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Pam Deegan MiraCosta College October 26, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Pam Deegan MiraCosta College October 26, 2010

Pam Deegan MiraCosta College October 26, 2010

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Pam Deegan MiraCosta College October 26, 2010

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  1. Enrollment Management And Scheduling Pam Deegan MiraCosta College October 26, 2010

  2. The ABCs of Scheduling • If you build it, they will come OR we schedule for students. • Establish time blocks to maximize efficiency for students, teachers, and classrooms. Stay in time blocks.

  3. Draft

  4. Schedule according to your own Academic Master Plan which includes both growth and new programs and courses. Look at the fill rate of your courses. What is a good fill rate? Look at wait list numbers. 6. For progressive programs, think in pyramids. 6.5 Give departments hour allocation and FTES target. Why? And how?

  5. 7. Be aware of your curriculum cycle so you can schedule what you want, when you want. Know that you need to calculate adequate time for area deans, state, and commission approvals. 8. Think in systems. Look at your program needs on a 2-year basis.

  6. Know your rate of cancellations, and build that into your schedule. Know when to cancel and how to cancel. Let’s talk about process. • Let’s talk about cancellations 10. Hybrids?? 8-weekers?? Build them together so you don’t waste a room. 11. Know your faculty load/performance factors.

  7. 12. What are the advantages of assigning rooms?? (with 2 year analysis of room utilization) • Sample of Dates of migrating “ownership” • Department ----- date • Instruction ----- date • Others ----- date

  8. 13. Observe scheduling deadlines. Think of Associate Faculty and Textbooks. 14.Monitor your enrollments and be ready to add classes if you can to meet student need. ***You need to talk to your dean to make sure you have money, space, etc. ** Look at MiraCosta’s enrollment management system, EDDI at (go in as a guest, select “active”, and look at Fall 2010)

  9. 15. Examine the IGETC/other patterns for your college. Look by day/night. Look by location. Look at everything!

  10. 16. Know your apportionment methods and the impact of each method. • When you go away from weekly census, you lose FTES. • Positive attendance counts in the term where the last day rests. • Summer can count in either year (class by class) IF Census day is in one year and end date in another. • Give yourself flexibility by scheduling this way.

  11. 17. Know Board Policy or Contract regarding: • Full-time overload for Fall and for Spring. • Your order after load is filled • Summer, for both Full-time or Associate Faculty (could be different than state law)

  12. Part-time Faculty Load (State saysthey can only go over .67 for two semesters each 3 years. This has to be tracked. (very serious stuff)) • Any teaching, including credit, non-credit, and count toward the 67%. Community Services is exempt. • How do you track this????

  13. 18. Put together a good and accurate budget. • Copy of MiraCosta budget for instruction. Take a look!

  14. ONLINE REFERENCES AND RESOURCES • Student Attendance Accounting Manual: links/manuals/saa_manual.htm • Student Attendance Accounting Manual Addendum: manuals/SAAM_Compressed_Calendar_and_Course Scheduling_Addendum_FINAL_9-18-08.pdf [Divisions/Fiscal Services Unit/Manuals and Publications] • CCCCIO website

  15. Summary Know where you are going and then plan, plan, plan

  16. The End