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Awal. Media Interaktif. Media interaktif berguna untuk memudahkan pengguna dalam memilih menu yang tersedia. introduction. data. foto. quiz. video. A tour of new features. Introducing PowerPoint 2007. PowerPoint 2007.

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Media Interaktif

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  1. Awal Media Interaktif Media interaktifbergunauntukmemudahkanpenggunadalammemilih menu yang tersedia introduction data foto quiz video

  2. A tour of new features Introducing PowerPoint 2007

  3. PowerPoint 2007 • This presentation demonstrates the new capabilities of PowerPoint through examples. You can view it in Slide Show or by browsing through the slides in Normal View. These slides are designed to give you great ideas for the presentations you’ll create in PowerPoint 2007!

  4. Text, Graphics & Pictures

  5. Superior Text Soft Shadow • Text in PowerPoint 2007 has learned new tricks. There are handy features like strikethrough and advanced features like character spacing control. And you’ll look your best with soft shadows and the ability to put “WordArt” styles right onto your slide text. Effects Kerning CharacterSpacing Styled Underline Strikethrough

  6. The Power of OfficeArt Graphics • Make a statement with great looking graphics. PowerPoint makes it easy to produce visuals that used to require multiple applications to accomplish. Easily apply soft shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, 3D and more! Soft Shadow Reflection Bevel 3D

  7. Picture This… • You can do a lot more with pictures in PowerPoint 2007. Easily recolor pictures or change the shape of their frame. And all of OfficeArt’s effects can be applied to a picture – even 3D!

  8. SmartArt

  9. Visualize It! • SmartArt turns your bullet points into graphics in a single click. You can even change your graphic layout to find just the right way to express your idea.

  10. Themes & Quick Styles

  11. Get Coordinated with Themes! • Office Themes give you effortless coordination of the colors, fonts and graphic effects applied to your presentation. Everything you insert into your presentation will be automatically styled to match.

  12. Word and Excel, too! • PowerPoint now shares a common set of “Office Themes” with Word and Excel so you can create documents and spreadsheets that match your presentation for a “branded” look.

  13. Mix It Up! • Office Themes are infinitely customizable. You can mix and match the colors, fonts and effects from different themes.

  14. Quick Styles • There is a spectrum of designer styles for every chart, diagram, table or picture you add to your presentation. In a single click you can go from understated to wow or anywhere in between.

  15. New Layouts

  16. Slide Perfect! • PowerPoint has new layouts that give you more ways to present your words, images and media. • Everything you add into the layout placeholders is arranged perfectly for you.

  17. Awal Arrange it Your Way • With custom layouts you design your own slide arrangements. You can create new kinds of documents with PowerPoint. Easily create everything from business pitchbooks to family photo albums. introduction data foto quiz video

  18. Pitchbook

  19. Using the Pitchbook Template • About the Template Pitchbooks are structured presentations with tightly packed text and graphics. They are usually intended for print rather than projection. Some typical characteristics of a pitchbook presentation include: • Smaller text sizes and more dense content layouts to enable communication of large amounts of information • Simple graphical elements which print quickly and accurately • High degree of consistency between slides and among sections of slides • To start creating slides using this template, click the Home tab and then click to dropdown New Slide gallery. • Customizing the Logo • To customize this template for your business, you may want to replace our generic logo with your own. • To do this for all of your slides, go into Slide Master View. • Click on the View tab • Click on the Slide Master view button From here, you can add your own logo. You can also customize or add additional layouts to create even more types of slides with this template. • Sections of Slides • To distinguish between sections of slides while still maintaining the template’s simple look you can vary the colors of your slides: • Click on the Design tab • Right-click on a color set in the Theme Colors gallery • Select the Apply to Selected Slides option My Logo

  20. Sample Slides

  21. Annual Report • Fiscal Year 2005 Annual Report • Market Risk • Fiscal Year 2004

  22. Market Summary Analysis • Market Distribution • 1st Year Sales Figures • Our perennial 3rd Quarter boost was larger than expected contributing to an exceptionally strong year. Distribution of sales across the geographic markets looks fairly steady. • Our new product line, released this year, is early in its adoption phase. We expect to see substantial revenue contribution from these products over the next two years. • Financial Summary

  23. Awal Business Summary • Market Share by Division • Organizational Structure • Business Process Model • Summary • This has been a pivotal year for the company in growth, but also development of our infrastructure and business processes. We’ll continue to focus on our internal systems over the next year. • Specific growth areas include Electronics where Contoso has seen as 6.7% increase in market share over the last three years. An area to monitor closely is the Services division where market share has dropped slightly. introduction data foto quiz video

  24. Contemporary Photo Album

  25. This photo album contains sample pages to get you started. To add your own pages, click the Home tab, then click the New Slide gallery.

  26. …then click the placeholders to add your own pictures and captions. Choose a layout…

  27. On the Picture Tools | Format tab, you can create your own frames and make picture corrections such as adjusting contrast and brightness or cropping the picture for just the right look.

  28. Picture Quick Styles give you great looking “frames” in a single click.

  29. Awal introduction data foto quiz video

  30. Quiz Show Question and Answer Samples and Techniques

  31. How to Use the Quiz Show Template • Choose a Question & Answer layout from the New Slide gallery • Follow the placeholder prompts and fill in your actual questions and answers • View the presentation in slide show to see the animations that reveal the answers • Suggested Uses: • Reinforcing teaching through audience participation • Introduction to subject matter • Recreational gatherings

  32. Sample Question and Answer • The following slides are example questions using the layouts in the Quiz Show template. View them in slide show to see the answer animations.

  33. The Sun is a star.

  34. What is the name of our galaxy? The Milky Way

  35. How many planets in the solar system have rings? Four planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all have rings.

  36. What is inertia? All of the above The speed at which an object falls Measurement of electrical resistance A ratio between mass and velocity Resistance to motion or change

  37. Awal Match the device to what it measures: Odometer Stop Watch Scale Speedometer Thermometer Distance Temperature Weight Rate of Travel Elapsed Time introduction data foto quiz video

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  40. Awal Menampilkan Video FullScreen introduction data foto quiz video

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