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SURE FIRE. by jack Higgins POWERPIONT BY AUSTIN Jack Higgins also wrote Day of Reckoning, Th The White house connection, and The eagle has Landed. GENRE.

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  1. SURE FIRE by jack Higgins POWERPIONT BY AUSTIN Jack Higgins also wrote Day of Reckoning, Th The White house connection, and The eagle has Landed.

  2. GENRE The genre of my book SURE FIRE isrealistic fiction because the story is not true, but it could happen in real life. For example, someone could be kidnapped in real life, but in my book the kidnapping of the character john was made up.

  3. SETTING The setting of my book is in ENGLAND and RUSSIA. The story takes place in a lot of other places in the book such as hotels, military bases, and a castle. In England, it is often rainy and cool weather with temperatures around 50 degrees. The hotel is where the shoot out took place. Russia is where the Castle and the military Base were. <--Russian Castle Military Base 

  4. Summary My book is about a brother and a sister who’s mom past and they found a mysterious guy who was their unknown father. Also they go on a awesome adventure. Jade and Rich are brother and sister. Their mom passed when they were teenagers. Jade doesn’t trust people she doesn’t know, and is very smart. Rich is hysterically funny throughout the story telling jokes and saying funny things. Before the main plot of the story begins, the author flashes back to Jade and Rich’s dad, John, and his group of friends from his secret agency, attempting to steal a sample of oil from the KOS oil industrybecause they believe they are missing using their power to get rich off of scamming others. They succeed but one of the men gets shot and John travels 7 miles to get him to safety. Jade and Rich are concerned because their dad has gone mising. Then Jade and Rich’s apartment gets raided, Arman shows. up. Arman is a friend of their dads and is also concerned about their dad being missing. Jade and Rich were at the internet café searching the K.O.S. oil industry website for information related to their dad’s disappearance and they met a girl named Magnada, , Later on their way back to their hotel to meet Arman to discuss their dads disappearance, they see Magnada shoot a police officer that is when they realize she must work for KOS. While Rich was talking with Armond at the hotel Magnada and man begin shooting at them. They escape unharmed but later Jade and Rich get captured by Victor Vinshinski who is the lead of the KOS industry.

  5. Summary (continued) Jade escapes and gets battle tank and rams through the gates of the military base and tries to catch the limo that Rich is in. Jade gets Rich out and they try to go rescue their dad from a prison where he was being kept by Vinshinski. They use the tank to break into the prison and they rescue their father. On their way out of the prison, Jade is captured. Rich and his father realize Jade is being kept at a Castle near by and they take the tank and storm the castle. After they rescue her, Arman shows up with a helicopter and picks them up.

  6. Recommendation I would give this book a five star rating. My recommendation would be that anyone who really likes military action books must read Sure Fire. The suspense along with the action kept me interested the whole time, and if you read it I am sure you would be just as interested as I was.

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