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E-Busines Suite R12 Road Map to Fusion? PowerPoint Presentation
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E-Busines Suite R12 Road Map to Fusion?

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E-Busines Suite R12 Road Map to Fusion?
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E-Busines Suite R12 Road Map to Fusion?

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  1. E-Busines Suite R12 Road Map to Fusion? Marit Lønvik, Practice Manager Oracle Consulting

  2. Agenda • Introduksjon • R12 – the Global Business Unit • R12 Arkitektur • Best Practice • Why upgrade? • Q&A

  3. Introduksjon Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 and Applications Unlimited

  4. Compliance Mandates Increased and varying regulatory / security requirements exert additional burdens on businesses Customers & Employees Manage employees and customers dispersed across geographic and cultural boundaries Competitors The Internet eliminated borders making all markets global markets Suppliers Margin pressures force companies to search forgoods & services anywherein the world resulting incomplex supply networks Management ChallengesGlobalization creates unique challenges in managing…

  5. 17 Acquisitions* 6 Acquisitions** 4 Acquisitions Oracle’s Recent Acquisitions Scale, technology and vertical specialization across all product lines. * Includes acquisitions of Covansys and Hexaware operations. ** Acquisition of Mantas through majority-owned i-flex solutions company.

  6. EBS 12 EBS 12.1 EBS 12.x Enterprise 9 Enterprise 9.1 Enterprise 9.x EnterpriseOne 8.12 World A9.1 EnterpriseOne 9.0 World A9.x Siebel 8 Siebel 8.1 Siebel 8.2 FUSION Unique, customer focused strategy Customers continue to get innovation in existing release and choose when they are ready to move to next generation technology.

  7. Introducing Oracle E-Business Suite 12 The GlobalBusiness Release Brought to You by Oracle Applications Unlimited CONFIDENTIAL: All capabilities and dates are for planning purposes only and may not be used in any contract

  8. The Global Business Release • Støtter opp under “Shared Service Center” • Forenkling gjennom standardisering • Felles oppsett av avgift • Felles oppsett av interne banker under Cash Management • Nytt brukergrensesnitt • Rapporter via XML Publisher • Har vært tilgjengelig siden januar 2007

  9. New Background Pattern New Icons NewColors NewFonts NewButtons All Products & Modules

  10. Role-Based Portal Access Enterprise Security PerformanceManagement Analysis, Planning& Reporting Integration Services Process Orchestration User/System Configuration Data Hubs Applications Systems Management Compliance Framework • Application Server • Web Services • Development Tools • Collaboration Tools FusionMiddleware Database RAC / Grid Flexible Architecture Meets the Needsof Dynamic, Global Businesses • Complete • Integrated • Standards-based • Adaptable • Accessible • Secure • Scalable

  11. From NewStandard Data Extracts XMLPublisher To User Specific Reports Streamlined Information DeliveryConfigurable Professional Reporting with XML Publisher Data Logic Layout EXCEL PDF XML Translation RTF EDI EFT HTML

  12. New Reports / New Reporting Options Reporting at the Operating Unit Level Operating Unit

  13. Think Work Manage Real-Time Operational ReportingMake better and faster decisions at dramatically lower cost Daily Results,Flexible Periods MultipleCurrencies Flexible Comparisons • Get rapid results with an out-of-the-box mgmt reporting system • Get the rightinformation with role-based dashboards • Get complete information with seamless drilldowns • New in R12: • 6 dashboards, 49 KPIs, 90 rpts • A focus on global sourcing, purchases, and supplier mgmt PerformanceMeasures (KPIs) Graphs /Trends Drag & DropPortlets Reports w/Drilldown

  14. Work Think Manage Operational ReportingReceivables Management Dashboard Evaluate impact of billing activity on DSO Analyze collection effectiveness over time

  15. Work Think Manage Operational ReportingReceivables Status Dashboard Monitor open receivables Target delinquent customers requiring special attention

