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A Comprehensive Web Application Development and Deployment Platform

A Comprehensive Web Application Development and Deployment Platform. What is Caravan Business Server?. Imagine a Web application development platform which has inbuilt: Application Server With its own Programming / Scripting language. The Scripting language is embedded in html Database

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A Comprehensive Web Application Development and Deployment Platform

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  1. A Comprehensive Web ApplicationDevelopment and Deployment Platform

  2. What is Caravan Business Server? • Imagine a Web application development platform which has inbuilt: • Application Server • With its own Programming / Scripting language. The Scripting language is embedded in html • Database • RDBMS, Search Engine, Multi Dimensional, Circular • Access the database via any browser • Communication Server • Emailing, FTP, Messaging, HTTP, TCP/IP & XML • SOAP compliant • Cross platform • Develop once deploy on multiple platforms without change in Source code or database • Easily Deployable on • All Windows (95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and above) • Linux • IBM OS/2 Warp • Any flavor of UNIX • Remote Administration • Maintain databases, source code, create groups and users • Web server “CLEVER IMPLEMENTATION OF EXTREMELY GOOD IDEAS”

  3. Imagine • Security • Facility to create Groups and users • Access to database, source code etc, via login The platform acting as a Web Operating System • Setting up the development environment on your or developers machine in less than a minute • Deployment of both Development Environment & Final Application as simple as “Copying a Folder” • Deploying your application on a CD with database and directly running from the CD. No need to install on the end machine • Reducing your development time by at least 50% compared to any other conventional web development platforms • Negligible Cost of Ownership “CLEVER IMPLEMENTATION OF EXTREMELY GOOD IDEAS”

  4. Imagine • Carrying the development platform on a FLOPPY • The platform as an “exe” • Extremely Tiny footprint • platform < 1 MB size • 1 Tier architecture • That is CARAVAN BUSINESS SERVER !!! “CLEVER IMPLEMENTATION OF EXTREMELY GOOD IDEAS”

  5. Caravan Features – Application Server • Own Scripting language • Embedded scripting language in HTML • All Functionality bundled into very Few Syntax <100 • Syntax is simple • Within <caravan></caravan> tags • e.g. table xyz = databasename.tablename • (The simplest database manipulation syntax) • Other than normal functionalities of a development platform like Statements, Objects, table syntax, XML parser, etc, it has inbuilt Scheduler, Queues, user defined event handlers, backup and many more… • Multi Threaded • Extension of source code file is .html • Can use any editor to develop • Encrypt your source code before deployment

  6. Caravan Features – Scripting Language Syntax Create a file with the following code and save as hello.html in template (source folder) directory. <HTML> <BODY> <CARAVAN> "Hello World" </CARAVAN> </BODY></HTML> Start Caravan and from your browser type http://machine IP address/hello.html file. It will display Hello World in your browser

  7. Caravan Features – Database • RDBMS • Search Engine – Full text search • Multi-Dimensional – Each field can store multiple values • Circular database – Define the maximum number of records per table • Sql type syntax • Does not degrade in performance with size of database • Browser based access to the database and tables

  8. Caravan Features – Web Server • In built Web Server • Automatically binds to the machines IP address. Or you can define the IP. • Also can define port address • Can run multiple applications (multiple instances of caravan) on the same machine. Each caravan can bind to independent IP. • Or use a single IP and give unique port address for each application • No need for any external Web server

  9. Caravan Features – Remote Administration • Via URL/IP address (caravan.html - an inbuilt file in CBS) • Source code change • Database • Create new users and groups • Change password • Login compulsory

  10. Caravan Features – Communication Server • Inbuilt Email solution (simple syntax to send/receive mails) • FTP (File transport protocol). Write complex applications using FTP • HTTP and TCP/IP • Supports Web Services i.e SOAP compliant • Messaging • Serial communication

  11. Caravan Features – Security • Requires to login to access administrative features • Default ‘admin’ as login user • Default login = admin password = password • Inbuilt facility to create groups and users • Make each source page secure via caravan scripting i.e a user needs to login to access the page via the browser • Internally keeps track of the login user • Inbuilt facility to assign users to groups • Simple to access the login user info and group

  12. Applications Developed • Some of the applications developed over the last 4 years • VETPORT – AN ERP for Veterinary Practice • Multi-Media Message Switching System • TICKERVIN – Automated news capturing product and photo capturing product • WORKFLOW SYSTEM – For news in major newspapers like Times of India • Workflow system for business processes deployed in large organizations like IL&FS, ICICI etc (capable of handling Terabytes of data) • Property Management System • ReBAK – Desktop Backup Software • ZAPVIN – Automated Web based File and Document Transfer system • Photo server – managing huge volume of photographs and images • And many more

  13. THANK YOU Contact details:Web: www.nititelecom.com or www.caravanserver.comEmail:nitin@nititelecom.comTel: 9122- 55987512, 919820442022

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