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Gambling Addiction Jeopardy PowerPoint Presentation
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Gambling Addiction Jeopardy

Gambling Addiction Jeopardy

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Gambling Addiction Jeopardy

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  1. Gambling Addiction Jeopardy

  2. Gambling Vocabulary 100 Gambling behavior that results in problems with work, school, family, or finances.

  3. Gambling Vocabulary 200 A factor, such as having a relationship with a caring adult role model, that lessens the risk of one becoming an addict.

  4. Gambling Vocabulary 300 The act of risking something of value, including money and property, on an activity that has an uncertain outcome.

  5. Gambling Vocabulary 400 A factor, such as tendency for novelty seeking, which might make one more vulnerable to gamble.

  6. Gambling Vocabulary 500 Term that means a problem has gotten out of hand and you can not control it.

  7. Types of Gambling 100 Top activity that causes problems for problem gamblers

  8. Types of Gambling 200 A quick way to gamble that ranks second among activities that cause problems for problem gamblers

  9. Types of Gambling 300 Putting money down on horses, basketball, or baseball would fall into this category

  10. Types of Gambling 400 A type of gambling sometimes played in churches where numbers are randomly called and covered on a card.

  11. Types of Gambling 500 A growing numbers of people have taken to this type of gambling recently outlawed.

  12. Support or Help 100 Three digit telephone number to get help for any addiction.

  13. Support or Help 200 A support group for friends and family members of a gambling addict

  14. Support or Help 300 A person at school you might turn to for support or help

  15. Support or Help 400 A support group for gambling addicts

  16. Support or Help 500 1-800-34 NO BET

  17. Facts 100 Which is NOT a warning sign or a problem? Borrowing $ to gamble Stealing money from mom’s purse Saving money each week for a new car Lying to friends about gambling

  18. Facts 200 Which is a protective factor? Poverty Having a parent who is an addict Having a sense of humor

  19. Facts 300 Which statistic is NOT true? Americans spend more money on gambling than food. Most people who gamble on the Internet know it is illegal. The state of CT allots no money to problem gambling, treatment, prevention, and research.

  20. Facts 400 Which of the following is a population at risk for gambling problems? Athletes Substance abuse clients People who live with 50 miles of the casino None of the above All of the above

  21. Facts 500 Which of the following activities are NOT typically addictive behaviors? Doing homework Drinking alcohol Gambling Eating disorders Shopping

  22. Healthy Decisions 100 Your friends want to go play poker and you do not want to. What is NOT a healthy choice? Tell them that you have something else to do. Tell them you do not want to play-simply say “no.” Play anyway.

  23. Healthy Decisions 200 You and your friends are bored and having nothing to do. What is a healthy alternative? Grab a frisbee and play a game of ultimate. Pull out a deck of cards and play poker. Get your older brother to buy you a case of beer and find a place to party.

  24. Healthy Decisions 300 If you know someone with an addiction, what healthy steps you might take: Suggest the person talk to a trusted adult. Don’t encourage the addictive behavior. If the person is receptive, offer to assist in finding help. All of the above A and B only

  25. Healthy Decisions 400 You need support with a gambling problem. A healthy decision would be to turn to which of the following? 1-800-34 NO BET Parent or other trusted adult Gamblers Anonymous or Gam-Anon All of above None of above

  26. Healthy Decisions 500 What is a healthy decision when it comes to addiction? Be aware of the warning signs and risk factors to make healthy decisions. It is okay to play poker or drink when one is an adolescent because you can probably control it just like and adult. If a friend has an addiction, it is best to ignore it because it is not really your problem.

  27. Answer to Gambling Vocabulary 100 Problem Gambling

  28. Answer to Gambling Vocabulary 200 Protective Factor

  29. Answer to Gambling Vocabulary 300 Gambling

  30. Answer to Gambling Vocabulary 400 Risk factor

  31. Answer to Gambling Vocabulary 500 Addiction

  32. Answer to Types of Gambling 100 Slot Machines

  33. Answer to Types of Gambling 200 Lottery scratch-off tickets

  34. Answer to Types of Gambling 300 Sports betting

  35. Answer to Types of Gambling 400 Bingo

  36. Answer to Types of Gambling 500 Internet or online gambling

  37. Answer to Support or Help 100 211

  38. Answer to Support or Help 200 Gam-Anon

  39. Answer to Support or Help 300 Trusted adult, such as teacher, principal, school nurse, guidance counselor

  40. Answer to Support or Help 400 Gamblers Anonymous

  41. Answer to Support or Help 500 What is the telephone number in CT, MA, and RI that provides free confidential information and referrals

  42. Answer to Facts 100 C. Saving money each week for a new car

  43. Answer to Facts 200 C. Having a sense of humor

  44. Answer to Facts 300 B. Most people who gamble on the Internet know it is illegal.

  45. Answer to Facts 400 All of the above

  46. Answer to Facts 500 A. Doing homework

  47. Answer to Healthy Decisions 100 Play anyway.

  48. Answer to Healthy Decisions 200 Grab a frisbee and play ultimate

  49. Answer to Healthy Decisions 300 All of the above

  50. Answer to Healthy Decisions 400 D. All of the above