father edward mcglynn renegade priest n.
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Father Edward McGlynn: Renegade Priest PowerPoint Presentation
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Father Edward McGlynn: Renegade Priest

Father Edward McGlynn: Renegade Priest

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Father Edward McGlynn: Renegade Priest

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  1. Father Edward McGlynn: Renegade Priest Written by Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A.

  2. Based on the book: The Determined Doctor The Story of Edward McGlynn by Alfred Isacsson Published by Carmelite Fathers Incorporated, Second and revised edition, 1998

  3. “…the most outspoken of what were then liberal ideas.”

  4. “He looked upon the chaplaincy of three years as a gap in his life in which no good was to be found. He felt he was beginning his career anew just as if he was leaving the Urban College.”

  5. “Cummings had built up St. Stephen’s to be the ‘fashionable’ church to attend. In working to obtain McGlynn as his successor, Cummings did not realize his protégé would not be content with St. Stephen’s being the gathering place for the fashionable but would make the parish a hub for the poor.”

  6. The Accademia

  7. “For its time, the Accademia had rather radical views. Naturally, not all view were held by all members. ...”

  8. “Abolitionists, they supported Radical Reconstruction. They were for Fenianism which they saw as a struggle for freedom, opposed the temporal power of the pope and were open about the inerrancy of scripture, infallibility and clerical celibacy though McGlynn firmly supported the latter.”

  9. “He described how God had created this continent on a gigantic scale. To match this, America had a destiny to develop men who were giants in moral stature. …”

  10. “For this America had to be Catholic because the Church alone tried to develop all human talents and applauded human progress. The unity of the Church would then unite the nation.”

  11. “In nature, the bounty and resources of this country were gigantic and the Church praised the work of nature. Though the Church was not destined to bring comfort, it praised the development of every talent and applauded progress.”

  12. “McGlynn thought the land question the most important of Irish questions since Home Rule would be an illusion if it did not bring with it the settlement of the land question.”

  13. The American Tax Reform League

  14. “I might as well have been talking to the marble of the cathedral.”

  15. “… the most unselfish man in this country, formed by providence to preach the new gospel.”

  16. “Puck published a total of thirty-five cartoons concerning McGlynn. Puck was a factor in politics and social life. The cartoons generally attempted to show a good Catholic could not be a good American. ...”