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Arthurian Legend

Arthurian Legend

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Arthurian Legend

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  1. Arthurian Legend By Alanna Anderson

  2. Characters

  3. King Arthur- A legendary king who pulled the sword from the stone, proving he was the true king of Britain. He made peace in Britain for his short rule.

  4. Merlin- A great enchanter who helps Arthur come to the throne.

  5. Guinevere- Arthur’s queen

  6. Lancelot- Greatest knight of the Round Table. His only flaw is a fatal passion for Queen Guinevere.

  7. Lady of the Lake- A mystical figure that gives Arthur his great sword Excalibur.

  8. Mordred- Traitorous son of Arthur Morgan le Fay

  9. Morgan Le Fay- Shelby Arthur’s half-sister. She tries to overthrow Arthur many times with her dark arts.

  10. Magic

  11. Magic A big part of the King Arthur legend is the magic. Without it the legend would not be interesting. It would be just another story about a king. The main source of its magic is Merlin. Without him there would be no King Arthur. But also there is Avalon and Camelot. Both known as magical places but in very different ways. Avalon is the place of mystery. It is where Merlin took Arthur after his father died. Camelot is where Arthur lives. When we think about knights in shining amour, and giant places and the Knights of the Round Table we are thinking of Camelot. It is our fairytale world.

  12. Royalty

  13. Royalty In royalty there are lots of parts. There is the king and Queen, but also there is the knights, the advisers and much more.

  14. Knights King Arthur has a lot to do with knights. Swords are very important to Knights. Swords are past down though families. They even name their swords. Knights have duels. That is were to knights fight each other. Duels can be for many different reasons. If knights are in a fight, they can duel and who ever wins was telling the truth. Crazy right?