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Airtight Doors Suppliers Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Airtight Doors Suppliers Singapore

Airtight Doors Suppliers Singapore

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Airtight Doors Suppliers Singapore

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  1. Airtight Doors Manufacturers In Singapore

  2. Airtech Equipment Pte Ltd is a company that deals in the development of products which help to provide a cleanroom environment. This kind of environment is very difficult to get naturally Airtech offers a wide range of products related to laboratory and bio-safety, hospital, health care, semi conductor and doors.

  3. Airtech offers Airtight Doors in order to provide a cleanroom environment. These airtight doors, block air or gas flow in between compartments. These are specially designed to be totally airtight. For this, a dual packing system made of inflatable and silicon seal is used to prevent any contamination to enter the clean area.

  4. The airtight doors offered by Airtech have certified hermetic sealing which offers maximum achievable air permeability. These certificates are Class 4 according to EN 1.026 / EN 12.207 and Class 5 according to EN 12.427/ EN 12.426.In Medical sector (hospital), Airtech supplies airtight doors for Operating Theatre.

  5. Operation theaters require a cleanroom environment to ensure no contamination sneaks in especially through the air entering the room. It can be harmful for the patient. These airtight doors are used for Isolation rooms and wards.

  6. Isolation rooms and wards are specially constructed areas in hospitals which are designed for patients with infectious disease. To prevent the spreading of these diseases, patients are kept in isolation. Hence the use of airtight doors is very important in isolation rooms and wards. Several isolation wards for individual patients are placed together to form a isolation unit.

  7. In intensive care units like ICU and CCU, airtight doors provide maximum protection from containment by preventing their entrance into these units. Clinics, X-Ray Theaters and CT Scan rooms also use airtight doors for best results. Apart from medical sector, Airtech deals in airtight doors for industrial, research and pharmaceutical sectors.

  8. Airtight doors are used in the production areas of these industries where the functions of handling of materials and products, sampling, storage, dispending, processing, packaging and distribution are carried out. Special precautions need to taken when dry materials are used in production in order to prevent generation and dissemination of dust.

  9. For this, provision of proper air control is required which is provided by Airtech’s airtight doors. This reduces the risk of cross contamination from uncontrolled release of gases, particles, dust, sprays and vapours from production materials. To ensure safety, Airtight doors are widely used in the changing and transfer areas of Semi conductor and pharmaceutical industries. The door uses iron and stainless steel materials and the frame of these doors is secured on steel surfaces with urethane or epoxy paints. These help to prevent contamination.

  10. Vision panels can also be installed on the airtight door frame for checking the internal-external situation in case of accidents. Apart from industries, airtight doors have become a significant part of the Laboratory Sector also. These are used in laboratories like Bio safety Laboratories, Research Laboratories, School Laboratories and Microbiological Laboratories.

  11. The design and construction of the airtight door contributes to the protection of the internal and external environment of the laboratory from infectious and harmful agents that may accidentally release from the laboratory. Other special applications include the airtight doors to be fire rated and lead lined. These doors are available in sliding and swing styles also. Apart from this, these can be provided with hermetic or non-hermetic sealing as per the requirement.

  12. To Order Find Out More Information On Emergency Exit Door Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Airtech Equipment Pte Ltd Contact Us: 7 Kaki Bukit Place, Eunos Tech Park, Singapore - 416185 Tel : (65) 6746-6194 Fax : (65) 6747-0327 / 6746 4994 Email : Web :