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Warm Up 11/6 PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm Up 11/6

Warm Up 11/6

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Warm Up 11/6

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  1. Warm Up 11/6 Pick up a warm up sheet! Convection, Conduction, or Radiation?...You burn your finger when you accidently touch the hot stove.

  2. Warm Up 11/11 Define friction…Use your textbook!! When you have written your answer, clear your desk for the pre-test. You need a PENCIL…

  3. Warm Up 11/13 What is the potential energy of a roller coaster whose weight is 500 newtons and is sitting at the top of a 10 meter hill? **Don’t forget your unit!!** *Get out your SIGNED project sheet and have it out on your desk. If you don’t have it signed, you have until MONDAY to do it! Don’t forget!

  4. Warm Up 11/17 Copy this sentence on your warm up sheet (I’ll explain WHY in a minute…!) I need to wear sneakers to school on Thursday. **If you have your SIGNED project sheet, have it OUT on your DESK!

  5. Warm Up 11/18 A car traveled 240 miles in 4 hours. What was its average speed? DON’T FORGET…PART 1 (NOTES CHART) OF YOUR PROJECT IS DUE TOMORROW!!!!!

  6. Warm Up 11/20 What is the formula for calculating average speed? **Have your chapter 5.1 worksheet (from Weds) and speed lab sheet (from yesterday) OUT on your DESK!**

  7. Warm Up 12/1 1. Write down this sentence on your warm up sheet: “My project blueprint is due tomorrow!!” 2. Get out your graphing work from yesterday.

  8. Warm Up 12/2 Turn in your blueprint to the basket!!! Warm up Question: What is the average speed of a dog that runs 20 meters in 5 seconds?

  9. Warm Up 12/3 • If you have a blueprint that needs to be turned in, put it in the basket. • Get out your analyzing graphs work from Tuesday. Get it out of the basket if you turned it in. Warm Up Question: What is the net force on the yellow block? 28 N 10 N DON’T TOUCH THE LAB MATERIALS ON THE TABLES!!!!!!!

  10. Warm Up 12/4 • Any missing blueprints should be turned in to the basket. • Get out your chapter review questions and “What a Drag” lab sheet Warm Up Question: What is the net force on the blue box? 15 N 5 N

  11. Warm Up 12/7 What is the net force on the box? 12 N 5 N 5 N 16 N

  12. Warm Up 12/10 Warm Up Question: _____ _____is when a falling object stops accelerating and falls at a constant velocity. • Get out your TEXTBOOK, PAPER, and a PEN/PENCIL. • Turn in your two paragraph summary to the basket.

  13. Warm Up 12/10 Which one of Newton’s Laws is this? “An object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Put your worksheet packet in the basket (if you haven’t already!)

  14. Warm Up 1/6 Question: How many vocabulary words are in chapter 8? **Get out your worksheets from yesterday. **Make sure your behavior card is OUT on your desk!!!!!

  15. Warm Up 1/7 Question: The work you do on a machine is called the _____ _______. Yellow cards should be Out on your desk!!

  16. Warm Up 1/11 Question: The unit used to express power is the ______. **Comic Strips will be due at the end of class on Tuesday! **Yellow cards should be OUT!!!

  17. Warm Up 1/12 Question: What is the formula for calculating work? Yellow cards should be OUT on your desk!

  18. Warm Up 1/13 Question: What is the formula for power? Get out a calculator if you have one…NOT your phone! 

  19. Warm Up 1/19 What type of simple machine is a knife? Make sure your yellow card is on your desk.

  20. Warm Up Warm Up: …Copy this definition… A Rube Goldberg machine is a machinethat performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction. CLEAR YOUR DESK EXCEPT FOR A PENCIL/PEN AND YOUR YELLOW CARD.

  21. Warm Up Question: When is your science test over chapter 8? Yellow cards should be OUT on your DESK!

  22. Warm Up 1/28 Question: A _____ is a periodic disturbance in a solid, liquid, or gas as energy is transmitted through a medium. **Your vocabulary quiz is WEDNESDAY!!

  23. Warm Up Question: The number of waves that pass in a given amount of time is the ___________. Yellow Cards should be OUT on your desk!

  24. Warm Up Question: What is the formula for calculating wavelength? You have a TEST on MONDAY over chapter 20 sections 1 and 2. Know your VOCABULARY and how to use the FORMULAS!

  25. Warm Up Question: What does your TEST on Monday cover? (in other words… what should you study?) Have the following items OUT on your desk: 1. Your slinky lab sheet 2. Your Yellow Card

  26. Warm Up Question: ______ is a combination of two or more waves that results in a single line. Clear you desk for your test except for a piece of NOTEBOOK paper, a pen/pencil, and a calculator (if you have one…not a phone)

  27. Warm UP Question: What is the title of chapter 20 section 1? BEWARE: Warm Ups will be collected TOMORROW. The warm up questions ppt. will be on the blog…Today’s should be #27!!

  28. Warm Up • Get out a piece of notebook paper and your textbook. Copy down the page #’s for your table at the TOP of your paper… Tables #1 and #2: pgs. 600-601 Tables #3 and #4: pgs. 602-603 Tables #5 and #6: pgs. 604-605 Warm ups will be COLLECTED TOMORROW. Warm up questions will be posted on the blog tonight. You should have 27!!!