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The Pacific Crest Trail PowerPoint Presentation
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The Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail

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The Pacific Crest Trail

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  1. The Pacific Crest Trail The SCOURGE of the Sierra!

  2. The Pacific Crest Trail runs from Mexico to Canada This evil, foul scar in the earth is 2,650 miles long!!! (That is just about 2,640 miles longer than the Rubicon trail!!!) It is traversed by literally thousands of hikers and horseback riders every year! Do you think hikers, day-walkers and equestrians that use the PCT are nice to the fragile environment? THINK AGAIN! This evil axis of Evil is hell bent on DESTROYING the poor ecosystem!

  3. The Angora Fire The Angora fire near South Lake Tahoe burned 2,500 acres and destroyed nearly 200 homes! It was started by an illegal campfire in a valley only accessible by FOOT! That is correct! Evil hikers, the main terrorists in the Axis of Evil lead to this utter destruction of the delicate forest!

  4. The Pacific Crest Trail goes past or OVER: • 1,000 Lakes and Tarns! • 60 Mountain passes! • 3 National Monuments! • 7 National Parks! • 24 National Forests! • 37 Federally Mandated Wilderness areas! • and, get this….thru “so called” right-of-way- easements across PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!! My God! The HORROR! • What if one of these foul minions of evil once again set ablaze another forest fire like the Angora Fire! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  5. This is the weapon of mass-destruction used by the Axis of Evil: The hiking boot! Who else wore boots? That’s right! NAZIS! What are the odds?? Coincidence? I think not! Notice the fang-like treads that tear up the delicate forest floor. This leads to Erosion!! You think hiking will not do damage to the forest floor? Think again my fine-feathered friend! Read these quotes taken DIRECTLY from the PCT association website about damage on the PCT: Between Big Pete Meadow and Palisade Lakes, the trail was in total disrepair, year+ old trees on the trail, little clearing of growth over the trail, and a general disregard for the trail, despite a ranger station centered right in the middle of the bad section and a good number of people accessing the area right there through the Bishop Pass trail. Trail is impassable to stock between Snoqualmie Pass and Park Lakes. The heavy rain last fall sluiced out a number of small drainages, resulting in a series of washouts, in some cases up to six feet deep. Hikers can cross them with care, but stock unfortunately cannot.

  6. You would think that supposedly “green” hikers would stay on the trail! NOT SO! Evil “Extreme” hikers use detours around parts they cannot make it past, or they even WIDEN this massive blemish in the earth! Again: more evidence from the Evil-doers! Carsonora Area volunteers completed widening the PCT between Ebbetts Pass and Raymond Canyon Creek on 7/16/07. Tahoe National Forest - Jackson Meadows Reservoir: Trail head roped off due to logging...Slight detour Lacking a trail, hikers had to either scramble downstream a hundred yards or so to find an easier river crossing, or slide down the cliff, sometimes lowering their backpacks down first by rope

  7. In a Diabolical, Nazi-like propaganda campaign, the Evil Axis of Evil has blamed the 4x4 community of killing poor little fishes by dumping sediment into streams and lakes. But lets see who the TRUE culprits of fish genocide are! That’s right! THE WICKED HIKERS OF DEATH!! Who often fish on the PCT! According to the Outdoor News Daily: 88 MILLION FISH were caught in WISCONSIN ALONE!!! 31 million of them were kept, skinned (most of them alive!) and….E-GAD: EATEN!!!!! I do not have the # of fish caught in CA, but you could only infer that in a much larger state, it must be exponentially more! These poor fish, torn in the mouth with a foul hook and dragged out of their natural environment and from their families in this MASS GENOCIDE!! This picture is of an evil hiker after tormenting poor fish on the PCT. After this picture was taken, he proceeded to desecrate the unfortunate, defenseless SUV behind him! STOP THIS MADNESS!

  8. What is this picture? A poor defenseless bobcat in the middle of the PCT. Will the evil boot treads of the axis of evil stomp him to death turning him into Pacific crest trail kill? POSSIBLY! What do malevolent hikers eat on the trail? TRAIL MIX! Peanuts and m&m’s which are highly toxic to poor little critters such as bunnies and squirrels! What if a hiker were to spill this foul mixture onto the ground and NOT have a spill kit?? I do not have the facts on how many innocent animals were slain in this foul manner, so I will make up some facts to prove my point: 34 million squirrels died an unnatural death by eating trail mix dropped on the PCT by the Axis of EVIL!

  9. Further proof of the evil nature of hikers! What is this? PCT, Pacific Crest trail thrown up as a GANG SIGN!! Yes ladies and gentlemen! Hikers have their own prison gang! Be careful when you are in the woods! These so called “environmentalists” are actually violent and armed gang-bangers! And you trust THESE people to your environment????

  10. Many of these so called “environmentalist” hikers are EXTREMISTS! They belong to rogue terrorists cells like the Earth Liberation Front who have destroyed public property and killed thousands! Again, I do not have the exact data on how many hikers belong to ELF, so I will make an “educated” guess based on my personal experience and say about 99.9% of them actually belong to this radical group of foul demons of destruction!

  11. How do they maintain the PCT??? BLASTING ROCKS! These maniacs carry EXPLOSIVES! BE FORE-WARNED! Is that environmentally sound? I think not! Read a portion of this newspaper article on the PCT: After realizing the extent of the damage, Quihuis and others spent the winter and spring getting special permission to use tools like explosives and power drills in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness. The plan was to dig out a trail, blasting big rocks that the crew couldn’t move. The trail is supposed to have a grade of less than 20 percent, but it shouldn’t be too gradual, he said. “The farther you get into the wilderness, the more primitive it should be,” Quihuis said. Yeah, right! Then use another rock to do it instead of exposives dickweed. First, though, there was more blasting to do. “Firing!” one of the workers yelled. Smaller charges exploded, flinging bits of rocks into the air and leaving behind a whiff of gunpowder.

  12. This is a ROCK-CRUSHER on the PCT!!! Yes a ROCK CRUSHER! A CRUSHER OF ROCKS! Made to CRUSH ROCKS!!! ON THE TRAIL! DESTROYING ROCKS! What other instruments of terror is this axis of evil armed with? God only knows. All the poor 4x4 community has is soft tires made of rubber, yet these villains have ROCK CRUSHERS!! What would Jesus drive? A rock crusher, or a 4x4 with soft rubber tires? YOU DECIDE!