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Best Mississauga spa - Tomken Wellness Centre PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Mississauga spa - Tomken Wellness Centre

Best Mississauga spa - Tomken Wellness Centre

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Best Mississauga spa - Tomken Wellness Centre

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  2. Deep Tissue Massage Mississauga • Deep tissue massage in Mississauga is aimed at helping the deeper tissue structures often called as the connective tissue to feel relaxed. During the massage therapy, different movements and techniques are used along with intense pressure to reach the connective tissues. Book your appointment today!

  3. Hot Stone Massage Mississauga • Would you love a hot stone massage in Mississauga? This is a specialty massage which is done with the help of heated stones along with pressure exerted by hands. The heated stone offers a deep relaxation and help warm up tight muscles. So would you love to indulge in a hot stone massage? If yes, book an appointment today!

  4. Massage Therapy Mississauga • The quality of massage therapy in Mississauga will depend on how well the therapist has been trained , what his skills are, what has he mastered and whether he enjoys doing the treatment or not. So make sure you consider the best massage therapist who has complete knowledge and loves his job too.

  5. Massage Mississauga • Opting for a full body massage in Mississauga can be therapeutic and it generally lasts for at least 50 minutes. This is the amount of time the therapist will be devoting to massage all major areas of your body including feet, back, arms, shoulders, legs and neck. So make sure to get in touch with a professional therapist who will make sure you are relaxed after the massage.

  6. Best Mississauga spa • When it comes to the best Mississauga spa, we top the list. Tomken Wellness Spa Centre is your go to massage centre that offers a variety of spa services to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. You can easily take your pick between a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage or more.

  7. Website: • Contact No.: 9052328189 • E-mail: • Address: 1006 Burnhamthorpe Rd East, Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 2X6