  16. Without Oracle LowerInventoryCost With Oracle Inventory Cost Improve On-TimeDelivery 10 30 50 75 80 85 90 95 100 Think Work Manage Product Delivery Global Inventory OptimizationOptimize global inventory levels & locations based on anticipated demand • Maximize on-time product delivery while minimizinginventory costs • Improve delivery flexibility by storing common subassemblies which are completed only when an order is placed • Account for global demand, supply & lead-time variability • Select the best global inventory investment strategy • Reduce inventory write-offs

  17. Constraint-Based Production Scheduling Strategic Network Optimization Market Demand Forecasting Consensus Forecast New Product Forecasting S&OP Review Evaluate Supply Constraints Promotion Planning S&OP Outputs: Service levels Profitability Inventory Levels Promotions DRP MPS Safety Stock Demand Inventory Optimization Measure Financial and Customer Service Level Results Execute Oracle Closed Loop S&OP Planning Demand Planning Supply Planning S&OP Meeting Demand Data EDI 867 IMS data Excel Pedigree xml

  18. -% General Ledger General Ledger Ledger & Ledger Sets Ledger & Ledger Sets BankModel Tax Engine InterCompany Multi-OrgAccessControl Inventory Dr Cr Receivables Projects Payables Purchasing Work in Process Global Financial Architecture 6 Major Initiatives • Ledger and Ledger Sets • Multi-Org Access Control • Subledger Accounting • Tax Engine • Intercompany • Bank Model Subledger Accounting (SLA)

  19. Ledger in aLedger Set Product Accounting Operating Unit Straightforward UpgradeProtect. Extend. Evolve. Today Release 12 Set ofBooks • Same Responsibilities • Same Tables and IDs • Customization Continuity Subledger Accounting OperatingUnit (MOAC)

  20. Ledgers og Ledger Sets • I R12 er Set of Books erstattet av Ledgers • Ledger defineres av • Kontoplan (Chart of accounts) • Valuta (Currency) • Kalender (Calender) • Regnskapsmetode (Accounting Convention) • Ledger Sets er en gruppering av Ledgers med samme kontoplan og kalender.

  21. From Multi-Org …To Multi-AccessRole based access to Operating Units Perform multiple tasks across operating units without changing responsibilities Holland Legal Entity Belgium Legal Entity Denmark Legal Entity Denmark Operating Unit Belgium Operating Unit Holland Operating Unit Responsibility Responsibility Responsibility

  22. Functional Tasks • Order Management • Dunning, Collections, Billing • Requisition, Demand & Purchase Orders • Receiving & Drop Ship • Invoice Receipt, Disbursement • Customer Data Management • Accounting Setup SingleResponsibility MOAC: Multi-Org Access ControlRole based access to Operating Units Perform multiple tasks across operating units without changing responsibilities Holland Legal Entity Belgium Legal Entity Denmark Legal Entity Denmark Operating Unit Belgium Operating Unit Holland Operating Unit Responsibility Responsibility Responsibility

  23. Subledger Accounting • Felles motor og register for regnskapsføring (XLA) • Brukes av AR, AP, FA, PO, INV m.fler • Regelbasert • Støtte for eksterne applikasjoner • Støtte for flere regnskapsmetoder • Kan tilfredstille flere juridiske, industri eller geografisk betingede krav samtidig • Bedre avstemmingsmuligheter • Bedre sporing • Full støtte for 11i funksjonalitet

  24. Think Work Manage Track Compliance Status, Document Findings, Mitigate Exceptions Scope AuditProgram Assess Risk & Controls Test Controls Document Processes Create Risk &Control Library Certify and Report Results Governance, Risk, & ComplianceDocument, test, monitor, and certify ongoing compliance withSarbanes-Oxley, JSOX, HIPAA and other global regulations Diagnose access and process control violations and take corrective action Strengthen application control environment with continuous monitoring Ensure auditability via secure change control and history

