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Fasting Health Benefits And Risks PowerPoint Presentation
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Fasting Health Benefits And Risks

Fasting Health Benefits And Risks

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Fasting Health Benefits And Risks

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  1. Health Benefits of Fasting Many people believes that fasting is a religious obligation. But apart from that fasting has many positive effects on our body. You don’t need to do anything, just say ‘No’ to food. Fasting helps lose weight, removes toxins from our body, boost immunity and develops healthy eating habits. Here are few benefits of fasting:

  2. Health Benefits of Fasting • Weight loss : During fast, our body uses fat stored in the body. Though fasting is not that much healthy strategy to lose weight. Instead you can reduce the intake of sugar and other junk food and increase the consumption of fruits. • Reduce blood sugar : Breakdown of glucose takes place during fasting to generate energy which ultimately reduces the production of insulin and rests the pancreas. This resulting in reduced blood sugar.

  3. Health Benefits of Fasting • Removes toxins from body : When we consume processed food, the toxins present in the food get stored in the fats. During fasting, fats get burnt and the toxins are released. • Helps fat breakdown : When on fast, body starts breaking the fats stored in the body to release energy. Apart from the benefits fasting have, there are few disadvantages of it too.

  4. Health Benefits of Fasting You may become dehydrate during fasting. This can lead to headache and even migraine in some cases. So pregnant women, nursing mothers or people with liver problems should not fast. Explore more health benefits of fasting at yoga tips