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1. 本学位考试的试题范围和难度 2. 本学位考试的模拟试题

1. 本学位考试的试题范围和难度 2. 本学位考试的模拟试题. 关于考试(一). 水平考试,所考内容相当于普通高校大学英语的三级,具体内容可见 《 大纲 》 教材可选用电大英语三、四册或大学英语 1-3 册 所有学生都可参加学位考试,并可多次参加直到通过考试(有效时间内) . 关于考试(二). 允许平时成绩经重修重考后达 75 分的学生申请学位 小语种只能参加国家的四级考试 四级证书可以替代,暂无年限的限制,但要经过验证 PETS 考试暂不可替代 英语专业毕业生可免修英语课程,但如没有证书,并要拿学位的话,也必须参加此学位考试. 关于试题(一).

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1. 本学位考试的试题范围和难度 2. 本学位考试的模拟试题

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  1. 1.本学位考试的试题范围和难度2.本学位考试的模拟试题1.本学位考试的试题范围和难度2.本学位考试的模拟试题

  2. 关于考试(一) • 水平考试,所考内容相当于普通高校大学英语的三级,具体内容可见《大纲》 • 教材可选用电大英语三、四册或大学英语1-3册 • 所有学生都可参加学位考试,并可多次参加直到通过考试(有效时间内)

  3. 关于考试(二) • 允许平时成绩经重修重考后达75分的学生申请学位 • 小语种只能参加国家的四级考试 • 四级证书可以替代,暂无年限的限制,但要经过验证 • PETS考试暂不可替代 • 英语专业毕业生可免修英语课程,但如没有证书,并要拿学位的话,也必须参加此学位考试

  4. 关于试题(一) • 考题设计上与中央电大的英语教学做相应的衔接和沟通 • 词汇、语音、语法依据《大学英语教学大纲》(修订本)(高等学校本科用)的三级所要求的水平,词汇考试的范围不超过《考试大纲》的词汇表 • 试题的考点覆盖面回尽可能的宽

  5. 关于试题(二) • 阅读理解的文章长度在200—250字左右,原则上不超过词汇表上的词 • 难题分值比例设定≤5%,即如有超纲的地方,可视为这5%之内 • 卷面满分为150分,90分及格,不存在比例问题

  6. 考试题型与题型分值大致如下

  7. 词汇与语法(一)固定搭配 • A driver mustn’t drink when he is ___ duty. A.on B.with • The underground palace is made ___ of three parts. A.out B. on C. into D.up • I’d rather stay in a motel ___ in an expensive hotel. B.than C.were • ___ a pity that I didn’t see you. A.That’s B.What’s C.It’s D.There’s • I dropped the ___ and broke it. A.cup of coffee cup C.cup for coffee D.cup of the coffee

  8. 词汇与语法(二)词义辩异 • I’d like to take __ of this opportunity to thank you all for your co-operation. A.profit B.benefit C.advantage D.occasion

  9. 词汇与语法(三)并列结构 • ___sang a song together the other day. A.Andy,Paula and me B.Andy, Paula and I C.I, Andy and Paula D.Andy, I and Paula

  10. 词汇与语法(四)主谓一致 • A large number of people ___ present at the meeting. A.was B.were D.have • When we saw his face, we knew ___ was bad. A.the news B.some news C.a news

  11. 词汇与语法(五)句子结构 • With China ___ a market economy, smart players make money by executing the basics, such as marketing, distribution, and service. A.become become C.becoming becoming • As we all know, in order to live _________. must eat and drink B.eating and drinking are necessary for man is essential that man eats and drinks and drink are necessary for man

  12. 词汇与语法(六)动词的正确形式(时态、情态动词 ) • Learn from past mistakes ___ future ones. A.avoid avoid C.avoiding D.avoids • I didn’t know you ___ so busy A.are B.were C.will be D.have been • They found the story ___ . A.amuse B.amused amuse D.amusing • Hey, you ___ drive so fast! There’s a speed limit here. Moreover, we have plenty of time, so you ___ drive fast. A.needn’t, needn’t B.needn’t, mustn’t C.mustn’t, mustn’t D.mustn’t, needn’t

  13. 词汇与语法(七)形容词与副词的比较级 • Our room is ___ theirs. three big as three times big as big as three times D.three times as big as • He is no more fit to be a minister ___ a schoolboy would be. C.than D.just as • This is one of ___interesting books on your list. A.the most B.the most of the C.most D.most of

  14. 词汇与语法(八)从句 • ___ happens, I’ll stand on your side. A.Whatever B.No matter C.Whether D.However • Passenger ships will be built to travel undersea ___ storms can not delay them or made passengers seasick. A.there B.which C.that D.where

  15. 词汇与语法(九)介词与副词 • She persists ___ studying English, although she is very busy. B.for D.of • Few writers are so expert that they can produce what they are ___ on the first try. B.for C.after D.from • It’s quite late now, but Mrs. Smith ___hasn’t left her office. A.yet B.since C.already D.still

  16. 词汇与语法(十)虚拟语气 • I thought you ___ out. A.are B.was C.were D.have been • I ___ the lecture yesterday evening, but I had something very urgent to do. A.could have attended B.attended C.had not attended D.could attend • Without your support, I ___ the election. A.lose B.would have lost C.had lost D.lost

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