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Disposal Goals PowerPoint Presentation
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Disposal Goals

Disposal Goals

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Disposal Goals

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  1. Disposal Goals Presented by Brad Crawford Director - OSPM

  2. Disposal Goals • Objective • Discuss VITA requirements and the electronic data destruction/recycle contract • Review the internet sale process

  3. Disposal Goals • VITA requirements/Data Destruction/Recycle

  4. Disposal Goals

  5. Disposal Goals • Replaces old Dyntek/AERC contract • Secure Data Destruction Service • Agencies are not required to wipe data • Contractor will wipe data on site or off to VITA standards • Electronics will be recycled to meet all Federal and State requirements • Agencies Do Not need a disposal authorization letter from OSPM prior to using the contract • Contract is available to public subdivisions

  6. Disposal Goals • Go to website • Click on Commonwealth of Virginia • Click on Commonwealth of Virginia • ID = virginia • Password = va10crse • Access Registered User link and enter inventory information • CRS will contact user for pickup schedule

  7. Disposal Goals • Pick up Process • Before Arrival – Driver will call the customer 20-30 minutes before arrival to confirm the specific pick up location • Driver will assess the load to confirm it is similar to entered order • Driver will complete necessary paperwork and load onto truck • After loading the truck is sealed and locked securely • Document any miscellaneous items carefully

  8. Disposal Goals • Pick ups may result in either a charge or payment • Invoices/payments will be processed within 45-60 days of pickup. • Similar to previous contract -invoices/payments will go directly to the surplusing agency

  9. Disposal Goals

  10. Disposal Goals

  11. Disposal Goals • Internet Sale Process

  12. Disposal Goals • Internet Sales • Sell property in place (no transportation cost) • Agency receives the majority of the revenue • Buyers pick up the property • DGS posts items, collects monies and deals with buyers that have issues • Access DGS 44-001 form

  13. Disposal Goals • Section 1: • Agency name, School Name • Physical address of item • Contact person for questions and contact e-mail address next to name, contact’s phone number • Hours contact available for bidders to schedule viewing and removal • Section 2: • Describe property in manner buyer know what is listed • Name of item, what you’re offering • Make (if known) • Model number (if known) • Quantity • If electric motor, single phase or 3 phase • Check the condition but – if working the only statement we will offer is “worked when last in use” • Section 3: • Pertinent information for motorized or titled property • Section 4: • Remarks: • Dimensions if unique item • Approx weight if item is heavy • Any known defects (needs refinishing, transmission needs repair, windshield cracked, state inspection expires 12/11, etc) • The more information you advertise the less questions you should receive once advertised

  14. Disposal Goals • Take digital picture (s) of item (jpg format) • Make certain to get full item in the picture • If item is large or unique take a couple different angle pictures • The more photos submitted the less calls you should receive with questions • Email Surplus Property report and digital pictures for each lot to • DGS OSPM will post the items on for a period of 1 week unless a longer time period is requested (high dollar items) • Upon completion of sale (the morning after the item closes), DGS OSPM will email a bill of sale and payment instructions to the buyer as well as the person listed as a contact on the original surplus report. • When the buyer pays for the item, DGS Fiscal will reply to all on the email notifying all that the buyer has paid and should be making arrangements for pick up. • If the buyer does not pay, DGS OSPM will pursue the buyer for payment and if payment is not received will default the buyer and relist the item • After payment, the buyer should contact the owning agency for a pick up appointment. • Note: if the buyer does not pick up as terms and conditions require, notify DGS OSPM and we will pursue the buyer. If buyer refuses to pick up, we will default the sale, keep the money paid and relist the property. • DGS Fiscal will electronically transfer payments received through the month at the beginning of the following month for items that closed the prior month.

  15. Disposal Goals

  16. Disposal Goals

  17. Disposal Goals

  18. Disposal Goals

  19. Disposal Goals

  20. Disposal Goals

  21. Disposal Goals

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