  25. Tax Set Up Templates • Standard maler for oppsett av avgift for 21 EMEA land, der i blandt Norge, Danmark og Sverige. • Alle avgiftstransaksjoner lagres i et “Tax Record Repository” som er grunnlag for rapportering og avstemming. • Egen simulator for testing av regler for avgiftsberegning

  26. Bank Account ModelDescription • Central place to define internal bank accounts • This feature will allow to define and keep track of all bank accounts in the e-Business Suite in one place and explicitly grant account access to multiple operating units/functions and users • Multi-Org Access and UMX based security • In the new model, bank accounts are owned by Legal Entities with the option to grant account use to Operating Unit (Payables, Receivables), Legal Entity (Treasury), Business Group (Payroll)

  27. Bank Account ModelDescription II Trading Community Architecture (TCA) Cash Management Payables Bank Receivables Bank Branch Bank Account Payroll Treasury

  28. Noex • “Noex” is part of Application standard R12 • No release date R12 available, demand driven • Functional Transition of Norwegian Custom Extensions (NOEX) to Release 12. Scope is described in Metalink note:427453.1 • R11 and R12 is supported by Oracle Support

  29. Think Work Manage Global Talent Management News Benefits Expense, Productivity & Revenue Improvements WorkforcePerformance Mgmt Income Statement • Higher quality products & svcs • Lower employee turnover rate • Lower hiring and training costs • More productive and skilled employees • Reduced employee downtime during the on-boarding, transfer, and off-boarding process Cascading Objectives Appraisal Uplifts Sales / Services LearningManagement SG&A Expense Workforce Certification Applicant Support Web Conferencing Business Environment Other Improvements • Increase in employee morale at all levels of the organization • Reduced risk from outdated Information Technology Employee Satisfaction iRecruitment Auto-Search Integration w/ Offers Embedded Analytics Assessments Credibility &Investor Confidence Risk

  30. Think Work Manage UAE Finland India New in R12: Localizations expanded for10 countries Oracle now has localizations for 30 countries covering 87% of world GDP Denmark Kuwait Enterprise & workforce management Workforce sourcing & development Compensation & benefits management Payroll management Business Process Examples Mexico Sweden Norway Poland Russia Human Resource LocalizationsManage all employees within a single system while adhering tolocal, in-country regulations

  31. Think Work Manage Chargeable Subcontracting Automatically create replenishment orders and track component allocations & inventory for sub-contracted manufacturing (e.g. Shikyu) Golden Tax Support for China Provide compliant VAT calculation, invoicing, and tax reporting via China-certified “Golden Tax” software Periodic Average Costing Support accounting compliance requirements in territories such as China/Taiwan Customer Acceptance, Deferred Revenue and COGS Recognize and account for COGS and revenues in the same proportion, based on flexible contingencies & within the same accounting period Manufacturing Practices for APACSatisfy local requirements to compete in key outsourcing regions Asia Pacific isthe factory floorfor the world In 2005, China’s global trade surplus morethan tripled

  32. Think Work Manage AutomateExecution &Collaboration Event Mgmt Optimize Modes & Routes Payments Manage internal and 3rd party fleets(eg. LSPs) in the same system Enable partners to transact and“self-update” (eg. pick-up request) Handle exceptions via automatedevent management notifications Plan across multiple legs, tiers, nodes, and modes (truck, air, train, ocean) Handle all supplier inbound and customer outbound deliveries Display results via intuitive, graphical UI Global Transportation ManagementDrive down logistics costs and increase on-time delivery by managingthe international movement of goods within a single, scalable system Integrated with Shipping, Receiving, Inventory Management, and Purchasing

