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Agriculture Industry Market Research Reports, Analysis & Consulting PowerPoint Presentation
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Agriculture Industry Market Research Reports, Analysis & Consulting

Agriculture Industry Market Research Reports, Analysis & Consulting

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Agriculture Industry Market Research Reports, Analysis & Consulting

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  1. Market Research Consulting WHO ARE WE? We offer wide spectrum of research and consulting services with in-depth knowledge of different industries. We are known for customized research services, consulting services and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) services in the research world. We explore the market trends and draw our insights with valid assessments and analytical views. WHAT VERTICALS WE TRACK? • Energy & Power Research • Food & Beverages Research • Healthcare Research • Packaging Research • Telecom & IT Research • Advanced Materials Research • Aerospace Research • Agriculture Research • Chemicals Research • Electronics & Semiconductor Research HOW WE DO? We use advanced techniques and tools among the quantitative and qualitative methodologies to identify the market trends. Our research reports and publications are routed to help our clients to design their business models and enhance their business growth in the competitive market scenario. We have a strong team with hand-picked consultants including project managers, implementers, industry experts, researchers, research evaluators and analysts with years of experience in delivering the complex projects.

  2. Market Research Consulting AGRICULTURE MARKET RESEARCH • Agriculture is the world's largest industry. It employs more than one billion people and generates over $1.3 trillion dollars worth of food annually. Agriculture Industry consists of different activities which includes harvesting crops, plants, livestock feeding, grazing etc. The industry is influenced by weather conditions prevailing in a particular place. EMERGING MARKETS • Seeds Market •  Bio-herbicides Market • Agribusiness Market • Marine Biotechnology Market • Feed Acidifiers Market  • Agricultural Biotechnology Market  • Food Irradiation Market • Dairy Products Market  • Farm Equipment Market • Poultry-Keeping Machine Market CURRENT SCENARIO • A large proportion of resources are used to meet the demand for agricultural products through technology improvements mainly in seeds, fertilizers and irrigation. Agro-processing industries in developing countries generate 40 percent to 60 percent of manufacturing value added and agro-industrial products accounting for as much as half of their total exports.

  3. Market Research Consulting AGRICULTURE MARKET FORECAST (2012-2022) • The Global agricultural industry accounted for $3.67 trillion in 2014 and is growing at a CAGR of 6.05% to reach $5.87 trillion by the year 2022. Rapid demographic and socioeconomic transformations, with population growth, urbanization, rising incomes and globalization acts as key drivers of industry growth. Whereas, continuous challenges of a declining natural resource base, recurrent natural and human-caused disasters, climate change, and political instability inhibits the industry growth.

  4. Market Research Consulting AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY KEY PLAYERS BY REGION BASF Novozymes A/S Evonik Industries AG 3M Company Syngenta AG John Deere DuPont Escorts ltd Monsanto Company The Mosaic Company Mahindra & Mahindra India Ltd. Dow Agrosciences LLC Bayer Cropscience Ltd National Agricultural Development Company Almarai Company Agri SA

  5. Market Research Consulting Europe: 27% North America: 24% AGRICULTURE REGIONAL MARKET SHARE Asia Pacific: 42% Latin America: 7%

  6. Market Research Consulting GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL MARKET TRENDS The rise of the developing economies and the weakening of many developed markets, especially Europe, are two global irreversible trends. The emerging markets will have a huge impact on demand. It is expected that by 2050 there will be about 9 billion people in the world but they will be eating as much food as 13 billion people at today’s nutritional levels. To meet such an increase in demand, global food output will have to double over the next four decades. Growth in global demand over recent years has outpaced supply throughout the world, sharply reducing global commodity inventories. This trend of tight market conditions is projected to persist for many commodities into the next decade, sustaining relatively high agricultural commodity prices. • Over the past forty years there has been a significant change in the composition of agricultural production.  The global output of cereals, oil crops, sugar, vegetables, eggs and meat has increased more than the global population, while global output of pulses, roots and tubers (ex. Potato) has declined relative to total population growth. While cereal production has increased faster than the global population, it has failed to keep pace with historical production growth rates. The production of meat and eggs has grown even faster than oil seeds due to the increased standards of living.

