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Il protocollo EPP

Il protocollo EPP

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Il protocollo EPP

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  1. Il protocollo EPP Terms and conditions for the synchronous systemRita Rossi

  2. Summary IIT-CNR, public sector entity based in Pisa with a mission wider than just operating the RegistrySupervision of the activities in the area of domain names by the Ministry of Economic Activities, Department of Communications, on the basis of the Communications CodeDomain names registered so far: 1.954.000Number of Maintainers (asynchronous): 1.500Number of Registrars: (synchronous): 278

  3. Registrar’s contract • Available for signing from 21/07/2009 • Validity until 31/12/2010 • Start date of the system 28/09/2009 • URL

  4. Main innovations Accreditation procedure for Registrar Prepayment system Definition of Registrar’s and Registry’s responsabilities Level of the Registry’s services Responsabilities for data protection Use of Registry’s trade mark

  5. Registrar’s accreditation To carry out the registration activity the Registrar must be accredite by the in accordance with the procedure described in the Rules of assignment and in the contract. The Registrar must demonstrate the technical ability to carry out the operations foreseen in the Rules and Guidelines.

  6. To become a Registrar The Registrar contract provides two ways of becoming a Registrar. In both cases it is necessary to be accredited. The first is reserved for the organizations which have already signed a Maintainer contract at least 6 months before 31/12/2010. This opportunity can be used by 31/12/2010 and in this case the Registrar does not pay the initial fee. There must be no outstanding debts with the Registry. In the other case the Registrar must pay an initial fee.

  7. Summary of Registrar’s accreditation

  8. Statistics Received contracts: 539

  9. Statistics Accredited Registrars: 45

  10. Registrar’s liability Liability regarding registration of the domain name. Liability of accuracy and observance of Terms and conditions. Liability of preservation and transmission of the documentation dealing with the registration and management of the domain name. Liability in data protection in accordance with European directives and Italian law; legislative decree 30 June 2003 n. 196

  11. Dutiesand responsabilities of the Registrar in order to register a domain name • The Registrar must respect the EU directive 31/2000/CE relating to the service of the information society as regards its identity. • The Registar must acquire: • the personal data of the Registrant and administrative and technical contacts, • declarations and assumptions of responsibility connected with the registration and use of the domain name by the Registrant, • information and acquisition of consent for the purposes of handling data for the registration of the domain name and for visibility on the Internet. • After registration the Registry sends an e-mail to the Registrant informing her/him that the registration has been approved and including a report of the accepted clauses.

  12. Duties and responsabilities regarding conservation of documentation • The registrar must document the Registry that the registration and the maintenance of the domain name have been carried out in accordance with the T. and C. • If required, the Registrar must send the Registry a copy of the “Registration document” with the log file and IP address referring to the transaction between Registrant and Registrar. • The Registrar must attach a document in which the legal representative of the Registrar declares that the information is true. • If the registrar does not send the requested documentation the Registry can revoke the domain name and can also delete the contract.

  13. Responsibilities towards the Registry regarding documentation for access to data and information • If the Registrar receives a request from third parties in order to obtain documentation he must trasmit the request to the Registry. • The Registry, upon receipt of the documentation, must evaluate the request and action upon it.

  14. Dataprocessing and roleof the Registrar • In accordance with article 29 of the Italian Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003, no. 196, Personal Data Protection Law, by means of the contract, the Registrar is nominated as Data Processor in relation to the following activities: • . collecting essential data for the registration of a domain name deriving from compliance with technical rules RFC 1591, ICP-1, ICP-2 and ICP-3 concerning the Registrant, the administrative and technical contacts necessary for guaranteeing the domain name's effectiveness, as well as of the consent to the processing of data and its recording in the Data Base of Assigned Names (DBAN); • 2. acquiring consent for visibility and accessibility on the Internet 3. collecting and maintaining data necessary for the completion of management operations for the domain name, as highlighted in the Regulations of the ccTLD .it , and adjustment of data in the DBAN. • No other processing by the Registrar of personal data, of which the IIT-Registry is the Controller, is permitted by virtue of the agreement.

