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Setting Student Learning Goals

Setting Student Learning Goals. Engaging and Motivating Kids to Own Their Learning. Today’s Agenda. Understanding NWEA Growth Norms Using the Student Goal Setting Worksheet Other Tools: Lexile Booklist, DesCartes Learning Continuum Strategies for Action Planning

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Setting Student Learning Goals

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  1. Setting Student Learning Goals Engaging and Motivating Kids to Own Their Learning

  2. Today’s Agenda Understanding NWEA Growth Norms Using the Student Goal Setting Worksheet Other Tools: Lexile Booklist, DesCartes Learning Continuum Strategies for Action Planning Accelerating Growth for Some Students

  3. I. Understanding NWEA Growth Norms Determine to focus on academic growth and proficiency will take care of itself. Focus on “GROWTH FOR ALL STUDENTS!”

  4. A B Fall Spring Spring Proficient 41%ile Fall Which student had a “better” school year?

  5. Growth Makes All The Difference

  6. NWEA Provides A Growth Target After Fall Testing • How are growth targets determined? • Do all students in the same grade level grow the same amount? • Does academic growth for low learners and high learners look the same? • How can you use NWEA growth targets to set learning goals with all kids?

  7. How Does NWEA Determine a Growth Target?

  8. Carla Target Growth = 5 Spring Target RIT 215 Fall RIT 210 Spring Target RIT 202 Target Growth = 10 192 Fall RIT Rick Target Growth for two 4th Grade Students

  9. 220 215 210 205 200 195 190 185 180 175 170 165 160 155 150 145 140 135 130 125 120 115 110 GROWTH ON THE RIT SCALE RITs ARE LIKE INCHES Measure of Growth Equal Interval Used Across age/grade levels Rate of Growth Varies from Child to Child RIT SCALE

  10. Based on two factors: Common Starting RIT Score and Grade Level Typical Growth = 2008 Normative Data RIT Point Growth Norms “Mean” RIT Growth Norms

  11. DISCUSS….. Why do high achievers typically grow less than low achievers?

  12. Key NWEA Growth Metric Percent of Students meeting or exceeding mean growth targets All NWEA Growth Reports utilize this metric……

  13. Set a Growth Goal for Your Class • What percent of your students will be able to meet or exceed a growth target based on mean growth? • Mean = average growth • Therefore…..an average percent in a typical class would be??? • 50% Are you an average teacher? Or an exceptional one? • Set your goal…..maybe it is a 2 fold goal: • 50% as a minimum • 60% as a stretch goal • 70% Superstar goal • How will you achieve this goal?

  14. …..By Setting Growth Goals for ALL Students!!! Western Dubuque Schools is committed to supporting teachers in the development of growth goal setting processes. This will be a district-wide procedure for the year.

  15. Creating the Vision • One District’s Story • Real District In Iowa • Using MAP since 2004 • Administrator expected teachers to set growth goals with all students • Strong district support

  16. An Iowa School District…from this…

  17. TO THIS…

  18. An Iowa School District…from this…

  19. TO THIS…

  20. An Iowa School District…from this…

  21. TO THIS…

  22. An Iowa School District…from this…

  23. TO THIS…

  24. What Actions Did This School Take? • Every student, teacher, grade level, building and district has a growth goal • Teachers are having regular data conversations & collaborate (PLC) • Teachers are focusing instruction on areas of need identified by data • Reflect on & celebrate growth every year

  25. What Actions Did the Principal Take? • Developed a monthly MAP data analysis planner – stuck to it religiously • Established data protocols – made data analysis routine and expected • Provided time for teachers to do goal setting with students • Personally met with teachers and students for goal setting (took 2 days) • Expected teachers to use data during weekly PLC time

  26. DISCUSS….. What strategies will you use to engage all of your students in goal setting?

  27. II. Student Goal Setting - Meet Ben • Use “Student Goal Setting Worksheet” • Took MAP testing in Sept. • His teacher met with him to set learning goals • Later met with his parents • Celebrated growth from last year • Identified needs to address during the current school year to achieve growth

  28. III. Developing an Action Plan Goals without an action plan are just wishful thinking

  29. Action Plan Recommendations • Age & developmentally appropriate actions • Make goal strands understandable to students • Let students as much as possible, write the plan • Focus on strengths as much as areas of concern – attach a page from DesCartes related to these areas • Use the “Strategies for Improving” ideas and your own • Use Reading Range scores to establish an independent reading contract (attach a RR reading list to the goal sheet) • Involve the parents (guardians) in the action plan • Consider establishing a “Growth Honor Roll” for students that achieve their target scores

  30. Look at Ben’s Action Plan • Reading: “read 5 books about animals by Christmas on my own at my lexile level of 503 to 603; read 2 books with my parents from the lexile level of 603 to 653 and work on thinking skills; practice looking up new words or asking for help with difficult words.”

  31. DISCUSS….. Analyze Ben’s math scores and identify his strengths and weaknesses. With a partner write an action plan statement for Ben. (hint: look at the goal strand scores, use the strategies document).

  32. Some Students Need ACCELERATED GROWTH…..how do we set goals? • Martin: • 4th Grade Student • Fall RIT Score in Reading is…..180 (full 2 years behind) • NWEA Growth Target is 10 RITS • Spring target score is 190 • Will still be 2 years behind • Need to accelerate Martin’s Growth • Use the 5th grade fall norm 208 – difference is 28 RIT points • “Stretch Goal” for Martin is 208 • The larger the goal, the greater the interventions will need to be

  33. NWEA “COMPARATIVE DATA” CHART - Reading CCR Scores Proficient

  34. Accelerated Growth for “Average” Students • 4th Grade student in reading with a 201 in the fall is still not on the College-Career Readiness Pathway. • Mean Growth may still not be enough to help these students gain the readiness they need for post-high school success. • Think about setting a “stretch” goal for average students. • Example: 4th grade reading with a 201 will have a target of 6 RIT points growth - spring target score will be 207 • However, the CCR score by beginning of 5th grade is 213 (6 more RIT points) • Stretch goal would be 213

  35. Set a different goal

  36. Those who do not have goals are doomed forever to work for those who do!

  37. The simple act of writing down a goal and making a written plan for its accomplishment moves you to the top 3%.

  38. Your success in life will be in direct proportion to what you do after you’ve done what is expected of you.

  39. Always work on the 20% of your activities that contribute 80% of your results. What are they?

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