, and the name of the 'Responsible Officer' - Marielle den Hollander • Money and Credit Card • Medications • Basic Toiletries - deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste (less than 100ml per bottle/container)

  12. USA ARRIVAL & TRANSFERS • On the plane, you will need to complete a Customs Declaration form. • When you go through US Immigration, make sure they enter you on J-1 Visa. • Important! Immigration should stamp both your passport and DS2019 form upon entry. • Jet lag, culture shock, flying tips and being a tourist • Arrival details: • Call camp as soon as you clear customs or arrive at the CCUSA hostel to let them know you are in the USA, and confirm your travel details with camp. • Only accept rides to camp with the camp representative from the meeting location.

  13. USA ARRIVAL & TRANSFERS (F) • Look for other CCUSA participants on your flight! • Arrival Information: • Refer to the Arrival Information Sheets that you received TODAY • All transfers to the CCUSA hostel or your accommodation in New York are your responsibility. • Save your bus or train tickets for your camp to reimburse you.

  14. SOCIAL SECURITY APPLICATION • Camp will help you with this process • You must have validated your visa at least 3 days prior to applying for your Social Security card. • You will need 2 copies of your: • I-94 card (download from after your enter the U.S.) • Passport • Original DS2019 form • Completed Social Security application; • Sponsorship Letter from CCUSA (on Footprints)

  15. SOCIAL SECURITY APPLICATION Joe Paul Citizen 12/25/1991 London England x x Jane Elizabeth Page x George Henry Citizen x

  16. SOCIAL SECURITY APPLICATION Get phone number for camp Date of Application Get mailing address when you arrive at camp x Sign here

  17. MONEY • You must have U.S. Dollars on you before departing from your local airport. We strongly recommend at least $300US, in a variety of denominations. • There will be places at the airport to exchange money and debit ATM machines. • It is best to take travelers cheques in US$, not your own currency. • Most widely used credit cards are Visa or MasterCard. • We suggest to budget about US$300 a week when traveling after camp. This could be less depending on how many people you are with and where you are in the U.S.

  18. WHO MUST FILE A TAX RETURN? ALL CCUSA PARTICIPANTS This is REQUIRED under the regulations of the J-1 Visa program!

  19. TAXES • Taxes deducted from your pocket money • Federal Income Tax (generally taxed at a rate of 15%) • State Income Tax (different for each state) • Taxes you DO NOT need to pay • Medicare • Social Security (FICA) • Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)

  20. W-4 FORM • Complete when you get to camp/start with a new Employer • Determines the amount of tax deducted from your salary 1 1

  21. W-4 FORM • Put the Tax Service address as per the example if you wish to utilize that service (or your home address)

  22. W-2 FORM • Statement of total taxes paid • Supplied by your camp • Expect to receive it by January 31 of the next year.

  23. INSURANCE: OVERVIEW We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to understand your insurance coverage! • It is a J-1 visa requirement that you have approved travel insurance for the duration of your visa. • CCUSA is not the insurance company. You are covered by a company called HCC. The policy exceeds the regulations of the U.S. State Department. • Refer to your “Footprints” account for your Policy Coverage Details, ID Card and Claim Form. • Review your policy details carefully prior to departure, and review with your parents. Any specific questions about coverage should be directed to your insurance company (HCC). • You have been enrolled with basic coverage. You can upgrade to premium coverage prior to your departure. • Make copies of all Insurance documents at home prior to your departure for the US in case of emergency. • The policy can be extended through your home office prior to departure or through the U.S. office once you arrive in the U.S. • Refer to your Program Agreement for Insurance Extension and upgrade fees. • If you are injured on the job, the claim should go on your camp’s workmans comp policy, NOT your insurance.

  24. INSURANCE: OBTAINING CARE • Carry a copy of your ID card with you at all times. • View your Insurance Info on Footprints for a link to participating healthcare providers closest to your camp (contact CCUSA if there are no nearby providers). • You must call your insurance company to obtain pre-authorization before receiving care whenever possible. • Present your ID Card to the provider at the time of care • You are responsible for completing all requested insurance paperwork, not your camp director. • DO NOT visit an emergency room for non-emergency issues – this will cost you $250!! See policy for more details. • If you do not present your ID Card, you must submit a claimants statement (claim form) within 30 days of care.

  25. INSURANCE: TIPS • You should never assume coverage on a claim until you get approval from your insurance company. • When receiving treatment, provide your contact information, NOT your camps contact information. • Failure to follow the claim procedures will result in your claim being denied and YOU will have to pay the full cost. • US Insurance companies often take a long time to complete a claim. Be patient! • Contact CCUSA if you have any problems in dealing with your insurance company.

  26. INSURANCE WEBSITE • Visit Footprints for a link to the CCUSA Insurance website to locate a participating medical provider – just enter your state for a list of providers. • Remember to first call HCC or Cerberus directly before you obtain service!

  27. DAILY LIFE AT CAMP • Interaction with children for both Counselors and Support Staff • Basic daily camp schedule • Relating to children • Evening activities • What is a Counselor? • What is a Support Staff? • Make sure you read your International Staff Handbook and Games Guide (available on Footprints)

  28. CHECK IN &VALIDATION • CHECK IN • You will be required to check in every 30 days. • You will need to click on “Check In With CCUSA” • CCUSA has set up a Map of your area to show you what possible Cultural Activities are available in your Area (however you are not limited to this) • VALIDATION • Within 3 days of arriving at camp you MUST Validate your arrival. • Click on this link and enter in the details of your address at camp INCLUDING the name of your actual Cabin you are living in.

