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By Juan Liwanag

By Juan Liwanag

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By Juan Liwanag

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  1. By Juan Liwanag Is Luchie Mendoza Allen on Drugs?

  2. Is Luchie Mendoza Allen, the CEO of the Filipino American newspaper Balita Media, on drugs? • I ask this question because she is claiming that “someone named Joel Bander” is saying things about her that are simply not true and is slandering her online.

  3. Are you getting high of prescription medication Luchie Mendoza? Nagdadrugs ka ba? • Luchie Mendoza says that someone is spreading lies about her yet she does not tell the readers what these so called lies are.

  4. I have seen the various articles about Luchie Mendoza lying before on numerous occasions but she never bothers to say what is the lie and what is the truth. • Now look, I have been online and I can find nothing that this Joel Bander supposedly wrote which were about her and that were untrue.

  5. There is nothing attributable to Joel Bander so why does she say it is this “someone named Joel Bander. • Doesn’t Luchie Mendoza know who he is? Is she not really sure? Is that not his real name? She should know who this Joel Bander is, after all she blasted his name on the front page of her newspaper for weeks on end.

  6. If someone says, ‘he is lying about me,’ don’t we get to hear the truth? If Luchie Mendoza is a newspaper publisher, she must have better journalism skills than this. • However, this is par for the course for Luchie Mendoza who has no college degree yet claims to be a journalist and newspaper magnate. So really, what are you talking about Luchie Mendoza?

  7. What are the so-called lies? What is the truth? Sadly, this is just another daily serving of LIES disguised as journalism from Luchie Mendoza. • Likasnasinungalingtalagaangtaongito. At first I asked myself if she was on drugs or if she was crazy, but it turns out it is just more of her inexhaustible supply of lies.