frank murphy cpmm greenville sc n.
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Frank Murphy, CPMM Greenville, SC PowerPoint Presentation
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Frank Murphy, CPMM Greenville, SC

Frank Murphy, CPMM Greenville, SC

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Frank Murphy, CPMM Greenville, SC

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  1. Frank Murphy, CPMMGreenville, SC

  2. MRO Parts Storeroom Design, Setup, Organizing and Inventory

  3. Clean, Lean and Reliable The New Standard for MRO Parts Storerooms

  4. The Emerging Standard The Excellence Required The Efficient Setup The Effective Results Clean, Lean and Reliable

  5. Storerooms are not organized, are inefficient, and are costly to operate. Few companies know what parts or tools they have on-hand, or where they are. Parts databases are inaccurate, not up-to-date, and contain duplications. Parts-related production downtime is very costly and contributes directly to higher maintenance costs. Parts storage areas represent a major source of corporate maintenance savings. Organized storerooms correct the costly inefficiencies generated by unorganized and cluttered storerooms. Storeroom Observations

  6. Are these storerooms Clean, Lean and Reliable ?$ Deal $orNo Deal

  7. NO Deal ! Becomes Jeopardy ! Clean, Lean and Reliable

  8. The Emerging Standard Clean, Lean and Reliable

  9. Clean, Lean and Reliable

  10. If permanent change is to be Implemented and practiced, there must be: Commitment to that change. Comprehension about the change. Consistency in its application. 1. The Emerging Standard

  11. A. Lean and Reliable standards are being implemented throughout the manufacturing industry. 1. The Emerging Standard

  12. B. Parts storerooms become a cost-savings center. 1. The Emerging Standard

  13. Improved Purchasing Practices CMMS – Automatic PR/PO Generation EDI – Electronic Data Interchange Blanket PO’s Consignment Purchasing 1. The Emerging Standard

  14. Part duplications eliminated through consolidation. Fafnir 210PP, BCA 210CC, KDH 299510, KBC 6210 and General 62102RS are all the same bearing. Source: International Source Index 1. The Emerging Standard

  15. Storeroom continually evolves to keep pace with emerging maintenance practices, technologies and demands. 1. The Emerging Standard

  16. The Excellence Required Clean, Lean and Reliable

  17. A Clean, Lean and Reliable Storeroom MUST Provide required support for all maintenance programs: PM, PDM, TPM, RCM. 2. The Excellence Required

  18. Vibration Analysis

  19. Ultrasonic Testing

  20. Thermography

  21. 2. The Excellence Required Total Productive Maintenance Operators perform daily, routine maintenance.

  22. HINT Audit the equipment for parts while it is not operating during PM’s, shutdowns or outages. Refer to the manufacturer’s equipment manual for internal or “hidden” parts. 2. The Excellence Required

  23. A Clean, Lean and Reliable Storeroom MUST B. Require permanent security and cleanliness of the storeroom. 2. The Excellence Required

  24. 2. The Excellence Required

  25. A Clean, Lean and Reliable Storeroom MUST C. Stock and issue parts when needed through good storeroom management. 2. The Excellence Required

  26. CMMS is an excellent storeroom management tool. Removes the manual burden. No clipboards, chits or checkout sheets. Bar coding enhances speed and accuracy. 2. The Excellence Required

  27. 2. The Excellence Required

  28. 2. The Excellence Required

  29. Parts scheduled for outages arrive before they are needed. Parts are reserved for outages. Parts database is continually updated. Manpower is used efficiently 2. The Excellence Required

  30. The Efficient Setup Clean, Lean and Reliable

  31. A. Location Location Location (The Where and How to store parts.) 3. The Efficient Setup

  32. 3. The Efficient Setup Picture of storeroom area

  33. 3. The Efficient Setup

  34. 3. The Efficient Setup

  35. B. Consolidating and standardizing: Reduces the number of parts to store. Reduces the overall inventory value. Eliminates database duplications. Uses up overstock while reducing parts spending. Combines like parts in one place. 3. The Efficient Setup

  36. C. Organizing sorts parts generically and by machine or process. Maximizes use of available space. Increases part storage density. Expedites part location and retrieval. Enables rapid and accurate cycle counts and physical inventories. 3. The Efficient Setup

  37. D. Bar coding technology: Increases speed and accuracy of parts checkout. Eliminates hand-written mistakes. Adjusts inventory levels automatically. Enhances part reordering/receiving process. 3. The Efficient Setup

  38. Bar Coding Benefits • Precise and accurate • Saves time and man-hours • Handles several functions simultaneously • Date and Time stamp • Part Number & Location • Part Destination – WO, CC, Equip. • Who checked part out • Easy to use • Eliminates paper forms • ROI is generally less than a year

  39. E. Removes these parts from the storeroom and the parts inventory database. Obsolete parts - Cannibalized parts - Junk. Questionable parts that: Age has dried out, Moisture has rusted, A hostile environment has corroded, and Call into question their usability. 3. The Efficient Setup