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Observing Elections

From Polls to Vote by Mail. Observing Elections. in 2012. Kim Wyman Thurston County Auditor Olympia, Washington. | Vote Centers. | Election Oversight. Is there REALLY an Election Day?. | UOCAVA Voters. | Mail In Ballots.

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Observing Elections

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  1. From Polls to Vote by Mail Observing Elections in 2012 Kim Wyman Thurston County Auditor Olympia, Washington

  2. | Vote Centers | Election Oversight Is there REALLY an Election Day? | UOCAVA Voters | Mail In Ballots

  3. Or do we now have a 45-day voting period? With UOCAVA ballots going out 45-days before election day, mail-in ballots to sent to voters 20-days prior, ballot drop boxes open for 20-days, voter registration up to 8-days before election day, voting centers opening, all while ballots are being prepared to count.

  4. Campaigns want to focus on GOTV Election Oversight But who has time to do it all?

  5. You need to think differently about elections. Welcome to Vote by Mail.

  6. Washington’s Evolution to Vote by Mail How it Changed Campaigns Lessons Learned

  7. Washington State Timeline 1980’s 1 1990’s 2 2005 3 Permanent Absentee Ballot Status VBM precincts VBM Special Elections Permanent Absentee Ballot Status available for all voters Increased types of elections ran by mail Counties could choose to become entirely vote by mail for all elections

  8. 1980 1993 1995 2000 2012 Voters in all 39 Washington State counties vote by mail in every election

  9. Vote By Mail Lessons Learned Most voters like VBM – Some do notIt changes campaigns: - More expensive -Voting over a longer period of time - Late hit pieces less effective More secure than polls

  10. VBM in Washington State Mailing the Ballots Ballot Returns Ballot Processing

  11. UOCAVA Ballots Delivered 45-Days Before Election Day Mail-In Ballots Delivered to USPS 20-Days Before Election Day Ballots Picked Up Daily from USPS Ballots Drop Boxes Opened 20-Days Before Election Day

  12. Primary Election General Election 20-Day Voting Period July 18 – Aug 7 Oct 17 – Nov 6 Returning Ballots July 19 – Aug 7 Oct 18 – Nov 6 Election Day August 7 November 6 The Chase July 19 – Aug 20 Oct 18 – Nov 26 Primary Election Certification August 21 General Election Certification November 27

  13. | GOTV | Ballot Processing Vote by Mail changes your focus | Chasing Signatures | Match Backs

  14. GOTV for 20-Days??? Yes. Provide Ballot Drop Box and Return Information Available Data – Lists & Match Backs

  15. GOTV for 20-Days??? Yes. Ballot Drop Box Information Available Data – Lists & Match Backs

  16. Ballot Sorting Signature Checking/Crediting Pre-Inspection and Processing

  17. Vote by mail streamlines and consolidates election administration Vote by mail changes the way people participate and requires active outreach

  18. Yes. You need to think differently About how you run an effective campaign and observe the election

  19. From Polls to Mail Observing Elections in 2012 Thurston County Elections 360-786-5408 www.thurstonvotes.org

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