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The Introduction

The Introduction

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The Introduction

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  1. The Introduction

  2. The Guide to Great Ideas • The Guide to Great Ideas has a tried and tested, step by step approach to help you find customer and consumer relevant (product or service) innovations. • There are two options: The full 'Great 8' methodology to help you find the next BIG thing And the 'Fast Track‘ option to help you find the quick wins, i.e. the next thing off the production line. This guide is primarily focused on customer and consumer insight driven concepts, but the fast track option can be adapted to support technology driven ideation (e.g. TechnoZoom) and joint customer innovation projects.

  3. Which Route to Take? • The full ‘Great 8’ methodology is best for finding unique innovation centre projects. It reduces the risk of investing valuable resources in vain, and developing great products for which there is no market interest. • Shifting some investment to the front end of the funnel will increase your chances of indentifying bigger, better ideas that have both customer and consumer appeal, thus increasing innovation success rate and saving money across the life of the project. • The ‘fast track’ is a low risk approach, for generating projects with smaller but quicker rewards. • It would also be the best starting point for customer innovation sessions, as they are generally looking for quick wins. A combination of the two approaches is best for a balanced innovation portfolio.

  4. TECHNOLOGY PROJECTS Why do we need an Insight Driven Innovation Framework? • As a result of the 2015 strategy, a company- wide, cross functional team was asked to develop an insight driven front-end innovation process • To complement what we already do from a customer driven & technology driven perspective • To enable us to be more proactive by basing innovation on market (customer & consumer) insights. • A process was developed, capturing best practice from within the Company and beyond thanks to innovation specialist InSites Consulting. • Prior to a full roll out, a series of ‘fast track’ tests were conducted across the whole business, including joint projects with customers; everything we learned from these tests (what worked, what didn’t) has been leveraged and adopted into this guide.

  5. How does the methodology differ from what you may do today? • It encourages you to align/focus on a specific area to get beyond the obvious ideas. • It better leverages the existing knowledge from within the business. • The validation/screening steps act like a decision gate, making sure that only the strongest (& most business relevant) insights, ideas and concepts are given innovation resources.

  6. What was the feedback from the test workshops? • Quotes from happy customers! • "The structure, pre-work, pace, and good mix of perspectives was a great approach to inspire creativity. The break out groups and 'round-robin' format kept energy levels high and it was great to hear participants say they were having fun and that it exceeded their expectations.“ Valerie Windham, Marketing Director, Bakery Products NA • "I strongly recommend this approach for all parts of the Company, it helped us to generate some interesting innovation concepts and identify some short term projects to fill gaps in our portfolio. Instrumental to the success of the workshop was the creation of a 'Customer Value Proposition' for each idea, this helped to clarify the idea to other participants and made the initial screening more effective." Rop Zoetemeyer, Chief Technology Officer, CSM 5 point scale: 1=very poor, 2=poor, 3=good, 4= very good, 5= excellent

  7. The Guide also suggests tips on how to make your workshops FUN! Pictures from the Home & Personal Care workshop, April 2012

  8. Making the Guide to Great Ideas work for YOU! • You have the choice of methodology depending on your need: the full ‘Great 8’ approach for innovation projects, or the ‘fast track’ to help structure technology driven innovation, joint customer projects or find quick wins. • Experienced facilitators are needed which ever approach you take, they can be internal (we*are happy to help train facilitators) or external. • Feel free to share this process with your preferred partners. • The website ( & Cosmos have each step clearly described with tips and tricks to help you get the best results. • All the information is available in formats that you can easily adapt for using in your actual workshops to help save you time. * We = Kerrie Medlicott & Philip Rijken

  9. For more information go towww.csmgreatideas.comor contact Rop Zoetemeyer,Kerrie Medlicott, or Philip Rijken