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Total Biz Marketing

Total Biz Marketing. Building Brand, Generating Sales and Growing Your Business. LET ’ S SOCIALIZE. MAJOR SOCIAL MEDIA ADOPTERS. There are many other countries that are proactively adopting social media! The reach is wider than ever!. SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE.

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Total Biz Marketing

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  1. Total Biz Marketing Building Brand, Generating Sales and Growing Your Business


  3. MAJOR SOCIAL MEDIA ADOPTERS There are many other countries that are proactively adopting social media! The reach is wider than ever!

  4. SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE Facebook is the most widely used social media platform…but Google+ is trying to compete!

  5. SOCIAL BANDWIDTH GOOGLE+ FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE Facebook is currently dominating the social media landscape…but services like YouTube and Twitter are not far behind…with Google+ catching up!

  6. ABOUT US Total Biz Marketing • Leading independent online marketing services company • Specialized in providing professional, intelligent and powerful campaigns that delivers results! • We keep track on the latest trends, so our clients can stay ahead of the game

  7. OUR SOLUTIONS Problem: Connecting with Customers Solution: Here it is X Finding prospects and customers Brand Awareness “PULL” (CUSTOMER) MARKETING!

  8. POWERFUL COMMUNITIES Social Media sites have MORE interactivity than web pages Fan Page Likes v/s Monthly Visitors to Website (in millions) WWW






  14. THE FAN CYCLE Point of Sale Fan Page When people become fans, they are more likely to visit your shop! When they visit your shop, they are likely to interact on your fan page

  15. HOW TO ENGAGE THEM? You share awesome content Someone LIKES your page When your fans share content, you get MORE fans

  16. SNEAKY TRICK #1 Respond as your fan page Join groups in same niche Participate in discussion Bring fans to your page

  17. SNEAKY TRICK #2 • Using Facebook as your fan page, like the pages you want to select as Featured Likes • Go to your Facebook fan page and click the Edit Page button • Find the Featured settings and click on Edit Featured Likes • Check the box next to the five fan pages you want displayed in your Featured Likes section

  18. RESULT Your fan base can grow exponentially VIRALLY

  19. CASE STUDY - “BEN & JERRY’S FAN PAGE” A brand with powerful personality, Ben & Jerry’s wanted to get a scoop of the social media. They created content with blend of social cause marketing, brand humor and specific product activations The fan page now has a following of 7m+ people, with over 100,000 talking about it every month!

  20. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOUR BUSINESS? • Facebook is the most widely used social media network! • Opinions matter – and people depend on each other for suggestions. • Your business needs to be talked about… • Build a powerful community of fans…because… • Fans buy • Fans recommend • Fans LOVE! • Your business needs an active community so you get: • Stronger Brand • Better Engagement, and • More Sales RESULTS

  21. FACEBOOK SUMMARY • Undoubtedly, the fastest growing and most widely used social media platform. • Advertisement allows you to reach millions of targeted users! • Simple setup allows you to get running with ads quickly! Though monitoring and optimizing is always recommended!

  22. * NEXT STEPS * • #1 Create a fan page, if you don’t already have one…and give people some incentive to join. For example, coupons work well! • #2 Create a lot of content in advance…so that when the time comes, you can simply post it and spend as little time as possible in maintaining this page. #3 Ask questions and get people to respond with their stories. Then share these stories on your page to create a buzz in anticipation of your products or services.


  24. A C B ADVERTISING ON FACEBOOK CREATE A business creates an advert PAY Facebook gets paid to deliver the ad! SALES Right people see and act on the ad

  25. U.S. DEMOGRAPHCIS 53% 47% • Active Group: 18-34 years • Largest user group earns more than $100k per year • Most users are married with kids!

  26. WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH FACEBOOK ADS? • Use FB Ads to get your first fan (if you don’t have any!) • Use FB Ads to direct TARGETED traffic to your page…so you can make sales! • Promote offers and special discounts through targeted ads!

  27. FACEBOOKAD # 1 • Create a working funnel! • This way, when you use FB Ads to drive people to your website, you will be able to measure the response of these people throughout the funnel! • This strategy is essential to see if it is worth investing in this ad over the longer term! • Instead of targeting everyone, target using precise interests, or broader categories!

  28. FACEBOOK STRATEGY #2 • Use Promoted Posts: A lot of business still haven’t started using this strategy. But if you target your fans with a promoted post, you spend small money to target more people! • Use demographics to target exactly the kind of people you want! • If you are not sure who your demographic is, just run your landing page under www.quantcast.com and see what kind of people visit the site!