  7. Market Research Consulting GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL MARKET TRENDS • Asian Region is accounting for around 52 % of the global share whereas Rest of the World occupied more than 48% in 2007. • During 2050, Asia has seen two fold growth. Among the Asian countries, China accounted for more than 50% of the revenue followed by India. • The favorable growth is driven by rapid income growth, urbanization, and changes in lifestyles induced by globalization. Asian region has undergone a dramatic shift in its dietary patterns in recent years. The trend is towards the consumption of more processed foods with shorter preparation time as more women enter the workforce. China’s accession to the WTO, imports of low-priced agricultural commodities noticeably affected domestic price trends. There is a shift from the traditional supply chains characterized by many traders and intermediaries and face-to-face interactions between agents, towards chains with fewer links and more impersonal dealings. The emerging agenda for sustainable development in this region must focus on making agriculture less risky for smallholders; and conserving the environment and raising productivity.

  8. Market Research Consulting GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL MARKET TRENDS Agricultural disputes can adversely affect agri production and trade flows are significantly affected by government policies and regulations. Governmental policies affecting the agricultural industry, such as taxes, tariffs, duties, subsidies and import and export restrictions on agricultural commodities and commodity products. In addition, international trade  disputes can adversely affect agricultural commodity by limiting or disrupting trade between countries or regions. • Many factors contribute to global supply/demand imbalances.  These include cyclically poor harvests related to weather, restrictive trade policies and the increasing diversion of crops for bio-fuel production.  Many locations are experiencing climate driven events such as floods and droughts, which some observers ascribe to climate change induced by CO2 emissions.

  9. Market Research Consulting PORTER’S FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS - AGRICULTURE Bargaining power of suppliers • The cost of switching from one supplier's product to another supplier's product is high • The supplier's product is highly differentiated Moderate/High Threat of substitutes Threat of new entrants Competitive rivalry • Due to the number of firms involved, many agricultural industries are often described as perfectly competitive • Higher exit barriers can increase rivalry and competitive pressures. • Grain products also compete in a variety of industrial based markets, such as energy and bioplastics • When price is the customer’s primary motivator, the threat of substitutes is greater. • Government regulations restrict entry • High capital requirements for new entrants • Established firms have brand name loyalty with customers. High Low Moderate • Buyers will bargain harder if the product constitutes a major portion of the buyer’s total costs • The increasing use of contracts can increase the power of the buyer through controlling the amount of price information in the marketplace Low Bargaining power of buyers

  10. Market Research Consulting PRIMARY RESEARCH SOURCES SECONDARY RESEARCH SOURCES • INDUSTRY RELATED SOURCES • Annual/Financial Reports, SEC Fillings, Investor/Corporate Presentations, International Association of Agricultural Economists, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR),  Association for International Agriculture and Rural Development (AIARD), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), International Farming Systems Association - Europe Group (IFSA), Company Websites, Articles, Press Releases, Journals, e-journals, Books and White Papers. • INDUSTRY PARTICIPANTS • CEOs, Chairman, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Business Development Managers, Business, Head, CCO, CSO, Regional Managers, Area Managers, Digital Marketing Managers, Planning Managers, Operations Managers, Deputy Managers, Diversity Officers, Supervisors, Coordinators, Data Managers, Technical Managers, Executive Engineers, Marketing Managers, Sales Professionals, Marketing Executives, Purchase Managers, and Consultants. • AUTHENTICATED SOURCES • Seeking Alpha, Factiva, Hoovers, Bloomberg, • Business-week, and One-Source.

  11. Market Research Consulting Thank You Email: info@strategymrc.comContact:+1-301-202-5929 +91-40-699-955-75 Website: