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Bingo Chairperson Training Program

welcome. To The. Revised 3/31/2011!. Bingo Chairperson Training Program. Module One: General Information. Introduction and General Information. Bingo Chairperson Bingo Training Requirement Training Opportunities Organization Wire Diagram Bingo Contact Information

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Bingo Chairperson Training Program

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  1. welcome To The Revised 3/31/2011! Bingo Chairperson Training Program Module One: General Information

  2. Introduction and General Information • Bingo Chairperson • Bingo Training Requirement • Training Opportunities • Organization Wire Diagram • Bingo Contact Information • Bingo Advisory Committee • Current Licensees • Bingo Website • Bingo Services Center • Statewide Financial Reports • Changes In Bingo

  3. “Bingo Chairperson” A Very Important Bingo Position Report to the Organization 24 temporaries Dialog with the Commission New Admin Rules ! Monitor your people on the Registry! Timely renewal? Protect the Organization’s interests BSC Use? Authorize Others Audit? Why me? Identify your BOOKKEEPER! New Admin Rules? Point of Contact Which bingo form? Supervise the Operators running the bingo occasions Inventory & Cash controls in place and active Advertising Training your Operators and Workers Officer elections and other reporting requirements Written Procedures for Disputes, Bad ball calls, etc. Escrow I need some help! Perpetual inventory

  4. Bingo Chairperson • Officer or director of licensed organization, elected by the membership • Designated in writing by the organization • Responsible for overseeing the organization’s bingo activities • Responsible for reporting to the organization’s membership relating to those activities • Shall complete the Bingo Training Program Citations: Sec. 2001.002(4-a), Sec. 2001.102(b)(6), Sec. 2001.107(a), Rule 402.103(f)(2), Rule 402.406

  5. Bingo Chairperson • These forms are used to designate the Bingo Chairperson and for the required Bingo Chairperson statement of responsibility • Designated in writing by the Organization • Statement signed by the Bingo Chairperson that they will be responsible for the conduct of bingo under the terms of the license and this chapter. HB 1474

  6. Bingo Position Requirements

  7. Training Opportunities! • On-line (via computer, website (www.txbingo.org) • Bingo Chairperson Training—Overview of Responsibilities • 5 hours in length • Automatically issues Certificate of Completion after finishing program • Linked to ACBS database to update your records • Referral (Voluntary) Training for workers, operators, others • On-site • Two courses per year per bingo audit region-every 6 months • Bingo Chairperson Training—Overview of Responsibilities • 5 hours in length; Certificate of Completion issued • Others (Operators, workers) may attend, but training focused on Bingo Chairperson responsibilities

  8. Form, Train and Use Your Team! • Visit the bingo website “often” • Check the BAC meeting transcripts, • Review the Bingo Bulletin • Train everyone to help on something! • Don’t try to do it all yourself • Spot check your bingo operation • Communicate what’s important • Monitor the deadlines and due dates

  9. Since January 1, 2010… 467 Violation Cases • 21.10% No written procedure that addresses problems during a bingo occasion concerning bingo malfunctions, improper ball calls or placements. • 19.86% No written procedures that address disputes. • 12.06% Organization failed to make it known that player has the right to verify the numbers drawn at the time a winner is determined… • 10.46% Organization failed to maintain on a specified form a log of each inspection of bingo balls, bingo console and flashboard signed by the registered worker conducting the inspection. • Some organizations received a $550 penalty for these violations…. 40%



  12. Contact Information • Austin • Phone: 1-800-246-4677 (1-800-BINGO77) or 512-344-5000 • Fax: 512-344-5142 / 5316 • Mailing Address: • Texas Lottery Commission • Charitable Bingo Division • P.O. Box 16630 • Austin, Texas 78761-6630 • Physical Address: • 611 East Sixth Street • Austin, Texas 78701 • Website: www.txbingo.org • E-mail: bingo.services@lottery.state.tx.us Use these to save time!

  13. If you are calling Austin on the 1-800-246-4677 telephone number… • First, you will hear the Texas Lottery Commission greeting, for Spanish speaker assistance option press 6. • If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it now, followed by the pound (#) key… • You will be directed to press “1” for all matters concerning Charitable Bingo, followed by a message explaining the Charitable Bingo website and Bingo Services Center features. Then you will be asked to select one of the following options: • Select “1” for the Bingo Division’s mailing address • Select “2” to make a complaint about a bingo game • Select “3” to purchase a printed copy of the Bingo Enabling Act or the Administrative Rules for a small fee • Select “4” for information on Renewal Applications and mail-out dates • Select “6” for assistance with the Bingo Services Center, • Select “7” to speak with an individual regarding your account-License or Audit. Have your 11-digit taxpayer number ready and select: • “1” to speak with a License Examiner • “2” to speak with an Accounts Examiner • “3” to speak with an Audit Class Handout

  14. Bingo Advisory Committee • Composition Nine members appointed by the Commission, each serving a three-year term. The appointments represent a following interest groups: • The public • Conductors that are not licensed commercial lessors, • Conductors that are licensed commercial lessors, and • Commercial lessors The Commission may appoint members to represent: • Licensed manufacturers, and • Licensed distributors • Purpose To advise the Commission on the needs and problems of the state’s bingo industry. • Meetings Quarterly or at the call of the Commission.