  29. FACEBOOK STRATEGY #3 • Use Facebook ads to target friends of friends… The Edge rank algorithm makes it easy for your posts to be seen by one fan if another comments on it. But if both these fans are friends, your posts go viral quickly! • Sell more products and services: As a company, you can easily target your followers and offer products & services. • When you engage people, reply to them using @RT… so they notice and get involved!

  30. FACEBOOK STRATEGY #4 • Create Ad Images with embedded CTA (Call to action)…your CTR (click through rate) will shoot up through the roof…giving you better RoI • Pause non-performing ads quickly…and keep testing till you find something that works! • It is better to create small variations of the same ad instead of creating new ads every time!

  31. CASE STUDY - “ENGLISHCHEESCAKE COMPANY” Increase sales coming directly from Facebook, as well as increase fan base! Set up a new Facebook shop (yes, you can do that too!), and interact with fans to get higher responses! 11x increase in fan base…going from 2,000 to 23,000 fans!

  32. * NEXT STEPS * • #1 Create a fan page, if you don’t already have one…and drive people to it using targeted, cheap advertisements on Facebook platform! • #2 Organize occasional contests and offer coupons (and track them) to get more sales! • #3 When creating images for ads, include an embedded CTA in the advertisement! • #4 Remember to targets friends of fans…which can give you STRONG response on your fan pages.



  35. WHY SHOULD YOU CARE? • Indexed by Google • 60% of Google users log in everyday to check one of their multiple Google offerings. • Google+ is like a magazine…so you can use it to curate content and draw people back1 • +1 is very powerful  Higher searchrankings!

  36. GOOGLE+ SEGMENTATION Google+ Circles allow you to SEGMENT your followers and target them with different Content and promotions

  37. DOMINATING GOOGLE+ STEP #1 • Don’t sign up on Google+ as a business…instead, sign up as yourself (or someone who represents your company online). • People are more interested in other people… so it would make sense to talk like YOU than like a business.

  38. DOMINATING GOOGLE+ STEP #2 • Share other people’s links and tips! • Two articles every week! • Educate people on what you do…and what they could do better

  39. DOMINATING GOOGLE+ STEP #3 • Be Global • Position yourself to your target market – around the world!

  40. DOMINATING GOOGLE+ STEP #4 • Follow and be followed! • When connected, Google searches show preference toward content that has been created or curated by someone you follow

  41. CADBURY’S SWEET GOOGLE+ SUCCESS Cadbury wanted to engage with 20,000 followers aged 18-25 They used exclusive content, and connected with fans on Hangouts! Result: 10,000 new Google+ followers every day! MASSIVE Increase in traffic!

  42. GOOGLE+ SUMMARY • Google+ is the second most used social media – especially for businesses! • Over 60% of people use one of Google-services everyday! • Google is actively trying to consolidate its portfolio – and an active profile on G+ can give you an edge over your competitors.

  43. * NEXT STEPS * • Create a Google+ User Profile and share content that would help followers of your business. • Create unique content and share that to gain prospects. • Once you have enough followers, conduct monthly and impromptu hangout sessions to improve interaction. • Use circles to separate your followers into different umbrellas and deliver them content accordingly!


  45. YOUTUBE STATS • 1 billion unique monthly visitors! • 23,000 Videos Watched Per Second • Most accessed network by the 18-24 age group! • Globally, 81% of users watch videos online! • On average, they watch 173 videos per month! • (comScore UK 2011)

  46. U.S. DEMOGRAPHCIS 47% 53% • Median age: 33 years • 47% are married! • 69% at least college educated • 71% employed, 15% students

  47. YOUTUBE YEN – STEP 1 • Define Your Strategy • What will your videos be about? • Why should someone watch them? • What role will these videos play in your marketing campaigns? Awareness? Lead-Generation? • Create and Upgrade • Creating a new account is easy… • …but remember to upgrade it to an “Enhanced Brand Channel”

  48. YOUTUBE YEN – STEP 2 • Choose colors, themes and images to brand your channel the way you want! • Remember to optimize your channel for mobile devices! • Unlock the full potential by uploading and promoting your videos…

  49. YOUTUBE YEN – STEP 3 • Promote your videos and share them through your newsletter! • Ask your viewers to rate, subscribe, share and comment! Build up a following! • Build a community by responding to videos by other people! YouTubeis a great place to meet customers!

  50. YOUTUBE YEN – STEP 4 • OPTIMIZE with YouTubeInsights! Understand your audience, analyze your marketing strategy and optimize your video. • Make your channel unique! • Add URLs to descriptions! • Promote YouTube videos with PPC

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