experience longest flying fox at della adventure n.
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Experience Longest Flying Fox at Della Adventure PowerPoint Presentation
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Experience Longest Flying Fox at Della Adventure

Experience Longest Flying Fox at Della Adventure

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Experience Longest Flying Fox at Della Adventure

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  1. Experience Longest Flying Fox At Della Adventure

  2. Introduction Are you seeking a thrilling activity to engage in? If yes, then you should definitely experience the India’s Longest Flying Fox at Della Adventure Park. We have two ziplines at the different height of 1250 and 500 ft at Della Adventure Park. This ride will enable you to soar above the park on a strong steel cable, attached by a harness and pulley. You will have a birds’ eye view of the surroundings and greenery.

  3. Safety Measures Before riding the Flying Fox, our trained marshals supervise you each and everything about the activity. We have put several safety measures in place, this includes wearing a helmet and harness during the activity and never remove your shoes during the activity. If you are pregnant, has a neck or back problem, epilepsy or a heart condition, you should not experience this activity, in that case you should first take medical advice. You should also not engage in this activity if you have taken any substance that can affect your senses, such as drugs and alcohol.

  4. Professional Instructors Our professional instructors handle all the adventure activities we offer at the park. They educate our guests about the safety measures to abide by and how to engage in the activity. They make sure that the guests are wearing safety gear. Having the trained marshals around will make your feel safe.

  5. Experience You will have a hair-raising experience when engaging in this adventure activity. The Flying Fox will enable you to revel in an adrenaline rush while in the air. Your thrill and excitement will know no bounds as you zoom in the flight. The flying fox activity offers an unrivalled experience that you will remember for many years.