  33. Think Work Manage Customer Support Field Service Case Management Initiate service requests 24x7 plus interact with service reps online via new screens for “internal” & “external” customers Coordinate service delivery across time zones, schedule outsourced services globally, utilize digital maps to route reps Manage key activities related to cases / clients / involved parties and securely share information across geographies or agencies Global Customer ServiceDrive revenue and customer loyalty with superior customer service • Efficiently resolve issues at the customer’s convenience regardless of geographic location • Coordinate the delivery of all global services within a single system • Self-service & agent-assisted • On-site repair • In-house repair & refurbishment • Increase revenues while decreasing contact, research & execution costs • Outsourced / 3rd party services • Internal issues (help desk) • Investigations (case mgmt)

  34. Think Work Manage Optimizing street-level routes enables you to: Drive service revenue by enabling maximum number of service visits for each service representative Drive cost reduction by reducing mileage, travel time, and cost Utilize Digital Maps to Route RepsMinimize drive time, maximize customer face time

  35. Think Work Manage Risk Without control of data integrity and access, business risk increases Manageability Multiple user communitiesrequire management (clerical,self-service, customers, suppliers) Cost User provisioning, de-provisioning and re-provisioning are often manual and labor-intensive Audit & Compliance Government mandated accountability is driving new scrutiny of security Secure the Global EnterpriseAddress global security pressures with a comprehensive security portfolio • Provide enterprise-wide,standards-based security • Single sign-on • Corporate directory • Access / identity management • Identity federation • Simplify security administration • Decentralized, delegated user admin • Automated & self-service provisioning with approvals • Extended IT and system admin security with DB tools (e.g. DB Vault) • Continuously monitor environment • Security dashboard / reports • Best practice & typical violations

  36. Think Work Manage Configure, Don’t CustomizeHighly configurable global system lets you tailor the systemwithout programming • Accelerate systemsdeployment • Preserve configurationsthrough upgrades • Eliminate costlycustomizations Flexfields – User definable data key Folders – User tailorable forms Workflow – Configurable business process flow Custom Library – Directory for customer extensions (forms) OA Framework / Forms Personalization – Configurable page “look & feel”, navigation, tabs, fields, buttons XML Publisher – Flexible report / document output

  37. Think Work Manage A Catalog of All EBS Integration Points Web Services Public Java & PL/SQL APIs Business Events Batch Interfaces Comprehensive Integration RepositorySimplify and accelerate systems connectivity • Enable key integration types • Business to Business • Enterprise Application Integration • Business Process Management • Business Activity Monitoring • Support industry-standard messages • Support standards-basedXML documents • Search and view available interfaces via powerful UI • Automatically keep in step with source code via standard patching

  38. Think Work Manage OracleEBS PeopleSoft Financials Custom Order Application Standard Interfaces Cross-application maps BPEL Process Manager BusinessProcess Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 Mainframe HR Application New Web Application Siebel CRM Next Gen. Business Process MgmtIntegrate Oracle, 3rd party & legacy applications to extend process automation Quickly integrate heterogeneous applications using an intuitive, graphical UI Manage system performance via web with a user-friendly console Reduce connectivity headaches withpre-packaged, standard interfaces for applications and legacy systems Built on widely adoptedindustry standard language (BPEL)

  39. Think Work Manage Integration with Core ApplicationsOracle|Retek Integration with BPEL Lower cost integration between disparate systems Better performance with integrated business flows across applications Accounts Payable Merchandising Inbound Retek Data Matched invoices Credit notes Debit memos Rebates Daily sales Cash and deposits Inventory Sales data Invoice Matching General Ledger E-Business Financials Accounts Receivable Sales Audit Outbound Financials Data Payment terms GL accounts Currency rates Suppliers Partners Addresses Freight terms Cash Management Stock Ledger

