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The Statue of Zeus PowerPoint Presentation
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The Statue of Zeus

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The Statue of Zeus

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The Statue of Zeus

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  1. The Statue of Zeus BY:ALIA A.T.R.

  2. Fast Facts LOCATION Olympia,Greece Date Built 440 B.C - 450 B.C Description 30ft. high wooden statue of Greek god, Zeus covered with gold and ivory.

  3. Did You Know? The statue of Zeuswas considered to be the grandest piece by Phidias and might have been the most magnificent of the seven wonders. Due to to incorrect proportions dealing with Zeus’s seating, it looked as though if he were able to stand up, he would unroof the entire temple. That idea inspired many poets and historians. Also, by filling up much of the temple, it made the statue look even larger, making Zeus seem much more powerful. Because Olympian weather was so damp, the statue had to be treated with oil to prevent the ivory from cracking. This oil was kept in a small pool in the floor of the temple.

  4. This gorgeously sculptured gold and ivory statue, with out a doubt, was admired by many people. This handsome statue towered at 43 ft. high. Placed atop the god’s head, lies a wreath of olive sprays. A figure of victory and conquest is tightly grasped in his right hand. In his left hand, he holds a scepter inlaid of every imaginable sort of metal. Upon the scepter perches the most beautiful bird. As his elegant robe, his sandals are, too, made of gold. His garments are wonderfully carved with animals and lilies. His skin was a magnificent ivory and his hair and beard are nothing but gold. The throne he sits upon is decorated with gold, precious stones, ebony, and ivory. It is no wonder why this masterpiece was loved by many, for its features are absolutely breathtaking. Description Description

  5. HISTORY This statue, the statue of Zeus, has quite an amazing history behind it. Beginning with who built it and when it was unfortunately destroyed.

  6. HISTORY 2 It was designed by an architect that goes by the name of Libon,. It was built to to show honor and appreciation to Zeus for the Olympics. But as time passed, under the growing city of Greece, the statue became rather dull, and modifications were desperately needed. The solution was the Athenian sculptor, Pheidias. He was chosen for this so-called sacred task, and with his modifications, the statue was dazzling. In fact it was so dazzling, that the Roman emperor Caligula attempted to steal it by transporting it to Rome. However, his attempt failed when the poorly made scaffolding collapsed, leaving the statue where it was destined to be.

  7. HISTORY 3 Furthermore, the statue of Zeus survived earthquakes, floods, and landslides. Then the statue was transported by very wealthy Greeks to a palace in Constantinople. There, it remained until a terrible fire in 462 A.D. melted this Greek beauty. Today the only remains are the rocks, debris, fallen columns, and the foundation. Even though the temple is gone, the people that saw it never forgot its grand design or the elegance in every drop of gold and ivory.