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Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils

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Fragrance Oils

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  1. Fragrance Oils

  2. About The Perfume People • The Perfume People is a family-run perfumery based in the small town of Oadby, Leicestershire. We specialise in sourcing cruelty-free and skin-friendly fragrance oils and perfumes from EU-compliant scent experts and perfumers. • Non-alcoholic perfume oils and fragrances are a great way to care for your body and smell fantastic throughout the day. Unlike alcohol-based perfumes, our fragrance oils are a great option for those with sensitive skin!

  3. Our Collection • At The Perfume People, we are committed to helping you find your scent. That’s why our fragrance experts crafted an extensive and inclusive line-up of refreshing and enthralling scents for all! • Visit our website to browse our collection of tantalising toilette perfumes, attar oils and oil-based fragrances from around the world. Here are some of the products we offer: • Perfume Oils for Men • Best Perfumes for Women • Room Fragrances • Grooming Section

  4. Perfume Oil for Men • Have you made the decision to smell and feel fresh? If you’re looking for perfume oils for men, we have you covered! Visit our online store to explore our collection of quality perfume oils and mens designer perfumes now.

  5. Best Perfumes for Women • Looking for your kind of scent? Visit The Perfume People! Our line-up of skin-friendly and long-lasting perfume and fragrance oils features exotic scents, musky attar oils, patchouli perfumes and a range of delicious fruit-based perfume oils. Browse now!

  6. Room Fragrance Oils • Want your room to smell delicious? First impressions are often the last - and the way our living space smells contributes enormously to first impression. • Whether you find the smell of freshly laundered linen comforting or you want your room to smell of holidays, figs and pine, try our range of the best and most exquisite room fragrances right now!

  7. Grooming • Want to look and feel as if you’re at your best? Take a tour of our grooming section! At The Perfume People, we support self-care rituals. That’s why we’ve created a collection of products that you can easily include in your self-love routine. • Here’s what we have for you: • Beard Oils: Tame wayward hair with our soothing and organic beard oils! • Body Lotions: Keep your skin replenished, supple and soft with our body lotions!

  8. Thank You! • Phone #: +44 7436 008349 • Email: • Address: 1 Brookside Dr Oadby Leicester Leicestershire LE2 4PB • Website: