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The mall

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The mall

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  1. The mall By Wyatt

  2. You are walking down the mall one day, going to get food. After that you go and get your kid at the daycare then you start walking to save on foods.

  3. You see a guard running after a boy, every one was running and screaming. What do you do? You cant get out with out getting seen, so where do you go to? go to the big M flip page

  4. Then other kids come in the mall and they are running around with guns and shooting stuff. All of the other people that are in the mall start running and screaming and they all get out of the mall except for some other people that don’t get out. You see them run and go hide in the mall.

  5. They took over the mall So you go hide in a store then one of them sees you so you run into IKEA and in IKEA you see other boys and girls that need help.

  6. You don’t know what to do but you try to get them to a car. You all get out of the mall and call 911. They come and put the kids in jail. You feel very good about yourself because you made sure the kids got out safely and made it home in your Bugatti Veyron. The end

  7. You are at McDonalds, a boy sees you and he starts to run after you. You run away from the boy, you jump over a manikin and you fall, the boy gets you but then you kick him and run but there’s boys all over the mall.

  8. You call the cops with a phone but when your talking to them they tell you that you need to get the doors open, so you tell them “ok” and hang up. You go get ready and go find some things. a baseball bat get a skateboard

  9. So you go to Sport Check and get one, then go and open some door’s. You are going to one door when a kid jumps out of no where and he hits you and then you swing your bat and knock him out.

  10. And unlock the door and go to some other doors. You try to get to the main door and unlock it but there's so much kids at the door so you get your bat and start running at them and you are nocking them out and running at the same time

  11. Wen you get to the door you unlock it and all the cops come in and get the mall under control the end

  12. You start looking for a skate bored and you see one but its with a kid and you need that bored so you go and get a stick and then start running at him but you stop and he's goon , so you walk up slow and then you get the bored from the bench and walk away.

  13. You walk away and then one of the kids run up to you and hit’s you and you fell to the ground and then the kid calls his friends but before they reply you get up and knock the kid out and get his phone from the ground and tell them “oh sorry he got away, I think he theft the mall”

  14. So that gives you time to get your DGK on so you go get a full out fit and get a manikin and then put it on a atv and put the clothes on it and then make it look like you so the kids think its you and attack it and then that will mess them up and then you can tack them all out by Knocking them out call the cops

  15. So you think you knocked all of the kids out and you are happy and sad but you don’t know what to do now so you are just walking and looking in all the stores and you are thinking that you are just going to go out of the mall phone the cops and go home

  16. So you are walking out t of he mall and then you get shot out of no ware but it was in the arm so you are scared and stuff so you start running and the kid is just shooting so much but you are like the hulk and not falling down and then you push the kid out the glass door and then you phone the cops and then tack all the kids the jail

  17. And then they give you $100,0000,0000 and then you live happily for ever with yourBugatti