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Bulk SMS Gateway API Intergration for Easy Business. PowerPoint Presentation
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Bulk SMS Gateway API Intergration for Easy Business.

Bulk SMS Gateway API Intergration for Easy Business.

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Bulk SMS Gateway API Intergration for Easy Business.

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  1. Bulk SMS Gateway API Marketing campaigns with text SMS have become a very popular thing for business over few years. Unlike other traditional forms like TV, newspaper, emails, radio audience usually neglects such information or ads. But with SMS messaging has high open rate than others. Today, we are going to discuss why SMS marketing is the next big thing in mobile marketing, what are its main advantages for companies, organizations, and enterprises? We will talk about everything. Usually bulk messaging through the interface or bulk SMS can be done with two types; namely Transactional and Promotional however their routes are also different. Gateway API 1. Transactional Bulk SMS Service As the name suggests Transactional is the type of service which is used to send information about invoices, account, order status, OTP, credit/debit transactions etc. Business owners or marketers use this route only to send informative messages to registered users that may lead to more goodwill in the market. 2.Promotional Bulk SMS Service Promotional messages are often sent to offer something special like discounts, deals, coupon codes, sale offers etc. Every business is involved in the marketing process and they always wish to promote their product and services to customers. The concept of promotional service is similar to advertising that is why businesses choose this text messaging platform.

  2. Let’s move on to its advantages: 1. Immediate customer engagement As we all know SMS gets delivered very fastly and we all carry phones with us. Among 98% of the people are found to read messages within minutes. According to the report by IDC (a market intelligence firm) 62%, people check their smartphones after waking up from the bed. 79% check their phones after 15 minutes of waking up. Thus, we can say it is the instant and immediate form of communication. 2. High Response Rate According to the survey report of the Direct marketing, association email has a response rate of 3.4%. In another survey text messaging are 5 times more responsive compared to direct email marketing. This is why people considered it as an effective marketing strategy for their company. The higher you get a response, the more you get customers. 3. Quick Platform Unlike Tv commercials, newspaper ads, SMS marketing is effortless. You just have to draft an attractive SMS for your targeted audience and send it to people in bulk within seconds of time. Even, you will get real-time status of your sent messages whether they have been delivered or not? But in commercial ads, you won’t find out who has seen your advertisement.

  3. So, avail this service today and choose MsgClub as your favorite SMS gateway provider. We have solutions for every business whether it’s a retail shop or government organization our services works well for all sectors. You can also integrate our bulk SMS gateway API into your software or any third-party application to enable SMS marketing services with an ease. For more information visit: