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Humanitarian Grants Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Humanitarian Grants Program

Humanitarian Grants Program

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Humanitarian Grants Program

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  1. Humanitarian GrantsProgram Enables Rotarians to increase their support of international service projects that provide:- Clean Water Medical Care Literacy classes and other essentials to people in need. - Health Hunger Humanity -

  2. Matching Grants Assist Rotary clubs and Districts in carrying out humanitarian projects with clubs and districts in other countries. Districts are able to allocate all or part their District Designated Fund to these international projects. All club contributions and DDF assignments to the project are eligible for Matching Grant Funds.

  3. District Simplified Grants Enable districts to support service activities or humanitarian endeavours that benefit local or international communities. These Grants are not eligible for Matching Grant support.

  4. The Money Our contribution to the ANNUAL PROGRAM in 2007 – 08 determined the total for SHARE in 2010-11. 50% is assigned to the WORLD FUND. 40% is assigned to our DISTRICT DESIGNATED FUND total. 10% is assigned to DISTRICT SIMPLIFIED GRANT total.

  5. Applying For A Grant • The Humanitarian and the District Simplified Grant Application forms are downloadable from the Foundation Tab on the District Web Page. • The cut-off date for these at R.I., is 31st March and with all other boxes ticked by ALL clubs and districts involved a “Yes” can be achieved 1st July in that year.

  6. Grant Recipient Responsibilities • Control and progress the activities maintaining tight financial control and records. • Progress report at twelve months – final report with all financial documents and copy of receipts by twenty four months. • BUT for the flow from year to year these reports MUST be complete and ACCEPTED by R.I. by the 31st March in each year.

  7. Where to from here? • District Foundation members are charged with helping clubs apply, run, complete and gain R.I.’s “Closed Project” status. • Whether the project is a major one such as a Humanitarian – Matching Grant, or a small local District Simplified Grant; Rotary International is the only arbiter. • Out of Date projects prevent allocation of further monies- So please progress your project and highlight to District Foundation as soon as difficulties appear.