  15. When Do They Meet? (www.txbingo.org-About Us / News Alert) The Bingo Advisory Committee 2011 Meeting Schedule The Bingo Advisory Committee 2011 Meeting Schedule has been tentative set as follows: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 Please check the Legal Notices section  on the Texas Lottery Commission for further information. Formal Meeting Notice (www.txlottery.org) Why Is this Important?

  16. Helps you stay current on issues

  17. Bingo Advisory Committee Members CharityTerm of Office 09/01/2008 - 08/31/2011Francis M. Ciancarelli3709 San Clemente Mission, TX 78572-3855 Hm: (956) 424-6967 Wk: (956) 424-6967337-1826; Cell: (856) 404-7682  Fmc3709@rgv.rr.com CharityTerm of Office09/01/2008 - 08/31/2011Thomas Weekley P.O. Box 1554 McAllen, TX 78505 Wk: (956) 686-8371; thmsweekley@yahoo.com CharityTerm of Office 09/01/2009 - 08/31/2012Melissa Young26414 Oakridge Drive The Woodlands, TX 77380 Wk: (281) 362-0532 Fax: (281) 298-7531  melissa.young@corp-inc.com Charity / LessorTerm of Office 09/01/2010 - 08/31/2013Kimberly K. Rogers (Chair)3075-2 Talley Rd. San Antonio, TX 78253 (210) 523-1141 rogersbingo@yahoo.com www.txbingo.org Vacant at This Time Charity / LessorTerm of Office 09/01/2009 - 08/31/2012

  18. Bingo Advisory Committee Members Manufacturer /Distributor Term of Office 09/01/2009 - 08/31/2012Emile S. Bourgoyne 1296 Schexnayder Lane Melville, LA 71353 Hm: (337) 566-2522 Cell: (337) 592-0325 Wk: (888)737-4725 Ebourgoyne@aol.com Commercial LessorTerm of Office 09/01/2008 - 08/31/2011Markey Ford Weaver 1805 Briarcrest Drive Bryan, TX 77802 (979) 776-8135 mfweaver@txcyber.com CharityTerm of Office09/01/2010 - 08/31/2013Kenneth Messer legionbingo@cablelynx.com Commercial LessorTerm of Office09/01/2007 - 08/31/2010Earl O. Silver (Vice Chair) esilver@silvertrans.com

  19. Current Licensees 16 Manufacturers 16 Distributors 399 Lessors 1,181 Conductors As of 01/13/2011

  20. 2010 Annual Statewide Bingo Statistics Bingo Occasions 133,449 Persons Attending 17,498,478 Gross Receipts $ 693,831,297 Bingo Prizes $ 522,401,074 Rent Income $ 2,710,250 Total Expenses $ 145,985,792 Charitable Distribution $ 33,556,295 As Of 03/30/2011 Unaudited figures

  21. A Formal Request for State Records

  22. www.txbingo.org Gateways A quick review of the Bingo Website! www.txbingo.org

  23. Great Reference &on-line library

  24. Jonathan Doe Jdoe2Z@aol.com Are we supposed to be using a Schedule B2 with non-annual temps? I can’t find the form anywhere. I also have questions about filing a copy of my temporary license application with the city police or city hall? Please e-mail me or call me at (875)-348-9875. thanks! John

  25. General inquiries • Complaints • Registry follow-up • On-line Bingo Training Class questions • Bingo Services Center assistance requests • Monitored / processed by Bingo Staff to ensure timely response

  26. An advisory opinion is a written response to a request concerning compliance with the Bingo Enabling Act and Administrative Rules related to a particular situation. Bingo advisory opinions are issued in response to questions based on issues and/or specific situations that may or may not be generalized to other organizations. Advisory opinions cannot be construed as a tax ruling or interpretive of the Internal Revenue Code. Advisory opinions are based on the laws, rules, and regulations in effect at the time the they are issued. All information provided at the time an advisory opinion is issued is subject to changes in the law. Advisory opinions are purely advisory in nature and limited to the particular questions at issue and to the facts presented in the request. Bingo Advisory Opinions

  27. www.txlottery.org

  28. Quick Search

  29. All of these reports are now available 24/7 to licensees and the public.

  30. Reminder! The report data and format changed after 4th quarter 2009----so you will need to do TWO queries---one for 2009 data and one for 2010 data.

  31. Initially, you will see these “essential information” 10 columns due to computer monitor capabilities. Want More ?

  32. 54 Columns of data per licensed charity !

  33. Bingo Services Center (BSC) Need Help? Locked Access? Help is only a phone call away: 1-800-246-4677 • Users must be listed on a current bingo license as officer, director, operator or authorized representative to be able to generate User ID and Password. The Bingo Chairperson can set up accounts for other individuals. • The BSC allows authorized users to see organizational records such as pending applications, financial ledger. The general public cannot access the BSC.

  34. BSC BSC Statewide Financial Reports Public View These are the special viewing areas for BSC users; when the public uses the Statewide Financial Reports, they only see the reports available in the blue area.

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