  29. Tell CCUSA about your IN & OUT of Camp Cultural Activities The US Department of State needs to see what Cultural Exchange activities you are doing • IN CAMP • OUT OF CAMP. So please take out your Mobile Device and enter in this Website address so you can update us during the summer.

  30. EMERGENCIES If you have questions or need help this summer, we’re just a phone call away. • Call our US office at 1-800-999-2267. This is a free call number from any US phone! • Call JORDI BUXADE at 1-845-800-4822, this is an US cell phone number for help in spanish. • This number can only be called if you are in the USA so give your parents 1-415-339-2724. • If you need to ask a general question or talk to someone in a non-emergency, call between 7am and 3:30pm Pacific Time. • CCUSA can be reached for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Emergencies are ONLY classified as death, hospitalization, accident, arrest, job termination and legal issues. • Travel issues/delays are not emergencies. Call your camp about any arrival delays with the contact info from your Placement Letter. • If you have a problem at camp call or we cannot help you. CCUSA is here to help you and we will!

  31. Social Media • Review your Facebook content. Camps base hiring and promotions on your profiles! • Pictures should be camp appropriate... no drinking or party shots. • Be aware of camp rules regarding pictures and friending of campers • Most camps have strict rules against posting any pictures of campers. • Failure to follow these rules may lead to dismissal. • Be careful not to post drinking pictures from your days off. These can also lead to dismissal. • Camp rules limit when and where you may use your cell phones • Lock phones up when not in use • Be aware that excessive communication with home leads to homesickness.

  32. DISMISSAL FROM CAMP Pay close attention to the rules at camp – they are there for a reason. • Examples of why people have been fired in the past: • Inappropriate behavior or language in front of campers; posting inappropriate photos on social media • Having alcohol at camp, drugs or smoking at camp, returning to camp drunk • Poor work ethic, breaking camp curfew, shoplifting • You are role model for campers and an ambassador of your country. • If you are fired or choose to leave camp early, you will forfeit the remaining amount of your pocket money, we will notify the US Government that your J-1 visa is canceled, and you will be responsible for the pro-rated portion of the agency fee the camp pays to CCUSA (could be up to $1650). • You will be asked to leave camp immediately and be responsible for locating accommodation and transportation.

  33. CAMP VISITS • CCUSA staff may visit you this summer at camp. • We try to visit as many CCUSA participants as possible. • However with over 800 camps we won't be able to see everyone. • The US State Department will be conducting site visits. • They will be coming to talk to you about your Camp Experience and your participation in Cultural Exchange Activities.

  34. MOBILE PHONES & US SIM CARDS Using your mobile phone in the U.S. can be expensive – think about your options • Refer to your Footprints account for great deals with E-Kit for Sim card or Sim Card and mobile phone packages. • For your Mobile phone to work in the USA it needs to be a Tri-Band phone or Quad-Band phone and you will need to make sure it is unlocked by your Mobile phone provider. • Global Roaming can be very expensive if using your own Tri-Band phone. Make sure you check your plan for details. • Refer to links on Footprints for CCUSA exclusive deals

  35. POST CAMP Travel after camp is a great opportunity - we hope you take advantage of this. • You will receive email newsletters from CCUSA, as well as your Completion Certificate and end-of-season evaluations (through your Footprints account) • Post camp work is available at a limited number of camps. Contact the U.S. office in July to find out what jobs are available. • A big part of the program is what we call post-camp travel – and we encourage you to utilize this time. • Remember you only have 30 days to travel during your grace period. Overstaying can result in serious problems. • You may only travel within the US during your grace period - so no going to Mexico or Canada or a cruise that takes you out of the USA. Once you depart the U.S. in your grace period your visa will end. • Travel Handbook – located on your Footprints account.

  36. 15 THINGS TO REMEMBER Here’s some tips we’ve developed over the years for first time counselors. • When you arrive at camp it is going to be different, give it time, get involved from the very start with meeting people and camp activities! Don’t be a wallflower! • You are in a different country, so be careful and use your head. Use your common sense at all times. Be safe in all situations. • Tipping is a part of U.S. life - restaurants 20%, hairdressers 15%, taxis 15% • Electricity in the US is 110-120 volts - you will need a converter and an adapter for some items • Bugs! • Don’t forget you are the foreigner. Things will be done differently.

  37. 15 THINGS TO REMEMBER • No drinking at camp. If you are under 21 years old you are underage in the U.S. so don’t even think about it! Don't drink and drive. Don’t buy duty free alcohol! Don’t buy alcohol for anyone underage. Don’t ruin this experience because of alcohol! • No drugs. • Camp is not about mobile phones and computers. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a break from many forms of technology. • Learn and respect the social media rules of your camp. • You will receive training on what child abuse is during orientation. Take it in. Examples of abuse are: • Yelling in a child's face • Hitting • Corporal punishment • Posting photos of children online

  38. 15 THINGS TO REMEMBER • Homesickness is natural – but don’t let it take over your experience. • Remember you are at camp for the kids! Give 100% to your campers - they will love you and you will have the Best Summer of your Life. • Follow camp rules or you will be fired. • If fired - you can expect to be off camp property in 30 minutes. • Call our US office immediately 1-800-999-2267 • Please read your International Handbook and use it during the summer. We will see you in the USA!

  39. FACEBOOK / TWITTER / INSTAGRAM We your Camp and Travel photos and stories – share them with us! • (insert your country facebook link) (insert your country instragram link) • Follow us! (insert your country twitter link)