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  1.     +91 9825081806    Visit   Us   :  ​​  Email Us   :  ​​          ​          You Travel We Care....   ​SINGAPORE AND SENTOSA ISLAND Singapore appears shockingly modern and unknown, but this is an undeniably Asian City with Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions. It’s these contrasts that bring the city to life. Singapore has traded in its rough and ready opium dens and pearl loggers for towers of concrete and glass, and its steamy rickshaw image for hi-tech wizardry. Singapore lies just north of Equator. Because of its geographical location and maritime exposure, its climate is characterised by uniform temperature and pressure, high humidity and abundant rainfall.  

  2.   Things to do: ● SINGAPORE FLYER: In Our ​Singapore Tour Packages We Include the Singapore Flyer is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. As per the operators as an observation wheel 1 reaches 42 stories high. It is located on the southeast tip of Marina Centre reclaimed land. It is built on a three-story terminal building which houses shops, bars and restaurants. Each of the 28 air capsules is capable of holding 28 passengers, and a complete rotation of the wheel approximately minutes. conditioned takes 37 ● SENTOSA ISLAND: This small island just a few hundred yards mainland has something for just everyone. There is an excellent aquarium, dolphin lagoon, Butterfly musical fountain and many other attractions. There are many things to see and do here. The attractions tend to change over time as new ones are built. from the Park,

  3.   A few Sentosa Attractions: 1. Imbiah lookout: it is situated near Mount Imbiah on Sentosa Island; Imbiah Lookout is the latest cluster of new and exciting attractions that will appeal to all. 2. Underwater World: the large aquarium features a long walk-through the tank where you can experience sharks and rays of swimming right over your head. Admission to underwater world also includes a show at the Dolphin agoon, where trained rare pink dolphins put on a show. 3. This 120-foot tall symbol of Singapore dominates the skyline around much of the island. You can climb up for a great view from the lion’s mouth​. CONTACT US :.      FlamingoTransworld Pvt. Ltd.    Address : ​​201/202, Gala Business Centre,        St. Xaviers College Corner,        Near Classic Gold Hotel,         Off C. G. Road, Ahmedabad       380009, Gujarat, India.    Contact Person :​​ ​Mr. Alap Patel    Contact Number : ​​0091 9825081806,         ​:​​ 07940001500  Email ID : ​​  Website   :​​ ​