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How Does Panchakarma Work- Aithein Healing

Here you can read everything about Panchakarma including how does it work and advantages of Panchakarma also. If you are interested in learning Ayurveda and Panchakarma then Aithein Ayurveda Massage School is the best option for you. Explore more: https://www.aitheinhealing.com/learn/ayurveda-panchakarma-massage-training-course-goa-india/

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How Does Panchakarma Work- Aithein Healing

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  1. How Does Panchakarma Work - Aithein Healing We all knows the life is a mix of good times and bad time. Good time give us happiness and the bad time gives anxiety, stress and depression. Panchakarma is a combination of therapies which works effectively for depression by removing toxins from the body. Kerala Ayurveda Academy

  2. Panchakarma Therapies Some therapies include oil massage (Abhyanga), oil poured over the forehead (Shirodhara) and herbal enemas (Basti). These treatments not only improves the mood but also increases mental clarity.

  3. 5 Traditional Therapies Here we listed top 5 traditional pachakarma therapies: • Basti- Herbalised oil enemas. • Nasya- Nasal irrigation. • Vamana- Therapeutic Vomiting. • Virechana- Purgation. • Raktamokshana- Blood Letting.

  4. Process of Panchakarma Have you been read the previous slides perfectly ? If yes then you can understand the importance of Panchakarma. It detoxifies the body and mind with 5 therapies including Herbal steam therapy (swedana) and Lymphatic massage.

  5. 5 Ayurvedic Remedies to Treat Depression For the detailed information about ayurvedic treatments you can also read- https://www.aitheinhealing.com/depression-ayurveda-5-ayurvedic-remedies-to-treat-depression/

  6. Contact Us AitheinAyurveda Massage School Address: Opp. Agonda Cottages, Agonda Beach, Goa 403702, India Phone: +91 9823234142, +91 9850888873 Email: info@aitheinhealing.com Website: https://www.aitheinhealing.com

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