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  1. & Ravikiran

  2. Points requiring immediate attention by 1. A classy, “outta-the-world” web presence... …in line with the classy ads in the press. 2. Remove / improve on anomalies existing presently on the Internet. 3. Content. Develop relevant, localised and approved content. 4. Presentation of the content in a considerably better fashion.

  3. What will Ravikiran do? 1. With valuable experience in U/I and web strategy as is evident in the profile, Ravikiran will give the same impetus to Dubai Bank onthe web, as other media. 2. Remove immediately, the anomalies present right now ;either by interacting with vendor or by himself. 3. Develop better, classified , localised content for the web in tandem with qualified personnel. 4. Present the same content with more pizzazz.

  4. Online Branding and Marketing for *Next priority A consistent effort from the bank to remain in ‘weblight’. 1. Generating traffic to the site 2. Conversion of traffic to a reliable database of prospects. 3. Conversion of prospects into proud customers of Dubai Bank 4. Maintaining a continuous online engagement with clients…getting them ready for e-Banking.

  5. What will Ravikiran do? Online Branding is Ravikiran’s forte. The stint with vsplash and as Product Manager-Online. 1.Will generate qualified traffic to the Dubai Bank site.No Riff Raff. 2.Will oversee the conversion of the visitors to prospects and eventual customers. 3. Will generate new ideas periodically to keep the customer interest (online) always on the high.

  6. What Next??? Dubai e-Bank!

  7. E-Banking for The 3 main aspects to consider while e-Banking:- 1. Functions: The e-Bank must have all the functions of a typical Branch 2. U/I: Simple, Easy and Quick. Must compel users to transact online rather be forced to travel to the Bank. 3. Technical Interface to core banking systems: Must have a quickintegration to Fontis iBanking, FlexCube, or Mphasis.

  8. Again...What will Ravikiran do? Starting from a technical background in Infosys has helped Ravikiran to Understand Processes, Define User specs and help convert them into usable applications. Valuable experience with CashSwitch where an analysis of various Internet Banking offerings was done 1.Will generate a list of most used functions and value added functions for Dubai e-Bank. 2.Will design/ test and get approval for the best User Experience. 3. Will Analyse the various e-banking offerings and present the comparisons to the Management. 4. Will define and develop flawless Specification Requirements and eventually drive the integration with the 3rd Party vendors.

  9. What are the benefits for A cheerful employee who can motivate the team. A Creative Online Branding Manager A Hardworking Project Manager for the ‘Dubai e-Bank’ exercise An Honest Employee with high integrity and mutual respect for all co-workers.

  10. When do I begin?