tips to remember while visiting bali for honeymoon n.
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Best Bali holiday packages from india PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Bali holiday packages from india

Best Bali holiday packages from india

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Best Bali holiday packages from india

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  1. Tips To Remember While Visiting Bali For Honeymoon Bali is a great place for a couple to spend their honeymoon. It offers you a wide range of sports activity on its beaches with some magnificent panoramic views of the amazing landscapes. Here are some things that you should know before taking any Bali honeymoon packages . Staying safe should be the number one priority when you are visiting Bali. Take the regular Balinese street and remember there are no guidelines for dealing with pedestrians so you have to watch both sides of the road and move quickly when you crossing the road. Be safe and enjoy your honeymoon with our Bali honeymoon package. Keeping Your Passport Secure Theft is common in all the places on the earth. So, precautions is better than cure is not completely safe. The following safety measures need to be taken. Keep your passport in a secure room safe, if not available you can ask you one of the hotel staffs. Or you can keep your valuable items in a front-carry sack. Carry only replicates of your passports and other important documents, keep the genuine ones secured up in your hotel room security box or safe. On the street: observe properly In Bali, there are no traffic rules, only guidelines. Thus pedestrians don’t get much value, nor do the strollers. Vehicles will work around you devoid of stopping so don’t expect that the vehicles will stop as you cross the street. Get a car with a driver

  2. If have booked Bali honeymoon packageand enjoying holidays in bali and want to drive along with your partner around the region by yourself, But if you value yourself then avoid driving by yourself. instead, you can rent a car which is easily available in your budget. Let your chauffeurs drive for you, he is more familiar to the locality and he knows all the possible shortcuts and avoids the densely populated crowded places. Don’t do drugs and illegal stuff in Bali Bali has a very strict law regarding drugs. The drug laws in Indonesia follow a strict pattern. Despite the savage anti-drug laws, visitor usually gets offers by drug dealers to buy cheap Drugs, If you likely to have his experience then walk away and avoid getting yourself involved in such kind of activities. Take a lots of sunblocks. Apply a high-SPF sunblock to prevent the discomfort of burned skin. Sun protection factor of higher than 40 should be sufficient for a sunny Bali vacation. You don’t want to be get so tanned. Don’t smoke in public areas On November 28, 2011, a “smoke-free” law has passed and implemented throughout Bali that has ban smoking in public areas. Areas in which smoking is strictly prohibited are hospitals, tourist attractions, temples, hotels, schools, and restaurants. Violation of law may end up getting a huge fine and you may be imprisoned. Mind swimming in the red flags beaches The southwest beaches of Bali are identified as the dangerous rip tides beaches. Such dangerous beaches are proclaimed by the red

  3. flags. It will be dangerous to trying swimming at the beach declared as the red flag beach, as these beaches can sweep you away from the shore with its powerful drifts of tides that