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PORSCHE BOXSTER COREY VAN DER WAL MULTIMEDIA 9-4 INTRODUCTION Porsche is an organization associated with quality and performance.

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  2. INTRODUCTION • Porsche is an organization associated with quality and performance. • This reputation has been built not only by the actual product Porsche builds (the Porsche 911 and the Porsche Boxster), but also by the image its marketing has created. • Specifically, Porsche wishes to create the image of the Boxster as a sporty, comfortable, fun to drive car which is built with attention to detail and a respect for its history.

  3. FROM NOW TO THEN • One of Porsche’s ways of creating an image of quality is its constant reference to its beginnings • By talking about its origins, Porsche creates the image of an established, well maintained and quality company

  4. ATTENTION TO DETAIL • Porsche does not shy away from showing close up pictures of the interior and exterior of the car • By doing so, they show they have nothing to hide, because they have paid attention to detail

  5. SPORTY CARS • To differentiate, the Boxster is described and depicted as more the type of car that one can really have fun driving. • To achieve this, Porsche purposely adds more amenities onto the Boxster, making it more of a “comfortable” car and its pictures and adds • In one add, Porsche describes what the ride of a Porsche Boxster feels like as a “What a dog feels when the leash breaks.” • The Porsche Boxster is a roadster meaning that it is meant for different audience than for the purely performance-based 911

  6. COMFORT • Porsche Boxsters are sporty, yet comfortable car • Porsche makes readily available pictures of the interiors of the car • Each interior is complete with as many accessories as possible, such as leather seating and CD players

  7. COMPARICLUSION • Ford attempts to market the actual car rather than an image for the Mustang. The simple design of the web pages stresses the power and comfort of the car, rather than a particular lifestyle that one might live if driving it. The company clearly tries to market the car to the middle class young male looking for a fun ride. • Porsche is a company which does not try to awe you with fancy pictures, but would rather stick to numbers and statistics, appealing to the consumer who does not have time for “bull”. This tries to appeal to a higher class crowd that associates with the class of Porsche. • BMW Roadster is a car that is easily compared to nature. It is designed to connect the owner to nature. It is significantly similar to surfing. The speed compares to wind surfing, the power is compared to the awesome power of the waves, and the design is compared to tropical aquatic life. It gives the owner a sense of freedom. • Honda tries to do everything and please everyone. It describes the S2000 as an amazing race car, a luxurious high class automobile, a top of the line breakthrough in technology, and just a plain fun car to drive. Its image is that this car would be the right choice for anyone.

  8. COMPARICLUSION : THE VERDICT THE FUN CARS Ford Mustang And Honda S2000 These cars are less expensive, but still powerful. These cars are for the buyer who does not need their car to be a status symbol, but still want a powerful, fun to drive car. THE CLASSY CARS Porsche Boxster And BMW Roadster These cars do everything they can to make themselves seem like classy cars that bring with them a certain status in society. In order to do so, they show attention to detail and try to awe you with pictures of their stunning engines and their comfortable interiors.

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