  40. Think Work Manage Integration Solution: Siebel CRM On Demand to Oracle E-Business Suite CUSTOMER AND PRODUCT INTEGRATION Siebel CRM On Demand Web/Call Center/Sales Force Siebel/Oracle • Initial customer data load from Oracle EBS to Siebel CRM On Demand • Integrate customer creation flow from CRM On Demand to Oracle EBS • EBS Customer Data Quality Management (DQM) tools available within CRM On Demand • Support bi-directional synch of customer and contact • Product Master maintained in Oracle EBS and synched to Siebel CRM On Demand • Convert CRM On Demand opportunity to Oracle EBS quote • Customer and product context are passed from CRM On Demand opportunity to Oracle EBS quote • Quote status presented back in CRM On Demand • Quotes, orders, install base, service requests from Oracle EBS are presented within CRM On Demand Oracle Two way synchOracle <> Siebel Identify Customer Browse & Search Products/Services Account Mgmt Product Customer Opportunity One way synchOracle > Siebel Quotes Orders Install Base Service Requests Invoices Oppty Info. Quote Status Quote Value OPPORTUNITY TO QUOTE Quoting Install Base Installed Products Order Management Tele, Field Service 360 DEGREE CUSTOMER VIEW Billing AR

  41. R12 Arkitektur E-Business Suite Architecture

  42. Release 12 -- By the Numbers Our Largest Release Ever • R12: Over 2350 New Capabilities • R11i.10: Over 2182 New Capabilities • R11i.9: Over 1874 New Capabilities High Quality Release • New Development Lifecycle Management Dashboard with 100s of Status, Milestone, and Exception Reports • 187,164 Documented Test Cases • 1000+ of Internal Testers • 100+ of External Testers • 6 Rounds of Testing • 15 Software Builds Broad Distribution of Capabilities • 40% Industry Specific Capabilities • 60% Cross-Industry Capabilities 11 New Modules / Products

  43. Personalization Portal and User Interface Lifecycle Management Characteristics of an Enterprise Application Adaptive Multi Channel Architecture Process, Integration and Events Security Business Intelligence and Reporting Data Management Availability, Performance And Scalability

  44. Database Application Client Multi-Channel Optimized Architecture3-Tier Logical Architecture - General Java Engine Web Server User Interface Global Single Data Model Model BI & Reporting Business Intelligence Excel Add-In User Interface Application logic Database logic

  45. Oracle Database Oracle Application Server Client Materialized Views Data Guard OLAP Partitioning Grid Concurrent Manager Global Single Data Model Personalization Workflow Business Event JDBC/SQL Net HTTP/S Multi-Channel Optimized Architecture3-Tier Logical Architecture - Detail Java Engine User Interface BI & Reporting Web Server: Apache Spatial Excel Add-In

  46. Characteristics of an Enterprise Application Adaptive Multi Channel Architecture Process, Integration and Events Portal and User Interface Security Business Intelligence and Reporting Personalization Lifecycle Management Data Management Availability, Performance And Scalability

  47. Java Interface Flexible, powerful system for professional administrative users Optimized for high-volume use Oracle Forms Technology User Interface Design Points HTML Interface • Originators enter their own transactions • Cheaper, faster, more accurate information • Simple, approachable UI • Business Intelligence • Oracle Applications Framework Technology using MVC (Model View Controller)

  48. Business language keywords: requisitions, req, purchase Links everywhere (result set, individual result, related functions) All links take user into application - securely & Innovate with Google OneBox

  49. Portal and User Interface Characteristics of an Enterprise Application Adaptive Multi Channel Architecture Process, Integration and Events Security Business Intelligence and Reporting Personalization Lifecycle Management Data Management Availability, Performance And Scalability

  50. Role-Based Intelligence Dashboards Provide Actionable Information Make better and faster decisions at dramatically lower cost MultipleViews & Actions Daily Results,Flexible Periods MultipleCurrencies Flexible Comparisons Related links Get rapid results with an out-of-the-box mgmt reporting system Get the rightinformation with role-based dashboards Get complete information with seamless drilldowns PerformanceMeasures (KPIs) Graphs /Trends Reports w/Drilldown