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Contacts. Gergely Rozsa g.rozsa @elbacom.com + 36 30 5246783 www.elbacom.com. Clone the ready made images. To copy the operating system to more target devices. After all customizations are done (operation system settings and applications are running fine)

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  1. Contacts Gergely Rozsa g.rozsa@elbacom.com +36 30 5246783 www.elbacom.com

  2. Clone the ready made images • To copy the operating system to more target devices. • After all customizations are done (operation system settings and applications are running fine) • Use Sysprep to avoid collisions among cloned images • Clone the image by using the free tool Microsoft Imagex. (Or Norton Ghost, etc...) At least HAL should remain the same...

  3. SYSPREP Use Sysprep to avoid collisions among cloned images. Examples: SID, computer name, fixed IP, other network settings, etc... Step1: Copy the complete SYSPREP directory from the installation disc(utilities directory) to the C: drive of your device. Step2: Start the SYSPREP.EXE Step3: Select the minisetup on the GUI windows of the SYSPREP application, if you want minisetup. Step4: Select reseal to reseal the image. The SYSPREP starts now to remove all the settings, which can cause conflict among the cloned images. Restarts the device.... Step5: Before the device restarts, you have to capture the image. Step6: Copy the image to the target device. It starts to boot, SYSPREP generates unique SID, and starts minisetup or the normal setup screen.

  4. System preparation tool Reseal Moderemoves the Product Key used in installation, resets the EULA and prepares the machine for shipment SYSPREP.INF fbreseal [-autologon | -keepall | -keepdomain | -keepmounted | -keepnet | -keepuser]

  5. SYSPREP Sysprep is able to change the PID, but this feature is not reliable, and so NOT supported!!! The ONLY way to change from Evaluation version to full licensed version is to reinstall the image with the full version PID.

  6. Clone the image with IMAGEX Capture image: Imagex.exe /compress fast /capture c: z:\myimage.wim „my Windows Install” /verify Restore image: Imagex.exe /apply c:\myimage.wim 1 c: Or just copy/paste the complete partition/s of your preinstalled device to the target device.

  7. WinPE20 • Get the Windows AIK Vista OPK here:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/thankyou.aspx?familyId=696dd665-9f76-4177-a811-39c26d3b3b34&displayLang=hu • After installing it open the “Windows PE Tools Command Prompt” • copype x86 c:\TEMP\PE7 • 2. Go to the directory c:\TEMP\PE7and type:imagex.exe /mountrw c:\TEMP\PE7\Winpe.wim 1 c:\TEMP\PE7\MOUNT • Copy Imagex and bootsect.exe to the image. Add the .wim file. • Automatethe image extractprocess. Seenextslide… • Unmountthe image: • imagex.exe /unmount /commit c:\TEMP\PE7\mount • 6. Copythec:\TEMP\PE7\winpe.wim toc:\TEMP\PE7\ISO\sources\.boot.wim • 7. Copythe ISO directoryto a pendrive.(NTFS, active) • Oryoucancreate a CD: • oscdimg -n -m -o -bc:\TEMP\PE7\ISO\boot\etfsboot.com c:\TEMP\PE7\ISO c:\TEMP\PE7\winpe7_x86_3.iso

  8. WinPE20 examplescripts • Batch file captures the current image, locatedon C: to the Share. • wpeinit • net use s: \\Computername\Share /user:gergelyP@ssword • Imagex.exe /compress fast /capture c: s:\gergely.wim „Embedded_Image" /verify • pause

  9. WinPE20 examplescripts • Example: winpeshl.ini • [LaunchApp] • AppPath = %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\System32\refresh.bat • Example: refresh.bat (wpeinit is needed for shared directory only) • wpeinit • diskpart.exe -s diskprep.txt • format c: /fs:ntfs /q /v:EmbPartition /y • net use s: \\Computername\Share /user:gergelyP@ssword • imagex.exe /apply s:\gergely.wim 1 c:\ /verify • bootsect /nt52 c: • Pause • Example: diskprep.txt • seldis 0 • clean • cre par pri • assign letter=c • active

  10. Clonethe image byusingremotedeployment • WDS and RIS is alsoavailable. (Windows Server technologies.) • Pre-BootExecutionEnvironment (PXE) compatiblenetwork adapter needed. • RIS: • RIStndrd.sif or RIPrep.sif is notused unattended.xml • \I386 folder\Setup folderWin51Win51isWin51.posWinbom.ini • Forotherstepspleasereadthefollowingwebpage: • http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd458824(WinEmbedded.20).aspx

  11. Clonethe image byusingremotedeployment Windows DeployementServices (WDS) nativemode: Pleasemake a backup copybeforeusing SYSPREP! Resealthe image withsysprep. Afterrestartcapture a .WIM format file (using a RAM boot image http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc709665(WS.10).aspx ) Add the image toyour WDS server. Additionaldrivers: .sys files to the \I386 and \I386\system32\drivers folders.inf files to the \I386 and \I386\inf folder All other files to the \I386\system32 folder

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