  15. The non-EU Registrar must sign the “Contractual standard clauses” as per Decision 2002/16/EC. If the Registar is a USA company and it has not adhered to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, it must sign the additional clauses as per Decision 2002/16/EC . If the USA Registrar has adhered to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, a specific declaration must be sent to the Registry. The Registrar must not divulge or give to third parties information regarding personal data of the Registrant. He has an obligation to keep all the personal data it has in its possession confidential and use it only for the purposes of the contract. Data protection and confidentiality

  16. Registry’s responsability and tasks To arrange Rules and Guidelines together with the Rules Commitee. To maintain and update the Database To permit the Registrar to access data and systems needed for the registration of the domain name in accordance with the rules established by the Registry. To supply the technical instruments for the consultation and updating of invoices To arrange a test platform To organize training courses. To guarantee the use of the registered domain name

  17. Services available 24x7x365: Maintenance and update of the primary nameserver of the Guaranteed uptime 99.99%; Maintenance and update of the EEP server. Guaranteed uptime 99 %. Services available usually h24 maintenance and update of the Registry’s website and of the RAIN portal reserved for Registrars. Maintenance and update of the Whois services. Maintenance and update of the Registry’s networks and its technical systems. Level of the services offered by the Registry

  18. Registrar must pay the cost of the registration and maintenance services in advance. Registrar has the responsability to maintain a credit account to an adequate level in oder to operate and guarantee the maintenance of the domain name, which terminates15 days after the expiry date. In the case in which the Registrar’s credit permits only the maintenance of the domain name for the successive 15 days, the Registry will not carry out any further activities and the domain names, which have passed into the status of “ok-autoRenew Period, will pass to the status of “inactive/not/Renewed”. Paymentsand invoices

  19. Assignment is subject to the express acceptance of the IIT-Registry. At least one month's notice of when the assignee and assignor plan to make the assignment effective. Bound to inform Registrants. Acquisition of the documentation in the possession of the assignor regarding the registration and maintenance of the domain names. Send a new contract. Assignment of the contract

  20. Presupposition: non-performance by the Registrar of even one obligation described in article 8 non-payment of the fees regarding accreditation, non-observance of the provisions of Paragraph 14, regarding data processing; use of the denomination and the logo of the Registry .it not compliant with the provisions of Annexe E. " The domain name will be put in “NO-REGISTRAR” status. The Registrar must send the Registry the documentation pertinent to Registration and acceptance by the Registrant of the clauses. Express termination clause

  21. The Registrar can withdraw from the contract by sending a registered letter to the Registry at least 60 days before the date foreseen for the withdrawal. In the case of the modification of the rules the Registrar can withdraw within the date provided for the modifications in hand. Effects: The sums already paid, on account, are returned to the Registrar. The domain names are put in a status of “INACTIVE-NO-REGISTRAR”. The Registrar who withdraws from the contract must send the Registry the documentation regarding the registration. Right to withdraw

  22. Use of the denomination “Registrar accredited by the Registry .it”, and of the Registry’s Logo Rights grant: Use of the Registry’s logo together with the expression “Registrar Accredited by the” on its website provided that it is not misleading. Use of the Registry’s logo together with the expression “Registrar accredited by the” on writing paper, in the Registrar’s brochures , in association with trademarks, firms or business names, provided this is not misleading. Permission is given to make a link to the Registry’s web site. The IIT-Registry Registrar’s Obligations The Registry’s trade mark must never be associated with web sites which present contents contrary to the law and which are, however, harmful for minors or human dignity. It is forbidden to reproduce, modify or retouch the Logo. The Registrar must not deposit, register or use names or trademarks similar or identical to the Registry’s trademarks. Every other use of the term “Registrar accredited by the Registry .it” and the Registry’s Log by the Registrar is not permitted without previous written approval from the Registry.

  23. Rules of Good Conduct (Annexe F of the contract) voluntary subscription • A voluntary commitment between the Registry of the ccTLD .it, and the Registrar to guarantee the equilibrium, efficiency and equity of the system of registration. • The undersigning is an indication of the commitment of the Registrar to observe transparent behaviour and behave correctly with other Registrars and the IIT-Registry, avoiding any action which might harm the sector and/or the entire system of assigning domain names in the ccTLD .it. • The “Rules of good conduct” are binding for Registrars who accept them and failure to comply with them can be cause for the termination of the contract.

  24. Thank you very much for your attention.